The long-lost iPhone 12 is here, will billions of fruit fans still pay?

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iPhone 12

When I woke up, iPhone 12 rushed to the hot search, and the topic was viewed more than 5 billion times…

iPhone 12

This is not just at 1:00 AM on October 14th, Beijing time, the first 5G iPhone that bounced back tickets was finally released online one month after Apple’s autumn new product launch.
Apple released four new iPhones this time, including iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, and launched the HomePod mini smart speaker.

First of all, the latest iPhone 12 will no longer provide wired headsets and chargers, charging will use the upgraded wireless charging system MagSafe system.

MagSafe designed for iPhone allows iPhone to be charged with magnetic suction like Apple Watch. At the same time, Apple also introduced MagSafe Charger and MagSafe Duo Charger. Duo means that it can provide magnetic wireless charging for iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, and supports folding and carrying. Apple’s official wireless charger has finally arrived. In addition, there is a credit card case that supports magnetic attraction.

In terms of screens, all iPhone 12s this year have been upgraded to OLED screens, but they do not support high refresh rates. Compared with domestic mobile phones, any flagship mobile phone can hang on the screen of the iPhone 12 series. In terms of battery life, all iPhone 12 series support 20W fast charging, which can directly charge 50% of the battery in 30 minutes. However, the four mobile phones have obvious differences in battery capacity. The iPhone 12 mini has the smallest battery of 2775mAh, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a largest battery of 3687mAh. Compared with the 4G era, the 5G era consumes more energy, so the battery life of the iPhone 12 still needs to be tested.

In terms of cameras, the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 both use 1200W pixel dual cameras, including a main camera and an ultra-wide-angle. The ultra-wide-angle mode has a night scene mode; the iPhone 12 Pro has an additional 1200W on this basis. A telephoto lens with a pixel equivalent focal length of 52mm and a lidar.

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 Pro Max uses a new 1.7-micron single-pixel area sensor + 65mm equivalent telephoto lens + an ultra-wide-angle lens + lidar, all with 1200W pixels. The camera level of this phone will be the best one in the iPhone 12 series.

In addition, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max both support Apple ProRAW technology, which allows computational photography to be added to RAW format photos.

In addition, the iPhone 12 conference is over. This generation is the most popular and comprehensively competitive new iPhone series in recent years. I think most people will reach this consensus.

The iPhone 12 regular version and Mini are fragrant, and the two Pro versions are also Pro, with obvious differentiation and clear positioning. And the Pro version is worth your extra thousands of dollars to improve. In fact, most of them are focused on the image function (and of course the shell material). If the regular version is a popular electronic consumer product, then the positioning of the Pro version is indeed closer to productivity tools.

From the perspective of Mingmei Wuxian, the entire iPhone 12 series does have an upgrade, at least in terms of 5G and design. In fact, Mingmei knows infinitely that many users who are using iPhone 8 or earlier iPhones are waiting and watching. They will resist not buying iPhone XS and iPhone 11 series phones just for the emergence of 5G iPhone.

To be honest, the role of 5G at this stage is indeed not great, and it is not an exaggeration to say “the perception is not strong”, but for potential users of the new iPhone, what they want is a product that can be used for several years, so support 5G is essential. iPhone 12 not only improves signal performance, supports 5G, but also has a certain upgrade in design. There is no doubt that this is the “preferred choice” for the old iPhone users with a large base.

In addition, in the absence of a high refresh rate and the late arrival of 5G, the “new era” of the iPhone seems to be less exciting. From mini to Pro Max, the small is smaller and the big is bigger. Apple’s response is to subdivide the market again to boost the competitiveness of its products.

Ming Mei Wu said so much above, I believe that the fans have a preliminary understanding of the iPhone 12 series. The starting prices of the four models this year are not surprising. iPhone 12 mini starts at 5499 yuan, iPhone 12 starts at 6299 yuan, iPhone 12 Pro starts at 8499 yuan, and iPhone 12 Pro Max (9299 yuan) From). Of course, in recent years, even Apple’s new products have often broken on the day of sale, and the mentality of users has gradually matured. When purchasing, they are more willing to refer to the market base price after the subsidy of Pinduoduo and other platforms.

It is worth mentioning today that the next question is, should the iPhone 12 be bought?

iPhone 12

In Mingmei’s view, the biggest highlight of the iPhone12 series is not 5G. After all, the coverage of the domestic 5G network is not comprehensive. Although the iPhone 12 series supports the most complete 5G frequency band, the current gimmick is bigger than the reality. However, mobile operators in the United States, in particular, have not yet fully prepared for this technology. The three major US mobile operators, Verizon Communications, AT&t and T-Mobile America, have not yet launched a “real” 5g network. Even in some developed markets such as the United States, the coverage of 5G networks is still limited.

From the perspective of shooting and chip performance, in fact, the existing models above the iPhone X series can actually support the current performance and needs of App applications, games, and photography in these aspects.

It can be said that people’s demand for hardware performance improvement is accompanied by a new generation of software application gameplay upgrades. If the game and software application gameplay are still the same within one year, then the small improvement and upgrade of hardware performance is actually more of a This kind of excess performance, after all, the iPhone will have new products released every year, and the new products will always be more powerful than the old ones.

All in all, the iPhone 12 series is an upgrade that seeks change while maintaining stability. For users of the iPhone 11 series, unless they want to experience the 5G network, there is no need to upgrade the iPhone 12.

What’s more, Wang Shouyi also said “Thirteen Fragrance”, which also hints that the iPhone 12 series is not worth starting.

Finally, what Mingmei wants to say is: From my personal point of view, iPhone 12 is still the most suitable model for most people. After all, its battery life is not as bad as the 12 mini, the size is suitable, and compared to the iPhone XR and 11 of the previous two years, this time the 12 is also the screen part of the Pro version; and I like the large screen and want to enjoy the iPhone most. Users with good camera performance can still consider the iPhone 12 Pro series.

So, do you want to buy this year’s new iPhone as soon as possible? I said it doesn’t count, maybe wait a little longer, Pinduoduo will help you answer this question.

Of course, at the end of today’s article, we are also looking forward to the preferential prices of this year’s iPhone 12 series to see if it can usher in “really fragrant”.


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