Apple’s speed is really fast, iOS 14.2 is coming quietly!

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iOS 14

At one o’clock in the morning on the 16th, Apple’s 2020 autumn new product launch conference was held as scheduled. I believe that the fans who have been paying attention to asiaiphone to the present should all understand. At the Apple Autumn New Product Launch Conference, although the iPhone 12 did not appear, it was officially announced that the official version of iOS 14 will still be together with iPadOS 14, watch OS 7 on the 17th. Officially push.

iOS 14

There are two changes to this year’s new operating system. Previously, it would generally be pushed on the same day after the press conference, but this time it was postponed for a whole day. Moreover, this is also the first time that the new iOS official version has been pushed before the new iPhone has been officially released.

It was not just in the early hours of this morning that Apple suddenly released the first beta version of iOS 14.2. iOS 14.2 mainly fixes some bugs and also adds some new features, such as the Music Recognition control, that is, users can still recognize the music being played by the App while wearing AirPods. This new feature can be used as a toggle button in the “Control Center” and is currently available in the 14.2 beta version. The toggle switch looks like a small Shasham icon, you only need to tap it to start the iPhone listening. In addition, users can also use Siri to evoke Shazam and identify songs playing around.

Regarding Apple’s adjustment, some developers said that iOS 14 is reflecting Apple’s adjustment idea, which is to make the system easier to use, easier to get started, and want to find some functions that can be found instantly.

In addition, Apple also released the first beta version of tvOS 14.2 and watchOS 7.1 and macOS Big Sur Beta 7.

Today, by the way, in iOS 14, Apple introduced a new home screen interface, allowing the addition of widgets, widgets can be stacked, etc., other new features include application library, incoming call/Facetime notification in the form of a small window , Free to download and use applications, translation software in 11 languages, with a map for bicycle navigation, car key functions, etc.

iOS 14

There is also a really important update in this update, which is that it will greatly enhance the protection of user privacy. The Safari browser prevents trackers from tracking users across websites, and an APP needs user permission to use the advertising tracking identifier IDFA (Identifier for Advertising) to collect user data on other apps and websites.

This update conveys Apple’s determination to protect user privacy. As it said on its official website, “This is not easy, but we believe this is true innovation.”

In addition, according to the feedback from netizens in the past two days, there is currently no direct OTA upgrade and rollover problem, and there are no obvious BUGs. For example, the heat and battery life that may have been encountered before have not occurred. Remember the previous Is the “Mingmei Infinite Fruit Noodle Group” mentioned? The small partners of different models in the group all expressed smooth OTA. It seems that the optimization of iOS 14 has been done very well this time. Trust me, feel free to upgrade.

Moreover, models after iPhone X will have a slight improvement in fluency (psychological effect?), while the previous models can also be upgraded, and will not be as sluggish as everyone thinks. The optimization is sufficient, and it is straightforward. .

In other words, this wave of Apple’s operations is too fast, the official version of iOS 14 has only begun to push, and iOS 14.2 is here.

It is worth mentioning that yesterday Antutu revealed that the A14 blessed iPhone 12 Pro Max running score is running iOS 14.1 system, not iOS 14.2, and today it directly tested the iOS 14.2 test version, which is worth paying attention to! This shows that the official version of iOS 14.1 should be ready. We will wait for Apple to hold a press conference next month and launch it together with the iPhone 12 series. This is why the test version jumped directly to the iOS 14.2 version.

iOS14.2 Beta upgrade user feedback shows that the new version may cause applications such as Tencent Video, QQ Music, and Stickers to crash suddenly. Therefore, if you use these applications frequently, it is recommended not to try new versions.

With the official launch of iOS14, many third-party applications are also rolling out new version updates to adapt to the new system. Users who have recently upgraded to iOS 14 also need to actively update their applications to obtain a more stable experience.

Currently, iOS 14.2 Beta 1 has been opened to developers through OTA updates. To install the update, simply go to the “Settings” app, select “General”, and then select “Software Update” to automatically detect system updates. If the user is still using the official version of iOS 14 system, you need to install the correct developer profile (Mingmei Unlimited WeChat Reply 14), and then download iOS 14.2 Beta 1 from the Apple Developer Center or via OTA push.

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: Whether Apple released the first beta version of iOS 14.2 unexpectedly today, or whether Apple wants to dedicate iOS 14.1 to iPhone 12 alone, our fans still have to continue. Look forward to what new and upgraded functions Apple has enhanced for the product users’ experience. So, it’s getting closer and closer to the release of Apple’s new flagship iPhone 12. Of course, under this special situation this year, the release time of the iPhone 12 that many fans are thinking about is an official announcement by Apple. The answer is open.

So, if you have anything else to say about the first beta version of iOS 14.2 that Apple just released today, you might as well leave a message in the comment area to asiaiphone to participate in the discussion!


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