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iPhone 12

As we all know, this year, Apple did not release the iPhone 12 series at the first autumn new product launch. I believe there are many “apple fans” waiting for the replacement are still looking forward to this mysterious flagship mobile phone iPhone 12. No, Apple held its second press conference this year on October 14th, Beijing time, and officially released the new iPhone 12 series models. The first batch of products will be pre-ordered on the Friday of the week of release, and will be available in the next week. Shipments will begin on Friday, and this new iPhone 12 product release is expected to set off a wave of replacements.

iPhone 12

Then there was a new story after the iPhone 12 was released: I advise everyone not to buy iPhone 12, because of “Jinling Twelve Worships (Chai), Wang Shouyi Thirteen Fragrance”, related topics once rushed to the top five in the hot search list.

It is reported that iPhone12 adopts A14 chip, the A14 flagship chip based on TSMC’s 5mn process, which integrates 11.8 billion transistors, which is a 40% improvement in performance compared with A12 bionic chip. In addition, graphics processor performance has also increased by 30%. In terms of configuration, the new iPhone 12 Pro model will use Apple’s A14 Bionic chip, using the 5nm process for the first time (last year A13 Bionic used the 7nm process). Apple said that the new 6-core CPU and 4-core GPU are the fastest ever, and their performance is 50% faster than other mobile phones.

In terms of design, iPhone 12 has returned to the “right-angle metal middle frame + double-sided glass” design opened by iPhone 4, which can evoke the nostalgia of users to a certain extent. Because from iPhone 6 to iPhone 11, Apple has always adopted a rounded rectangular style, users will inevitably be aesthetically tired, and this return can bring users a new feeling.

In addition, the iPhone 12 series fully upgraded the OLED screen, using nano-scale ceramic crystals to integrate it with glass. Apple officially said that the material is an exclusive research and development, which is stronger than any smartphone glass, and its drop performance is increased by 4 times. It reflects the hardness of porcelain while maintaining the optical transparency of the material.

In terms of photography, the iPhone 12 is as good as ever. The sensor has been upgraded, the light input has increased by 87%, 4~5x optical zoom can be achieved, and it also supports Lidar, 10bit HDR video recording and Dolby Vision HDR.

In addition, in terms of price, India’s price is the highest among several major countries. The iPhone 12 128GB costs 1158 US dollars (approximately RMB 7791) according to the exchange rate, and the iPhone 12 Pro 128G is as high as 1636 US dollars.

Even with taxes and fees (California), the iPhone 12 is still the lowest in the United States, with 128GB at $943 (about 6345 yuan) and Pro at $1,071.

Also, Japan and China are also at low prices.

It should be noted that the US version of iPhone 12 is the only model in the world that supports the millimeter wave frequency band, and there is a “small patch” on the middle frame to facilitate signal overflow. This treatment is indeed not thin.

Why does the United States not use Sub-6GHz 5G spectrum? Because the U.S. mid- and low-frequency spectrum below 6GHz is occupied by the military, American manufacturers led by Qualcomm can only develop civilian 5G on ultra-high frequency millimeter waves. This is also one of the reasons for the slow deployment of 5G in the United States.

Since Apple has settled with Qualcomm this time, it has used Qualcomm’s baseband. Can it get rid of the label of poor signal? It will take some time to get the real machine to use it.

In terms of cost performance, the most recommended of this year’s iPhone12 series are the 6.1-inch iPhone12 and the 6.7-inch iPhone12ProMax. The screen of the former is exactly the same as the iPhone12Pro, only the appearance and camera are different; while the largest iPhone12ProMax, the screen, camera, battery life And so on are the best, and the price and iPhone12Pro are only 800 yuan difference.

In addition, before the deadline, the Jingdong appointment interface showed that more than 734 thousand people have made appointments for the iPhone 12, and the number of appointments for the iPhone 12 Pro has reached 388 thousand. The number of appointments for the two new machines has exceeded. iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max have become the two most popular new phones in this series.

By the way, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini will be snapped up at 9pm on November 6.

It is also worth mentioning today that although everyone has waited for the 5G iPhone this year, it is also essential for everyone to complain about it. After all, there is no high-speed brush for the entire series. The iPhone12 mini is still a single-card design, and this year Apple does not include wired headphones and charger. For many friends, this will undoubtedly increase part of the purchase cost. Some old iPhone users may still be able to accept it. After all, they can continue to use the charger set of the old product, but for users who switch from the Android camp to Apple for the first time, they need to pay an additional fee to purchase Apple’s charger. This extra cost is not friendly to these users.

In addition to the above, iPhone12 also has many shortcomings, such as shrinking battery and fast charging only supporting up to 20W. In Mingmei Wuxian’s view, although the iPhone 12 has been greatly improved, consumers who intend to buy still need to calm down. Carefully consider these shortcomings, and make certain trade-offs and trade-offs among them. Whether the iPhone 12 series is worth buying, you can easily get the answer based on your own needs.

From the data of e-commerce platform reservations, it can be said that although the iPhone 12 series has been complained about, the iPhone 12 series is still the most popular mobile phone this year.

Of course, although the public’s attitude towards Apple has been mixed in recent years, it is still sought after by many technological controls. One of the most important reasons is that its quality is always guaranteed. You must know that an iPhone is used on average. The lifespan can basically reach more than 4 years, which is regarded as one of the longest lifespan smartphones in the world.

In the end, Mingmei can sum up infinitely: At present, Apple iPhone has 1 billion users in the global market. For iPhone users who look forward to 5G mobile phones, it may set off a wave of replacement. Some companies pointed out that iPhone 12 may become the most popular iPhone in the past 6 years. According to estimates, among the more than 1 billion iPhone users in stock, 72% of iPhone users holding models of 2017 and earlier, the potential replacement demand is expected. The iPhone 12 is expected to stimulate accumulated demand for replacement, and support next year’s iPhone sales to return to double-digit positive growth after five consecutive years of decline.

So why are the reactions of the media and the market so opposite? The main reason is that most of the old users of Apple mobile phones have purchased software in the iOS ecosystem. These deposited assets have become the cost of users abandoning the iPhone, making many people continue to buy and use the iPhone. In addition, iPhone 12 is Apple’s first 5G mobile phone, which has accumulated many users. Foreign media surveys show that 40% of iPhone 12 users still use the iPhone 3 and a half years ago, and their first choice for replacement is the iPhone 12. This is also an important reason why iPhone 12 will be popular.


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