iOS 14 Beta 7 has just been released. When will the official version of iOS 14 come?

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iOS 14

It’s only a week since the last beta release, and Apple today released the seventh developer beta of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. It is worth noting that the updated iOS 14 beta 7 still focuses on bug fixes and system stability improvements, and some new features have been added.

iOS 14

The update package size is about 418MB, and the updated version number is (18A5369b). From the version number, Beta 7 is still not the final GM version, and Beta 8 is expected to be released next week. For the official version of iOS 14, it is expected to wait until next week.

According to the official update prompt, this Beta7 update is still mainly to fix bugs and optimize the system. As the 7th beta update of iOS 14, what new features have been added to Beta7?

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In this new beta version, Apple added the option to hide albums for the photo app, and brought back the dial UI for the clock app. It also improved the stability of the system, fixed many bugs, and prepared for the official version.

In addition, iOS 14 Beta 7 also brings us some new updates, such as adding a dark mode option to the rainbow stripe wallpaper. When using the rainbow stripes wallpaper, when the phone selects the dark mode, you can see the rainbow stripes on the black background.

Although Apple has long introduced the option of rainbow stripes wallpaper, it will not be displayed directly by default. Instead, the “dark mode” needs to be activated first, and then users can set it in this mode and standard brightness mode.

In addition, iOS 14 Beta 7 also fixes the problem of incorrect text prompts for connected devices in the previous version. When using a mobile phone to connect to peripherals such as AirPods, the iPhone’s pop-up window can display the correct name. And the problem that the Smart Battery Case cannot be charged is also resolved in this version.

Secondly, Apple adjusted the category of App Library in beta 7. The current options include social, public utilities, productivity, finance, information and reading, creativity, other, fitness and health, shopping and food, entertainment, Travel, games, Arcade, and education.

iOS 14 has hundreds of changes and improvements, but some of the highlights include: a refreshed home screen and customizable widgets, an application library that can easily find any application installed on your phone, new picture-in-picture support, information, Apply a new look for editing and translation apps.

iOS 14

In addition, Apple iOS 14 brings a new privacy protection feature. Users downloading new applications will pop up a warning screen, allowing users to choose whether to approve application developers or advertisers to track network behavior. This feature will affect Audience Network’s tracking of advertising effects, and also make online advertising service providers including Facebook rebound.

As a result, Apple announced on the developer’s official website that in order to allow developers time to make necessary updates, it will postpone this new feature until it becomes effective early next year.

According to reports, the security policy of the iOS 14 system means that applications need to obtain customer consent before they can use IDFA (Advertiser Identifier) ​​and user behaviors and preferences to target advertisements and push customized advertisements.

Apple’s move will strengthen the privacy of Apple’s system and protect users’ personal information. Although it will reduce the advertising revenue of the system, Apple can instead put this advantage in new mobile phone commercials to promote it. For potential users, it is indeed very tempting.

In addition, at present, iOS 14 Beta 7 has been opened to developers through OTA updates. To install the update, simply go to the “Settings” app, select “General”, and then select “Software Update” to automatically detect system updates. If the user is still using the official version of iOS 13 system, you need to install the correct developer profile (Mingmei Unlimited WeChat reply 14 is sufficient), and then download iOS 14 Beta 7 from the Apple Developer Center or via OTA push.

iOS 14

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: Although this year’s Apple’s new iPhone 12 series will be released later than previous years, it’s very blessed for many fans who are thinking about the official version of iOS 14. I believe Apple will do it next week Bring the latest and further news about the official version of iOS 14 or the new iPhone 12 series.

In this regard, if you have anything to say about the iOS 14 Beta 7 beta released by Apple today, please leave a message in the comment area to asiaiphone to participate in the discussion!


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