Tonight, billions of fruit fans around the world hold their breath for iPhone 12

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iPhone 12

I believe that there are fans who have been paying attention to asiaiphone until now. In the science and technology industry, there is a grand event that cannot be missed every September, that is, the new Apple product launch event called “Digital Circle Spring Festival Gala”.


Almost every year, Apple holds high-profile new product launches in September to show the public the latest technological standards in the consumer electronics field.

However, the invitation letter for Apple’s autumn conference this year came later than before, and it was not issued until last week. In addition, there are many sources of information that Apple will announce all new products at this conference, but will release them in batches in September, October, and November. Among them, the high-profile iPhone 12 may be postponed to October due to the new crown epidemic.

So, what are the specifics of Apple’s new flagship iPhone 12 today? The following will be announced one by one for the fans who are still paying attention to Mingmei.

As early as last week, Apple officially announced that it will hold an online press conference at 1 am on September 16, but it has not revealed much about the new products. Sources broke the news that new iPad Air and Apple Watch products will become the focus of the conference. Yesterday, Tianfeng International Securities analyst Guo Mingqi predicted that there will be no iPhone 12 series at the conference.

Judging from the current situation, the iPhone 12 will be released in October, but Apple has also hinted before, after all, the sudden epidemic has affected the advancement of the new phone.

Now, there is a picture of the so-called “Navy Blue” color scheme of the iPhone 12 Max on the Internet. Of course, the tracking device AirTags is also shown together. The picture of the two is still very good.

It is reported that the back of the Phone 12 series fuselage continues to use the rear three-camera lens module layout. Although the layout is somewhat similar to that of the iPhone 11 Pro, it can be seen that openings are reserved for the LiDAR scanner this time. position.

iOS 14

Also worth mentioning today is that in June this year, Apple released the first beta version of iOS 14. With the update and repair in the past 3 months, the current iOS 14 system has gradually stabilized. It is expected that the iOS 14 GM version update will be pushed in the early morning tonight.

New features are becoming more and more complete. In addition to bringing new features and regular optimizations such as App resource library, screen widgets, picture-in-picture, Siri and maps, iOS 14 has also upgraded the experience of the AirPods series. Including a more user-friendly low-battery notification, automatic device switching, and an exclusive new feature “audio space” for AirPods Pro.

There is still no standard way to upgrade the firmware of AirPods. After users connect AirPods to the iOS device, they can install the new firmware wirelessly: Put the AirPods in the charging case and connect the AirPods to the power source, then connect it to the iPhone Or iPad pairing, and then the headset will be forced to update after a short period of time.

Users can check the AirPods or AirPods Pro firmware by following the steps below:

· Connect AirPods or AirPods Pro to iOS devices.

· Open the settings app.

· Click General.

· Click About.

· Tap AirPods.

· Check the number next to “Firmware Version”.

Currently, spatial audio can be experienced through HDR content on Apple TV+ and other video platforms.

It should be understood that the above two functions require iOS/iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and macOS 11 Big Sur new system to support.

The GM version update of iOS 14 is expected to be pushed after the Apple conference in the early hours of tomorrow morning, and the official version will arrive next week.

In addition, as we all know, Apple’s past generations of press conferences are actually centered on the iPhone. The release of a new iPhone in September each year is a “tradition” that Apple has adhered to for seven years. Due to the special circumstances of this year, it is impossible to determine whether the iPhone will be released as scheduled, and the market will focus on Apple Watch and iPad. The market speculates that the most noteworthy new feature of the upcoming Apple Watch is that it may be based on ECG monitoring. , And add the new function of blood oxygen monitoring to compete with the smart wearable competitor Fitbit. Fitbit has earlier introduced a new method of blood oxygen monitoring.

An updated version of the iPad Air will be released. The positioning of the product will be between the high-end iPad Pro equipped with augmented reality content 3D sensors and the basic model iPad.

Based on the previous information, the new iPad Air may be equipped with a 10.9-inch screen (0.1-inch larger than the previous version), and it may also be equipped with an A14 processor, which will have 5 Two color versions (gold, silver, gray, green and blue), with storage capacity starting from 64GB, starting at $599 (about 4092 yuan), and supporting Apple Pencil stylus and Magic Keyboard.

In addition, judging from the current performance of all parties, there are two different voices about whether the new iPhone 12 series will be unveiled at this conference: one party believes that the iPhone 12 series will be postponed due to the supply chain. To be released in mid-to-late October, the other party believes that the new opportunities will be listed later than in previous years, but they will still be unveiled at the press conference tonight. However, which party’s point of view is closer to the truth will have to wait until the press conference tonight to announce.

iPhone 12

Finally, what Mingmei wants to say is: In a few hours, the Apple’s new product launch event in the fall of 2020, which our billions of fruit fans around the world, will officially kick off. I believe that everyone has been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite for so long, and Mingmei Infinite has been unremittingly bringing so much content about Apple’s iPhone 12 to the majority of fans. Everyone should know more about the iPhone 12. Up. So, at the press conference at one o’clock in the morning tonight, regardless of whether many fans will watch the live broadcast in front of the screen, I will still bring the latest and most complete information about Apple, iOS, iPhone things! Fruit fans can pay attention to Mingmei infinitely, because Guo fans pay attention to not get lost!

In this regard, if you have any expectations for Apple’s fall new product launch at 1 am tonight, or if you have anything else to say about Apple’s iPhone 12, please leave a message in the comment area to asiaiphone and participate in the discussion. !


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