Feelings about the iPhone 12 real machine experience: It’s really fragrant!

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iPhone 12

The iPhone12 series was released, and the “blue color scheme is really ugly to the explosion” has been screened on the Internet. Unlike in previous years, many people have praised the high-level sense of Apple’s new color scheme. This year’s new blue color iPhone12 has been met by netizens. ridicule.

iPhone 12

But netizens said “no”, but their bodies were very sincere. On the 23rd, Tmall Double 11 data showed that about half of users chose the new color scheme “blue” and sea blue. In the previous 30 days, about 10 million people searched and viewed “iPhone12” information on the platform. Users’ attention to the new iPhone 12 series was twice that of the same period last year, setting the highest popularity before and after the launch of new mobile phones.

It is reported that the world premiere pre-sales of the new iPhone12 and iPhone12 Pro were opened simultaneously on Apple’s official website and Apple’s official flagship store on Tmall on October 16. Consumers were enthusiastic about buying, and many products were out of stock for a time.

First of all, from the product itself, one of the biggest selling points of the iPhone 12 is that it can support 5G networks, which is also a point that consumers are most concerned about before the iPhone 12 series is released. You know, a large number of apple fans did not choose last year’s iPhone 11 and this year’s new iPhone SE. In fact, the most worried about is the 5G module. In addition, the screen material of the iPhone 12 series has become OLED, and the screen has changed with black. The disappearance of the edge is much better in terms of visual effects. Finally, the headache signal problem has also been improved. These are the advantages of the new iPhone12 series.

Of course, as a veteran and loyal old apple fan, Mingmei Wuxian also bought the blue version of the iPhone 12 at the first time. It is good luck to say that Mingmei Wuxian tried to make an appointment in the AppStore, but it was here in Pudong, Shanghai. The flagship store was still in stock, so it was quickly obtained.

So, today Ming Mei Wu is here to share with the fans who have been following me to this day, the first time experience of Apple’s iPhone 12 is in hand.

iPhone 12

Start talking about how fast 5G is? Mingmei Unlimited uses the Unicom calling card that also only has a 4G package for testing (4G package on 5G phones can enjoy up to 300Mbps internet speed), 5G iPhone 12 download rate can reach 289Mbps, while 4G iPhone 11 Pro Max only 14.3Mbps, The difference is 20 times! For the upload rate, China Unicom’s 5G and 4G test rates are roughly equivalent at the same point.

In terms of screen, the iPhone 12 uses a 6.1-inch OLED screen with similar quality to that of the iPhone 12 Pro, with the same resolution of 2532×1170. In other words, the iPhone 12 can now watch 1080P video 1:1. Although the typical screen brightness of the iPhone 12 is only 625nit, it is still a long way from the 800nit of the iPhone 12 Pro. But even in the well-lit Apple Store, the actual effects of iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are still very close, and it is estimated that the gap between the two can only be reflected in outdoor activities.

As for the blue that was pushed into the hot search, the real machine looks very good in texture, without the high saturation in the previous pictures. And this blue will show different shades under different lighting environments, and it will also be rich in depth. This time, the red of the iPhone 12 is also different from the past. The red of the iPhone 12 seems to have a bit of “orange” in it, which is between the traditional red and the coral color of the iPhone XR, which is very eye-catching.

In terms of battery capacity, iPhone 12 mini is 2227mAh, while iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro is 2815mAh, and iPhone 12 Pro Max is 3687mAh. As a comparison, the iPhone 11 is 3110mAh, the iPhone 11 Pro is 3046mAh, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 3969mAh.

iPhone 12

In addition, today, by the way, as of now, the price of some iPhone 12 channels has been exposed, and the premium of iPhone 12 (the highest) is as follows: 64GB version is 6,500 yuan, and the premium is 201 yuan. The 128GB version is 7020 yuan, a premium of 221 yuan. The 256GB version is 7780 yuan, a premium of 181 yuan. In terms of color matching, the white version and the mid-to-high blue version offer the highest prices. It should be noted that there are certain fluctuations in channel prices, but the gap is very small.

In addition, it’s also worth mentioning today that the iPhone 12’s return to classic is mixed, with improved appearance, a narrower body, only 7.4mm in thickness and 164 in weight. But the shortcomings are also obvious, the battery shrinks, the paint is easy to fall, and the hand feel is poor.

Shrinking batteries leads to shorter battery life. As we all know, because 5G mobile phones need to process more data, the power consumption of 5G baseband far exceeds 4G baseband. iPhone12 uses the same Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G baseband as Android phones. The large battery of the Android phone and the VC liquid-cooled heat sink are enough to prove that the power consumption and heat generation of the Snapdragon X55 are more prominent, but Apple does not believe in evil and uses a smaller battery than the iPhone11.

In addition, Mingmei Wuxian learned from people familiar with the matter that due to the small domestic supply of the first batch of iPhone12, the main sales channels are Apple offline physical stores and Apple stores. After the subsequent supply is sufficient, the major appliances The business platform will resume normal supply.

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: every year after the iPhone is released, it will usher in bad news, but the sales volume is the highest of all mobile phones. iPhone12 is no exception. Although there are doubts of this kind, iPhone12 will definitely be the sales champion next year. Many netizens said that Apple is still unmatched by domestic mobile phones.


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