In the early morning of September 17, the official version of iOS 14 was launched in full!

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iOS 14

I believe there are fans who have been following asiaiphone to this day. Apple’s first beta version of iOS 14 was released at the WWDC2020 Global Developers Conference on June 23, 2020, and the official version of iOS 14 was released on September 17. Push in the early hours of the day. Mingmei is infinitely forget it, billions of fruit fans around the world have been waiting for 87 days and nights.

iOS 14

So, what can billions of fans expect from the official version of iOS 14 released this morning? Next, Mingmei will come to share in detail with the fans who have continued to this day about the latest Apple iOS 14 official version.

As we all know, in the early morning of September 16th, Apple’s autumn conference came as scheduled. Although this conference did not usher in the much-anticipated iPhone 12 series, it still gave some surprises, such as the new iPad 8th generation and iPad Air There is no network rumored castration of the charging head, but the standard 20W PD fast charging head. And released the A14 chip, the strongest chip in Apple’s history. There is another point, although there is no focus on the press conference, but I believe many people have received the news that Apple’s iOS 14 system is about to start push early in the morning.

This is not just in the early morning of September 17th, Beijing time, the full release of the official version of iOS 14, the new “picture-in-picture” display, screen widgets, APP resource library and other functions, compared with the previous generation of iOS, there are considerable changes.

Before the opening of this Apple autumn conference, there has been widespread speculation that Apple’s first-generation 5G mobile phone iPhone 12 series will be absent. Even some bloggers who broke the news pointed out that iOS 14 will not be released in full soon after the conference as usual in previous years. However, at the end of the conference, Apple CEO Cook, who didn’t mention the iPhone 12, finally announced that iOS 14 will be officially launched with new systems such as iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 in a day.

iOS 14

If you upgrade the previous Beta version, you can go to iPhone Settings-General-Profile, remove the iOS 14 beta profile, and then you can detect the official version update.

This time the version number is 18A373. If you update the iOS 14GM version on the 16th, since it is the same as the official version, the update will not be detected and you can only wait for the next version.

Also supported devices: iOS 14 official version supports iPhone SE and above devices, that is, A9 processor and above device upgrades, iPad OS14 official version supports iPad Air 2 and above devices to upgrade.

Specifically, look at iOS 14 compatible devices: iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (first generation), iPhone SE (second generation), iPod touch (seventh generation).

In addition, it is understood that the official version of iOS 14 has been upgraded and updated to redesign the functions of desktop widgets. The widgets of the iOS 14 system desktop can already be added directly to the home screen of the iPhone, rather than just like before. Placed on the negative screen; it is worth mentioning that after the iOS14 system upgrade, an APP resource library function has been added, which is a warehouse that integrates all APPs, which also means that only the APP resource library is needed. Find all the apps you have installed.

Not only that, the official version of iOS 14 has also been upgraded and updated to optimize the call reminder function. It is used to replace the previous call reminder in the form of a pop-up window. The most important thing is that this call-up pop-up window will not occupy the entire iPhone screen. Full screen display, which also means that even if there is an incoming call, it will not affect the current operation of the iPhone user.

The iOS 14 system also supports the picture-in-picture function. iPhone users can perform other operations while playing videos or WeChat video calls.

Of course, this iOS 14 major version upgrade brings more than the above improvements, there are also many small changes, such as increasing the dark mode of the rainbow wallpaper, adding the battery health protection switch, enhancing the translation function, and enhancing the privacy protection reminder. After you update it, you will discover it slowly, and it will definitely bring you a little surprise.

In addition, according to the feedback from the fans of asiaiphone Official Account, after the update of iOS 14, the battery life has not changed significantly, which is similar to the previous test version. Fluency has been improved to a certain extent. I would like to remind you that if you want to update, you must make a backup first to prevent your mobile phone from becoming a brick.

It is worth mentioning that because this year’s GM version is only one day away from the official version, it may cause some app developers to have time to adapt the app in the future, so there may be a small number of apps that are still incompatible with the official version of iOS 14 Case.

Tucao, now that Apple has suddenly launched the official version of iOS 14, some developers have already followed up and adjusted it for the first time, so the rollover situation in the previous beta version has basically been improved, if you want to be more secure Just wait, of course, there is no problem upgrading now.

In general, iOS 14 is a major release that changes the core experience of the iPhone. Not only has it brought many new system features, but the native applications have also been greatly improved.

Whether it’s the small components on the home screen, the new organization method “App Resource Library”, and the new compact design, Apple’s rethinking the utilization of the existing iPhone’s screen space; the information app enhances contact with family and friends. The map app facilitates easy route planning, and privacy protection is reassuring, which reflects Apple’s humanistic care.

iOS 14

In addition, the main iPhone XS Max of Mingmei Infinity, the biggest feeling after using it is that there is no obvious bug like iOS 13. The overall experience is good, and the battery life has not changed. At least I can’t feel it. Friends who want to get in the car can rush.

In the end, is iOS 14 worth upgrading? Mingmei’s conscience advice here is to look at the specific phone model. If your phone is iPhone 11, iPhone 11Pro, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr, iPhone X, iPhone 8 (Plus), then these models are recommended to be upgraded to iOS 14, because these models are relatively stronger in processor performance and mobile phones run better, but if it is iPhone 7 and earlier models, it is not recommended to upgrade, just keep the current stable version.

So, have you all upgraded to the official version of iOS 14 today? If you have any experience in using the official version of iOS 14, you can leave a message to asiaiphone in the comment area to participate in the discussion!


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