Pinduoduo unilaterally announced the release date of iPhone 12: apple fans almost believed it!

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iPhone 12

As the much-anticipated Apple conference is approaching, rumors are endless. As the market has basically exposed the configuration of the new iPhone 12, there is only one mystery left: Will Apple release the iPhone 12 at the September 15 conference?

iPhone 12

At 1:00 am on September 16, Beijing time, Apple will hold a product launch conference. Earlier, Apple has confirmed that the new iPhone will not be available in September, but it has never said that it will not release the new iPhone in September.

However, Apple’s new product launch conference at 1 am on September 16 was forced by some merchants. Judging from the current general rumors, this may be a conference that has nothing to do with the iPhone 12.

As we all know, Pinduoduo has spared no effort in promoting popular products, and it has actually used real money to provide “tens of billions of subsidies”, which has attracted countless fans in recent years. While it is still uncertain whether the iPhone 12 will log in to the Apple Autumn Conference in the early hours of September 16th, I did not expect that Pinduoduo will be the first to “set” the date. See you this week for iPhone 12!

This screenshot shows that Apple’s front foot revealed the time of the 2020 online press conference, and Pinduoduo opened the iPhone 12 appointment and announced that the iPhone 12 will be launched on the entire network, at 1 am on September 16, Beijing time.

The event triggered intense discussions as soon as it was launched, and it was even interpreted as a real hammer for Apple to release the iPhone 12 on the same day-Pinduoduo’s launch of the new iPhone 12 first appointment means that it has confirmed that Apple will officially announce the iPhone 12 on September 16. New machines.

Then just today, in response to the issue of “Pinduoduo launches iPhone12 appointment poster”, Pinduoduo responded that it is normal for e-commerce platforms to hang pre-sales or hang appointments (pages) at the same time, but it does not mean (confirm) that day (Apple) IPhone 12 will be issued. Whether to send iPhone 12 or not is Apple’s decision, not an e-commerce platform.

Up to now, no relevant page content can be searched on Pinduoduo.

Mingmei Unlimited Comments: This wave of operations by Pinduoduo makes it hard to guess what it intended. The product pre-sale page was put on the shelves yesterday and said that the new mobile phone will be released at 1:00 am on September 16th. The product pre-sale link will be removed today. The official also came out to explain that these are normal operations of the business, and it does not mean that Apple will launch mobile phone products on this day.

iPhone 12

In addition, the configuration of the new iPhone 12 has been basically exposed on the market now: this time the iPhone 12 will be divided into four models, all of which will use OLED screens. The screen sizes are divided into 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7. Kind, the body returns to a square metal design, and the high-end Pro version is equipped with a 120Hz refresh rate screen.

In addition, this series of new phones will continue the square camera module of the previous one. Among them, two iPhone 12 series are equipped with rear dual cameras, while the two iPhone 12 Pro series will be equipped with rear three cameras, and only the top version will be equipped LiDAR sensor.

However, before the official release, there is always a veil between iPhone 12 and consumers. Among the many speculations in the market, whether this conference can really unveil this veil, I am afraid that it will not be finally announced until the day of the conference.

It’s also worth mentioning today that some foreign media also reported that if October 20 is the final pre-order date for the iPhone 12, Apple may only hold a press conference on October 13 and open it on October 16. Pre-order, officially shipped on October 23. The high-end Pro series models may be later and will not go on sale until November.

In addition, from the perspective of Pinduoduo’s past style, after the official release of the iPhone 12 series, Pinduoduo should launch related subsidy activities. However, although Apple has officially announced that it will hold a “special event” in the early morning of September 16, a lot of information currently shows that Apple will not bring us the iPhone 12 series by then, but will release the iPad Air 4 and Apple Watch Series. 6 and other new products, the release time of the iPhone 12 series may be postponed to October. This may be the reason why Pinduoduo related stores cancelled the iPhone 12 appointment interface.

Finally, at the Apple’s 2020 fall new product launch event at 1 am the day after tomorrow, the current rumors of Apple’s new products are of course not only iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, but also AirTag Bluetooth tracker, AirPods Studio headset wireless headphones, cheap version HomePod, these new products are also expected to debut on this conference.

So, if you have anything else you want to say about this Pinduoduo’s show operation, please leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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