Apple released the official version of iOS 13.7, not to mention the update at a glance!

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ios 13.7

I believe that there are fans who have been following asiaiphone until now. Apple unexpectedly released the beta version update of iOS 13.7 last week. A week later, the official version of iOS 13.7 also came.

Apple released the official version of iOS 13.7, not to mention the update at a glance!

iOS 13.7

This is not early this morning Apple released the official version of iOS 13.7 update, the version number is 17H33, which is consistent with the version number of the beta version launched last week.

In fact, the iOS 13.7 released last week is the GM version, which is the quasi-official version. For the sake of safety, Apple may have conducted a week of testing in advance before releasing the official version of iOS 13.7.

If you have installed the iOS 13.7 GM version update last week, you will not receive today’s official version update push, and the contents of the two versions are the same.

Judging from Apple’s official update instructions, the new version mainly includes new emoji stickers, iCloud folder sharing from File App, etc. The rest are bug fixes and improvements.

According to Apple’s official introduction, the “dark” mode introduced by iOS 13 brings a completely different new style to the iPhone, providing a new way to browse and edit photos, and a new way to log in to protect privacy, just tap You can log in to the App and website. iOS 13 is faster and more responsive. After the overall optimization of the system, App startup speed has been improved, App download size has been reduced, and Face ID has also become faster.

In addition, in iOS 13.7, you can choose to join the COVID-19 exposure notification system (Exposure Notifications System) without downloading the application.

iOS 13.7

In April of this year, Apple and Google issued a statement stating that they would jointly launch a new crown virus exposure notification system, and released the first version in the official version of iOS 13.5 in May. At that time, users were required to download the designation from public health agencies. The application can use this function in the system.

This system is an extension of the existing COVID-19 contact tracing work, which allows the authorities to easily track COVID-19 contacts without the need to develop their own applications. In iOS 13.7, the health department will set up a configuration file, they can set risk scores, direct users to their specific health department website, and modify recommendations for exposed users. After the configuration is complete, iOS merges these configurations into its contact system.

However, since the current epidemic situation in China has been controlled very well, this function has not been promoted in China, so it does not make much sense to us.

iOS 13.7 may be the last version of iOS 13, and Apple is already actively testing iOS 14.

It can be said that the release of the official version of iOS 13.7 also means that the update of the iOS 13 system has come to an end. It is expected that in the next two weeks, Apple will push the new official version of iOS 14. According to the timeline of this system update, after the launch of the iPhone 12 series, the official version of iOS 14.1 may be pushed together.

Apple released the official version of iOS 13.7, not to mention the update at a glance!

In addition, with the advent of September, not only the official release date of iOS 14 is approaching, but the release date of the iPhone 12 series is also getting closer, and there are more and more news about iPhone 12.

Apple officially confirmed that this year’s iPhone 12 series will be available a few weeks later than previous years. iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro were launched on September 20 last year. If this year is postponed by three weeks, it means that the iPhone 12 series may be available as early as mid-October.

In the past, Apple will push the official version of the new generation of iOS system when the new iPhone is shipped, because the new machine will not be equipped with the previous generation system.

By the way today, Apple also released iPadOS 13.7 today, including some bug fixes and performance improvements, but it does not support the new crown exposure notification.

So, although this seems to be a major version update, there are actually no new features worth updating. For Apple, the jump of the version number this time is mainly for fixing vulnerabilities.

The reason is that last month, a mysterious god posted a video on Twitter about cracking the official version of iOS 13.6.1, and then said that he had found a vulnerability in the official version of iOS 13.6.1.

This major version update is a system update launched by Apple to fix these vulnerabilities. I believe that Apple will close the verification channel for the official version of iOS 13.6.1 shortly after the official version of iOS 13.7 is launched.

Apple released the official version of iOS 13.7, not to mention the update at a glance!

iOS 13.7

Finally, Mingmei Wuxian will share the updated experience with the fans who follow me:

According to iPhone users who have already upgraded to iOS 13.7, the smoothness of the iPhone after the upgrade and update is similar to that of iOS 13.6.1. The overall smoothness is good, but the battery life has been reduced. Overall, The fluency remains the same, the battery life has declined, and the other experience is not much different from that of iOS 13.6.1.

In addition, some users said that after the iOS 13.7 upgrade, the entire upgrade package is 4.21GB, which is still a bit big.

In this regard, if you have anything else you want to say about the official version of iOS 13.7 that Apple just pushed today, you may wish to leave a message in the comment area to asiaiphone to participate in the discussion!


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