Month: October 2020

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iOS 14 annoying pop-ups hit again, Mingmei will teach you how to solve it!

On October 30th, Beijing time, this morning, some fans using the iOS 14.2 Beta 4 system found that th

Hundreds of millions of apple fans welcomed the iPhone 12 price break, and so on, the party finally won!

I bought the apple powder of the iPhone 12, especially the friends who bought at a higher price. The

Apple ushered in a bright moment, iPhone 12 contributed!

Hope for the stars and moon, and finally look forward to iPhone12! I still remember that when the iPh

The iPhone 12 was beaten and the workers kept complaining, how is your one?

The iPhone 12 this time gives people a feeling of being back to basics. At first glance, many people

The iPhone 12 experience machine was “painted” off, can it still be said to be unsavory?

Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro officially went on sale on October 23. After the sale, Apple's majo

Feelings about the iPhone 12 real machine experience: It’s really fragrant!

The iPhone12 series was released, and the "blue color scheme is really ugly to the explosion" has bee

iPhone 12’s first price increase is exaggerated, would you consider starting?

Although after the conference, the design and software and hardware updates of the iPhone 12 series h

The iPhone 12 baseband and battery capacity are full hammer, so you have both good and bad!

One week has passed since the iPhone 12 conference. As the first Apple mobile phone equipped with 5G

The official version of iOS 14.1 is here, and it is shared with iPhone 12 users!

As we all know, although the iPhone 12 series models have been released for about a week, there were

Regarding the Apple iPhone 12, all you care about is here!

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro opened for pre-orders last week, and the iPhone 12 Pro is particularl