Apple finally announced, is the iPhone 12 coming?

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To say that the most bitter group this year is really the fruit fans. I believe that those who have been paying attention to asiaiphone to the present should all understand. According to foreign media reports, Apple is about to open a new product launch conference in September, and the announcement last night was also The exact date is fixed on September 16. However, the protagonist of this conference is not the much-anticipated iPhone 12, but products such as iPad Air and Apple Watch, as well as the new iOS 14 system.


The report mentioned that Apple seems to be officially releasing iOS 14/iPadOS 14 this month, but tvOS 14, watchOS 7 and macOS Big Sur may have to wait until later this fall. In other words, Apple had to postpone other new systems in order to focus on the official version of iOS 14.

In addition, users who have upgraded to the latest official version of iOS 13.7 note that there is no downgrade regret medicine.

Apple has quietly shut down the verification of the iOS 13.6.1 system, which is less than a month away from its official launch.

Of course, Apple usually stops verifying the old version of iOS within a few weeks after pushing the official version update. Mingmei understands that, in the official version of iOS 13.6, Apple has fixed the heat dissipation problem that may cause the display to become greenish, and the issue that some users’ “exposure notification” may be disabled has also been fixed.

For some users who update to the latest iOS system, when they encounter major bugs, the downgrade method is sometimes very effective. This is also the reason why Apple will wait for a while before closing the verification channel of the old iOS system.

In addition, today, Mingmei Wuxian still wants to share the latest developments on Apple’s iPhone 12 with fans who have been following me.

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As we all know, Apple has always been tight-lipped about all the information about its new products. However, on the Internet at home and abroad, many people, including research institutions and digital bloggers, broke the news about Apple’s 5G debut. The more mainstream news on the market currently believes that the iPhone 12 will have three sizes and four models to choose from, specifically the 5.4-inch iPhone 12, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Max, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro, and the 6.8-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max. All four models will use OLED screens, start with 128GB storage, and support dual-mode 5G.

In fact, the battery information of the iPhone 12 series has already been online, but unfortunately the battery capacity of the 5G iPhone is actually reduced compared to the previous generation of iPhones of all sizes. The iPhone 12 is 2227mAh, the iPhone 12 Pro is 2815mAh, and the iPhone 12 Max is 2775mAh. , IPhone 12 Pro Max is 3687mAh. The reason for this operation is that the cost of the 5G module is too high. The use of a smaller battery design can reduce the cost. Mingmei is very confused. The A14 processor alone can make the 5G iPhone with a smaller battery last longer than 4G. better?

It is worth mentioning that this autumn conference is a little later than in previous years, but according to current rumors, this may also be the most released conference. In addition to the iPhone 12 series, it is expected that there will be a tracker AirTags. , Headphones AirPods Studio and other products.

Among them, Apple Watch Series6 currently has relatively little information, but the new iPad has a rough outline. It is understood that this new iPad model to be released is the iPad Air4. Compared with the previous generation, the appearance has been greatly changed. In short, the appearance is close to the 2018 iPad Pro, and the front adopts a full-screen design with four sides and equal width. , The back is a single camera module in the upper left corner, and it also has three metal contacts similar to the iPad Pro, which should also be used to connect the smart keyboard holder. Not only iPad Air4, but also iPad series and iPad mini series will adopt this design language in the future.

The iPad Air 4 may also use the latest A14 processor. The most controversial point is whether the iPad Air 4 will have a 120HZ high-brush screen. Currently, the iPad Air 3 uses an A12 processor. There is no high-brush and no four. The release price of the speaker is 3799 yuan, and the current recycling price is hovering at 2800 yuan, so the price is still quite stable. So it can be speculated. The price of the new iPad Air is between 3800-4500 yuan.

In addition, according to the practice of previous years, Apple’s autumn conference will be available soon after September 16th, and the official website can be easily booked. However, this year’s epidemic has a great impact on the entire industry chain. serious. Therefore, the Apple Autumn Conference will be held on September 16, but there are still uncertain factors when it will get the spot.

Mingmei believes that the iPhone 12 series may be like the iPhone X conference that year. All models will be unveiled at the conference, but the entry-level model will be released first, and the flagship model with more features and higher performance will be postponed Until October. But for Apple, the Q4 earnings report must depend on iPhone sales. China’s Double Eleven and U.S. Thanksgiving Day are time periods when sales are relatively high. Therefore, I estimate that this year’s iPhone flagship will also be at 10 Mass shipments officially started at the end of the month.

But it is difficult to get the iPhone 12 flagship within a week after the press conference on September 16, Beijing time.

So, the iPhone 12 is still going to be postponed? Mingmei Infinity believes that the iPhone 12 is still very likely to be released on September 15. After all, according to Apple’s past practice, the new iPhone will be released in September. If released, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are likely to be sold in batches.

Earlier, Apple’s chief financial officer Luca Mestri said that this year’s new iPhone will be several weeks later than the normal release time. In addition, Apple supplier Broadcom also hinted in its June earnings report that this year’s iPhone 12 series will be postponed.

Therefore, it is uncertain whether the iPhone 12 will be postponed, but the postponement of the release should be determined.

iPhone 12

Finally, the price that everyone cares about most is that the iPhone 12 starts at $699, the iPhone 12 Max starts at $799, the iPhone 12 Pro starts at $999, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at $1,099. In comparison, last year’s iPhone 11 started at US$699, and the National Bank version was 5499 yuan. That is to say, the price of this year’s iPhone 12 National Bank version is likely to be this price.

So, are the numerous fruit fans unable to restrain the excitement in their hearts for Apple’s new product launch next week? It is worth noting that fruit fans still have to pay attention to Mingmei infinitely, because fruit fans pay attention to not get lost! Mingmei Infinity will continue to bring you more of the latest things about Apple, iOS, and iPhone!


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