This change in iOS 14 is unprecedented!

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iOS 14

I believe that some fans who have been following asiaiphone to this day should understand that Apple released the Beta 8 version only one week after the release of the iOS 14 Beta 7, which still includes a developer preview version and a public beta version.

iOS 14

Since it is close to the official version, iOS 14 Beta 8 does not bring any new features, and the volume of the upgrade package is not too large, mainly to enhance stability and fix bugs.

In the previous version, Safari failed to open the PDF file after downloading it, and Beta8 has fixed it. However, some students in Beta 7 had a problem that the “exposure notification” could not be opened normally, and Beta8 still did not fix it.

In addition, up to now, there are almost no obvious bugs in the iOS 14 Beta version, and it has reached a basically usable level. I believe the official version is very close to us.

It is reported that Apple plans to push the official version of iOS 14 update in September, iPhone 6s and later models can be upgraded to iOS 14 system.

iOS 14

Of course, in theory, this is the last time the iPhone 6s has undergone a major version update. This is the most classic iPhone in history and it’s time to be abandoned by Apple.

And this should be the last beta version of iOS 14. According to the usual practice, when the new iPhone was released in previous years, it was when the iOS Beta ended. Look at it this way, after the Apple special event on the 16th of this month, there is a high probability that iOS will be released. 14 GM version. If you have already upgraded the iOS 14 beta version, you can continue to upgrade. If you have not upgraded the iOS 14 beta version, it is recommended to wait for the official version to be pushed.

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that in response to external antitrust accusations, Apple has further opened up the iOS 14 system and no longer enforces restrictions on the default browser and mail. This can be said to be an unprecedented move by Apple. Apple has become more and more open, and it has also listened to the experience of the majority of fruit fans.

Apple has opened up browser and mail selection permissions in the iOS 14 system, and users can set a third-party browser App or email App as the system default.

The user clicks on the link or the email address no longer opens Safari and native mail applications by default. Users can freely choose third-party applications. For developers, there will be more motivation to launch better quality applications.

Now, the first third-party browser, Chrome, has been updated and adapted to the iOS 14 system, and users can set it as the default browser to replace Safari. But as of press time, it seems that there is no browser app that supports setting as the default browser except Google Chrome, but now that Apple has begun to introduce this feature, it indicates that Apple will gradually increase user freedom, and users are expected to be able to set Firefox in the near future. , Opera and other browsers are the default apps.

In addition, today, by the way, on September 2, Apple released the official version of iOS 13.7 to users. About a week later, on September 10, Apple shut down the verification of iOS 13.6.1 as usual. aisle.

This means that we can’t downgrade or upgrade to iOS 13.6.1. Don’t try to flash to this version, you will get an error. Currently we can choose the official version of iOS 13.7 and the beta version of iOS 14.

iOS 14

Finally, let’s talk about the upgraded iPhone supported by iOS 14:

iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE (first generation) , IPhone SE (second generation).

Currently, iOS 14 Beta 8 has been pushed, and the upgrade can be started after Mingmei Unlimited WeChat Reply 14 downloads the description file, and if you delete the description file, you can download it again and complete the upgrade. Although it has been tested for two months, there will still be some minor bugs in the beta version of the system. To avoid data loss, be sure to back up important data before upgrading.

Finally, I would like to remind users who have installed the iOS 14 beta version. If you push the iOS 14 GM version next week, you want to wait for the official version to be released through OTA as soon as possible. If you switch from the beta version to the official version, remember to upgrade today. After iOS 14 Beta 8, you can delete the previously installed iOS 14 beta description file, so that you will not receive the update after the GM version is pushed, and the official version can be updated through OTA after the push.

The method to delete the description file is very simple, just go to the iPhone settings -> General -> find below and click to enter the “Profile” setting, then find the iOS 14 beta description file installed before, and remove it. .

So, if you have anything to say about this unprecedented big change of Apple, you might as well leave a message in the comment area for asiaiphone to participate in the discussion!


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