IPhone 12’s guide to getting started with a real conscience tells you all at once!

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iPhone 12

In the early morning of October 14, Beijing time, the annual Apple conference for practicing English listening and dark circles under the eyes ended.

iPhone 12

I have to say that Apple is still the best mobile phone manufacturer in video. To a certain extent, the beauty of the demo video conceals the lack of product innovation.

As the second session of Apple’s new product launch event in the fall of 2020, the legendary headset did not appear, and the mobile phone became the absolute protagonist. There are four models of iPhone 12, including iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

In accordance with Apple’s three-year major replacement rhythm in the past few years, the iPhone 12 series is also the new flagship phone that has changed the most after the iPhone X. As Cook said: Today marks the beginning of a new era for the iPhone.

First of all, pay attention to the fruit powder of the camera function. You can see that this time the iPhone 12 uses the A14 bionic chip, equipped with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and a new 1200-pixel wide-angle (f/1.6). The wide-angle main camera uses a 7P lens for the first time, with low-light performance. There is an increase of 27%, which means that the night scene shooting ability of the iPhone, which was often used by Android manufacturers at the press conference, will be greatly improved.

What makes the new iPhone unique is the lidar on the Pro version. This lidar only existed on the iPad Pro before. It can not only achieve faster autofocus through distance measurement, but also provide designers and other professionals. For a more convenient solution, it should be said that lidar is a very imaginative hardware configuration, but it will take time to test how far it can be developed in the future.

It is worth mentioning that the material of this screen is super-ceramic crystal glass, which integrates nano-scale ceramic crystals and glass, making the anti-fall performance 4 times stronger than the previous generation. Don’t be afraid, if you drop it, you will be frightened and afraid that the screen will break.

The frame of the iPhone 12 is very small, which naturally brings a thinner body with a thickness of only 7.4 mm and a weight of only 162 grams. Compared with the previous generation, it is 11% thinner, 15% smaller in volume and 16% lighter The large range can already be felt intuitively.

In addition, iPhone12 mini starts at 5499 yuan, iPhone12 starts at 6299 yuan, iPhone12Pro starts at 8499 yuan, iPhone12 Pro Max starts at 9299 yuan, iPhone12 is shipped on October 23, and iPhone12 mini is shipped on 11 On the 13th. The iPhone12 Pro shipping date is October 23, and the iPhone12 Pro Max time is November 13.

Lenovo is getting closer and closer to the annual Double Eleven. I believe you are already ready to choose a new iPhone. However, the true flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max of the year can only meet with consumers after Double Eleven. , This is also a small regret.

In addition, the two points of appearance weight change and 5G alone are enough to drive brick-and-mortar users who are suffering from signal problems to change their phones, not to mention the full-line OLED screen in detail, and the more drop-resistant glass panel, which is still invincible. The A series of chips, the continuously evolving imaging system, the return of MagSafe wireless charging and so on.

In fact, with the development of smart phones now, it is wishful thinking to expect the iPhone to change the world again, but such a series of iPhones that have completely changed one’s own iPhone, with the addition of 5G, the capacity and the price of the iPhone, can obviously sell well.

In addition, Apple has just released the purchase guide for the new iPhone 12 series: The 5.4-inch iPhone12mini has a small size and a good one-handed feel, but the battery is small. If you are used to a large screen, users may Not too adaptable; the 6.1-inch iPhone12 is the most recommended one, except for taking pictures, there is almost no difference in use, and the weight is lighter than the iPhone12Pro; when comparing the iPhone12Pro and the iPhone12ProMax, the iPhone12ProMax is actually more recommended, because The battery is larger, the battery life is long, and the screen is the best, and the camera is the strongest.

Also, from the purchase version this year, the Hainan version should be the most worthy of your attention. Due to the tax exemption policy, the price of the Hainan version is expected to be lower than that of the Hong Kong version. It also supports the Bank of China’s warranty policy, which is most worthy of your attention.

By the way, believe me, the iPhone’s launch price will not last for a month, even half a month. Double Eleven will be the first wave of iPhone promotions and the first major price cut.

So this year’s iPhone 12 series, in addition to those who want to eat crabs early, or the old users of Apple’s official website have benefits, or want to start with instalment interest-free, who would want to buy an iPhone at the original price?

Of course, every time the iPhone launches a new product, it will arouse heated discussions among netizens. The same is true for the new generation of mobile phones this time, although my country’s mobile phone brands are Huawei and OPPO. Brands such as, vivo, etc. have also been committed to improving the quality of their products in recent years, focusing on maintaining high cost performance. Therefore, Apple’s mobile phones still have many strong competitors in the Chinese mainland market, but many users have been “obsessed” since the iPhone6. Apple’s simple and powerful IOS system, so Apple’s audience is still not small, and Apple’s pricing has been adjusted in the past one or two years, four to five thousand can buy a good Apple mobile phone. Apple has a lot of users and potential users. Are you going to “choose your hands” with the launch of the iPhone 12?

In the final purchase suggestion, Mingmei Wuwei personally recommends that everyone still focus on their own needs. For example, if you think that the iPhone 11 you have is enough and you have no feelings for 5G, you might as well wait. But if you are sensitive to the signal and cannot tolerate the poor signal performance of the 2018/2019 iPhone, then the iPhone 12 should be a good choice.


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