The official version of iOS 14.1 is here, and it is shared with iPhone 12 users!

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iOS 14

As we all know, although the iPhone 12 series models have been released for about a week, there were some less promising sounds before, but now, the iPhone 12 seems to be very popular with apple fans, and the MINI model that was more promising before seems It is not the favorite of apple fans, because judging from the reservation situation, it is currently the model with the least number of reservations.

iOS 14.1

However, according to the law of iPhone new product launches, the general chip will be launched, and the IOS system will usher in an update. Of course, this year’s newly launched iPhone 12 series is no exception. This is not just today, Apple released The first major update of iOS 14 since its release in September, it is iOS 14.1/iPadOS 14.1.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning today that after the official release of IOS 14, because the time left for developers to debug is relatively short, many problems were encountered after the initial upgrade. With the update of multiple minor versions, the third-party software problems that everyone encountered, as well as some minor problems on the system, are almost resolved.

And iOS14, as a version with a lot of content upgrades, has new improvements in functions and interactions. The official version of iOS 14.1, as the first major update since iOS 14 was released in September, focuses more on bringing users a more stable experience.

The specific update details of the official version of iOS14.1 are as follows:

In the official version of iOS 14.1, support for 10-bit HDR video playback and editing in photos of iPhone 8 and later versions is added; it solves the problem that dragging widgets on the home screen may delete applications from the folder ; Modified the problem that the system may prevent the caller ID from displaying the region information; fixed the problem that the computer may have a “0” result for no reason; also solved the problem that the resolution of the streaming video will be temporarily reduced when the user is playing the video.

Although the above problems will not affect the normal use of too many users, these problems are repaired or improved, which is worthy of the user’s gratitude. After all, everyone wants to use a better system.

iOS 14

In addition to fixing a large number of issues, iOS14.1 did not forget to introduce some new features. The first is to officially provide support for iPhone12 series models, and the second is to optimize the camera mode and the HDR video recording performance of the new models, adding 10 It supports HDR video playback, and allows editing in the “Photo” APP of iPhone8 and above models. Finally, iOS14.1 also optimizes the compatibility with Ubiquiti wireless access points.

In addition, Apple also released HomePod released a new 14.1 software, which includes Intercom intercom function support.

In addition, it is reported that after the official version of iOS14.1, Apple will also release iOS14.2 Beta 4 to developers. It is said that the upcoming Beta 4 update of the iOS 14.2 developer preview will bring new wallpapers, including two styles of realism and art. Each wallpaper has a light and dark version. In addition, iOS 14.2 will also add new features such as listening to songs and the new Now Playing plugin. I wonder if you guys can still look forward to it?

Finally, old readers who are familiar with Mingmei Wuxian should all know that Mingmei Wuxian wants to make a recommendation for the majority of apple fans about the official version of iOS14.1 that Apple just released today:

As a major version update of a stable version, Mingmei Infinity still recommends you to upgrade. As for whether the fluency, battery life, and signal issues that everyone is concerned about after the upgrade have increased, this is still a metaphysical concept. Because everyone’s models and usage are different, it is difficult to make judgments.

It is recommended that users who have already upgraded to iOS14 upgrade to the latest iOS14.1 version as soon as possible. The overall stability will be improved a lot. For users who have not upgraded to iOS14, Mingmei Unlimited personally recommends to continue to wait until the official version of iOS14.

iOS 14.1

Users who currently use the official version of iOS 14 can directly update iOS 14.1/iPadOS 14.1 via OTA push, go to “Settings” → “General” → “Software Update”. Users who participated in the iOS public beta last week and upgraded the system to iOS 14.1 GM can continue to use it. In fact, the GM version of the system is the official version of the system for developers and public beta users. It is almost the same as the official version, so users can use it with confidence.


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