Countdown to the release of iPhone 12, another big news broke!

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iPhone 12

As the most well-known mobile phone brand in the world, the iPhone series phones released by Apple every year have achieved good sales and accumulated hundreds of millions of fruit fans. Although Apple’s status has declined in recent years, the iPhone 12 is still attracting attention. After all, it is Apple’s first 5G mobile phone!

iPhone 12

So when will the iPhone 12 be released? Recently, Apple officially gave the answer, iPhone12 will officially debut at the press conference on October 14th! In other words, there are only a few days left before the iPhone 12 appears in people’s field of vision, and fruit fans will soon be able to see this mobile phone that they are thinking of.

First of all, according to foreign media, the iPhone 12 series contains four models. Apple will start selling in batches. The list of the first wholesale market is consistent with the previous generation of iPhone 11, and the Chinese market is also on the first list. .

The cheapest and most expensive versions of the iPhone 12 series will not go on sale immediately, and the two 6.1-inch models will be on sale first.

Of course, about the iPhone 12 series, everyone is now waiting for a price and release date. In fact, it seems that the information about the iPhone 12 series has been exposed almost, but this information is exposed by the private, and Apple has not confirmed any of it. Who knows which is true and which is false before Apple officially confirms it?

It’s not that overseas news experts have brought new news later on October 10th. This news is about the color matching of the iPhone 12 series. The information shows that the iPhone 12 mini version has five color versions: white, black, red, green and blue. The starting price of this version is $699;

iPhone 12 also has five colors: black, white, blue, green and red. It is the same as the original color of iPhone 12mini;

iPhone 12 Pro has four colors: blue, silver, gold, and graphite;

The iPhone 12 Pro Max also has four colors that are the same as the iPhone 12 Pro.

iPhone 12

There have also been changes on the screen. The OLED LCD screen will become the mainstream of the iPhone 12. The screen that claims to make the black blacker will bring more real color changes to users. The iphone12 series bid farewell to the sleek design and returned to the classic right-angle frame scheme of the iphone4, coupled with its calm color scheme, it looks a lot tougher.

Another enhancement focus of the iPhone 12 is taking pictures. Apple has upgraded the previously acclaimed Deep Fusion and Smart HDR. iPhone 12 will be more advanced in the algorithm processing of night scenes and details, and can directly shoot video that meets the Dolby Vision standard, which may be a hardware feature brought by A14.

In addition, in terms of cameras, the iPhone 12 regular version still uses a wide-angle + ultra-wide-angle dual-camera configuration, with a wide-angle aperture of F/1.6, which is slightly improved compared to the previous F/1.8. The iPhone 12 Pro has added LiDAR lidar on the basis of last year’s three-camera. The ultra-wide-angle glass lens has been increased to 7 and supports four-fold optical zoom; the Pro Max’s telephoto is 65mm and supports five-fold optical zoom.

In addition, the iPhone 12 Pro has a built-in 2775mAh battery, and the 12 Pro Max has a built-in 3687mAh battery, which supports 20W wired fast charging and 15W wireless fast charging. Because the battery is shrinking, the whole series does not support any high refresh rate. (Jon Prosser, a major source of news, today gave the latest news again, saying that the iPhone 12 does not have a high refresh rate of 120Hz. Anyway, don’t expect the 120Hz screen of the iPhone 12, it will also be the iPhone 13 series next year. It is possible to use the 120Hz high brush, and support ProMotion adaptive refresh rate technology, automatically adjust the refresh rate.). In addition, all iPhone 12 series no longer provide chargers and earphones, and additional purchases are required. For example, in terms of chargers, Apple may take into account environmental protection and cost reasons, and will cancel the accessories that come with it. Earlier news said that Apple iPhone 12 will no longer come with a charger, and Apple’s original 20W charger may be sold separately. This means that after users buy a new iPhone, they may only receive bare metal and manuals. You can also choose to purchase the charger separately, but it is expensive.


In addition, Mingmei Wuwei personally believes that as an ordinary consumer, few people care about whether Apple really redefines the mobile phone, and everyone is more concerned about whether the money they spend is worthwhile and whether they can get a good one. Experience. So what is Apple’s experience? A sentence of “smooth operation” is enough to explain without much words.

The iPhone experience comes from many aspects, and the excellent fluency is one of them. Whether it is the iOS system, the high-performance A-series processor, or the ultra-high screen sampling rate, it has brought an extremely smooth experience, even if it is used for three or two years, it is still the same. On the contrary, the early Android phones did not have this advantage. Even if they have improved greatly in these years, it is too late. Apple has enough time to complete the user precipitation, so that the “iPhone is not stuck in a few years” brand After the impression is inherited from generation to generation, if other brands want to break this concept and regain users, they need more time and better products to operate.

Finally, in the early morning of October 14th, Apple is about to hold a new product launch conference, when the brand new iPhone 12 will meet with us. I wonder if you are going to upgrade your old phone to iPhone 12?


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