The iPhone 12 glass rear case is exposed. Is the appearance just like that?

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iPhone 12

Today, the iPhone 12 is on hot search again. The content on the hot search list this time is the glass rear case of the iPhone 12 Pro: similar in style to the previous Pro version, it also has three rear cameras, except that the iPhone 12 Pro adds a LiDAR lidar lens.

iPhone 12

Since there are no other frames in the picture, it is not clear the specific models of the rear glass panels. It is possible that one is the 6.7-inch “iPhone 12 Pro Max” and the other is the smaller 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro. This means that the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro does not have a lidar scanner. This part is only used for the 6.7-inch “iPhone 12 Pro Max”, and previous rumors also support this statement.

The so-called LiDAR, which is essentially similar to Apple’s Face ID, is also a depth camera. The difference is that LiDAR lidar scanners use direct time-of-flight (dToF) for distance measurement, which is different from the lattice solution provided by Face ID structured light. ToF projects an entire surface, only pulse waves are emitted, and then light is reflected. When it comes back to be received, and then calculate the time of light emission and return, the distance can naturally be calculated.

Therefore, according to the previously exposed news, lidar can not only improve the AR experience of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but also can more accurately determine the focus and distance, thereby improving the focus and depth of field effects when taking pictures and videos, and helping to improve the phone’s dark Shooting experience in light and low-light environments.

In addition to the “fine-tuning” of the camera configuration, Apple will also provide a new “Dark Blue” body color for the iPhone 12 Pro this time, replacing the previous Midnight Green.

I believe there are fruit fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite to this day. Apple often uses new color schemes to stimulate sales on the iPhone. More well-known cases include iPhone 5s’ local gold and iPhone 6s’ rose gold (Rose Gold). , IPhone 7’s obsidian black, on the iPhone XR, Apple introduced blue, coral, yellow and other special colors, including the early iMac and iPod Touch. Apple relied on selected color strategies to gain consumers heart of.

iPhone 12

In addition, according to previous reports, Apple is expected to release four new iPhone 12 models this year, equipped with 5G and OLED displays. The iPhone 12 series will provide 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch screen sizes, while the iPhone 12 Pro series will provide 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screen sizes.

Although new iPhones usually start shipping at the end of September, Apple recently stated that this year’s iPhone will be available “in a few weeks.” It is estimated that the output of iPhone 12 series will reach 80 million units this year, using 5nm A14 chips.

It is understood that the new A14 will use TSMC’s first batch of 5nm process, which is 84% ​​higher than the transistor density of the 7nm process A13, which means that the A14 chip may contain 12.5 billion transistors, comparable to desktop processors. While the transistor density is greatly increased, compared with the 7nm process, the power consumption of the 5nm process is reduced by 30% under the same performance, and the performance is improved by 15% under the same power consumption.

In addition, sincere prices, coupled with a 5G baseband, and a Schrödinger high-swipe screen, these piecemeal gossips have made the upcoming iPhone 12 series slowly clear in our hearts.

And the most eye-catching among them, and also the biggest motivation for many people to empty their wallets, is the 120Hz OLED screen. After all, this is the first time the iPhone is equipped with a high-brush screen. If it is really used, it should be compatible with the iOS system. Animation, then you can taste the real silky Dove taste.

In addition, in the comprehensive product update this fall, Apple is also preparing to launch a new iPad Air equipped with a screen like the iPad Pro, two new Apple Watch versions, and the first headset outside the Beats brand. A smaller HomePod speaker is also under development.

In addition, the source also said that Apple is currently actively stocking up, and all iPhone 12 series support 5G, but the price that has been revealed before may be adjusted. So whether the starting price of the iPhone 12 series is $699 is still unknown. However, it can be seen that the addition of 5G has indeed increased costs significantly, so that Apple has shrunk in terms of batteries and accessories.

iPhone 12

So, we will be able to see the iPhone 12 conference a few weeks later than before. Are you optimistic about this year’s 5G iPhone? If you have anything else you want to say about Apple’s iPhone 12, please leave a message in the comment area to asiaiphone to participate in the discussion!


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