The iPhone 12 baseband and battery capacity are full hammer, so you have both good and bad!

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iPhone 12

One week has passed since the iPhone 12 conference. As the first Apple mobile phone equipped with 5G network and 5nm process chips, many consumers have not been able to get rid of the “Apple’s true fragrance” law. The official website of the iPhone 12 was paralyzed on the day of the appointment. A few minutes after the new platform was put on the shelves, it also showed “out of stock”.

iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12 will be officially launched on October 23. It seems that many sellers have already obtained this phone, and some photos of the real machine have also been exposed. Because Apple officially set that the phone cannot be activated before 8 o’clock on the 23rd, otherwise it will be fined 200,000 yuan, and the channel dealer will be disqualified from the authorization, so now everyone sees the phone is also the appearance and display part.

Although the conference is over, the official information about the iPhone 12 series has not been fully announced. For example, the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 series has actually been revealed on the Internet before the conference. However, as a 5G mobile phone, The battery capacity of the matching version is only 3687mAh, and everyone does not believe it. But now the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced the battery capacity of all iPhone 12 series.

According to the network access information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the top version iPhone12ProMax is equipped with a 3687mAh battery, which is much less than the 3969mAh battery in the iPhone11ProMax. However, the file shows that the battery life of iPhone12ProMax is the same as that of iPhone11ProMax. Both devices can provide up to 20 hours of video playback and up to 80 hours of audio playback. As for the other three models, the battery capacity of iPhone12 mini is 2227mAh; the battery capacity of iPhone12 is 2851mAh; the battery capacity of iPhone12Pro is 2815mAh. Obviously, this battery capacity is not ideal for 5G mobile phones.

There are also reports from foreign media that related personnel have tested the battery life of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, which will be shipped tomorrow, in 4G and 5G.

Test results show that in the 5G state, the iPhone 12 can be used continuously for 8 hours and 25 minutes after being fully charged, which is 118 minutes shorter than the 10 hours and 23 minutes in the 4G state.

The battery life of the iPhone 12 Pro in the 5G state is also lower than that of the 4G. It can last for 9 hours and 6 minutes after turning on 5G, and it is 11 hours and 24 minutes in the 4G state, a reduction of 138 minutes.

iPhone 12

However, foreign media specifically pointed out in the report that the battery life of the iPhone 12 in the test does not represent the battery life of consumers in actual use. The test is continuous use. In actual life, most consumers use it. The intensity is much lower, so the battery life of consumers in actual use will be longer than this test time. If it is used for high-intensity, two charging a day is basically normal.

Generally speaking, the battery life of the iPhone 12 is not optimistic. When going out in the 5G environment, it should be indispensable for heavy users to carry a power bank.

In addition, one of the most criticized iPhone issues in recent years is the signal. Under the same network environment, Android phones always perform better than iPhones. Every time Apple releases a new system, everyone will comment on the very metaphysical signal problem. The baseband has not been upgraded, and it is basically unrealistic to only rely on software upgrades to improve signal problems. But this time Apple uses Qualcomm’s baseband again, is it satisfactory?

It was previously reported that the iPhone 12 will use Qualcomm’s strongest X60 baseband, but everything is unknown before the official announcement. Now with the disassembly analysis, it is found that the iPhone 12 has not leapfrogged, and still uses Qualcomm’s X55 baseband. However, this baseband also has its special features. Because it is customized, the iPhone 12 supports the most current 5G frequency bands. This is also a major advantage of the iPhone 12.

Everyone must have heard of the Qualcomm X55 baseband. The X55 baseband supports 5GmmWave (millimeter wave) and 5G Sub-6GHz network standards, as well as 5G/4G spectrum sharing. It is Qualcomm’s second-generation 5G chip, second only to X60, X60 is Qualcomm’s latest third-generation 5G chip has a lot of improvements in power consumption and signal compared to X50, but before Qualcomm announced that the X60 baseband is expected to be put into use after January next year.

Earlier news said that Qualcomm’s latest X60 baseband may be used in Apple’s iPhone 12 series, but the X60 baseband may not be added to the iPhone 12 due to the development cycle. Next year’s iPhone 13 may use Qualcomm X60 chips, so Wang Shouyi is right?

As for whether the iPhone 12 series can support 5G under dual-sim dual-standby, domestic users don’t have to worry at all. According to the actual test of domestic media, the Bank of China version of iPhone 12 can still access 5G network quickly after inserting two SIM cards. Not affected in any way. And as Apple’s first 5G mobile phone, iPhone 12 supports 18 5G frequency bands around the world, which can be said to be very powerful.

In addition, this year’s iPhone 12 series can be said to have almost no short version. While supporting the 5G network, it is supported by Apple’s powerful iOS system. I believe the iPhone 12 series will give users a better experience.

In addition, Ming Mei infinitely concludes that this year’s iPhone improvements can be attributed to four aspects:

1) The appearance changes, if you change your mobile phone, you can still let people know that you changed your mobile phone;  

2) 5G is here, and I have been looking forward to it for more than a year. Although it is still the early stage of 5G, I believe this is the beginning of the next time to change the world. 

3) Take pictures better, especially in low light environments. Because the oversized iPhone 12 Pro Max has not yet appeared, the final result will have to wait until November to see;   

4) The improvement of the chip. The era of faster mobile chips has passed. The obvious improvement of the A14 over the A13 is the performance of the neural network engine. The core of the hardware level has increased to 16 (A13 is 8). In the artificial intelligence era, the chip with the neural engine participates Part of it has been integrated into all aspects of use, even a good photo you took, there may be it behind it to help you.

iPhone 12

Finally, the data agency predicted that the iPhone 12 will become the highest-selling model this year. It is estimated that more than 35% of the total sales of the iPhone 12 series, followed by the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 ProMax, are the second and third largest sales, and the smallest iPhone 12 mini is the last.


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