The iPhone 12 experience machine was “painted” off, can it still be said to be unsavory?

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iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro officially went on sale on October 23. After the sale, Apple’s major experience stores are also crowded with people. It is reported that they are all consumers who make appointments to queue for experience or pick up machines.

iPhone 12

But what is embarrassing is that some digital bloggers broke the news that it may be that the experience of being touched is too frequent, and the iPhone 12 display machine in Apple’s offline store has already seen obvious frame peeling.

According to Apple’s official introduction, the iPhone 12 uses an aluminum frame, while the iPhone 12 Pro series has a stainless steel frame. The latter is indeed stronger in terms of durability. However, the price of the iPhone 12 Pro is about 2,000 yuan more than the iPhone 12.

So how to solve this problem, the shell is obviously the most economical way. Now there are many third-party protective shells for Apple. Wearing a shell can not only protect the phone, but also make the phone’s appearance soar. Why not?

In addition to the appearance changes, the upgrade range of the iPhone 12 series this year is more obvious, whether it is a new shape, new color, or equipped with Apple A14 5nm processor, Qualcomm baseband return, don’t hesitate to start the apple powder, etc. The party can wait and see. Start.

Of course, whether you have bought the iPhone 12 series or not, the new iPhone is an exciting mobile phone that pays tribute to the classic industrial design, the strongest performance and camera so far, and the global 5G network support that is standard across the board. Apple once again refreshed the comprehensive product capabilities of high-end mobile phones.

iPhone 12

Somewhat unexpectedly, after the official release of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, many consumers began to report the use of the new machine. Among these issues, the most vocal one has become a topic after the press conference. The battery life of the iPhone 12 series did not meet expectations, which is a significant step backwards compared to the previous generation iPhone 11 series.

In addition to the objective reasons for the decrease in battery capacity, the high power consumption caused by the 5G network is also an important reason for the shortened battery life. After finally waiting for the iPhone 12 supported by the 5G network, now is it affected by 5G?

In response, Kaiann Drance, Apple’s vice president of iPhone marketing, responded that the smart data model added to the iPhone 12 can balance data and power. In addition, Apple is improving battery life through software systems and cooperation with operators.

But according to the actual configuration, the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 mini is 2227 mAh, and the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 is 2815 mAh, which is much less than the 3110 mAh battery capacity of the iPhone 11. According to Apple, co-deployment of networks with operators will allow them to help optimize the iPhone. The purpose is to provide 5G while reducing power consumption.

In addition, after 2 days of actual use of Mingmei Unlimited, the battery life is not as bad as expected, and it is similar to the previous mobile phones. The blue is not overturned, the actual machine is very beautiful, of course, different people have different opinions on this issue, white and green are good, black is still a bit ugly.

The signal is no problem, better than the iPhone X, the heat is normal, and the battery life is acceptable. In addition, it becomes thinner and has a better grip after the right-angled bezel. But frankly the price is a bit more expensive. 128G costs 6799 yuan, if it is about 5500 , Definitely sold out.

iPhone 12

Therefore, Ming Mei Wu Xing believes that many so-called complaints on the Internet, many of which are said by people who have never touched a mobile phone, are purely black and black.

In addition, iPhone 12 is mainly thin and light this time, which can be seen from the packaging box. The thickness of the iPhone 12 box is one-half the thickness of 11. There are no earphones and charging heads that have been with us for many years, and even the manual disappeared. Only a small sticker, card pin and three packs of certificates are left. Consumers Sacrifice a lot for “environmental protection”.

However, when we get started, the light and thin iPhone 12 is beyond our imagination. Compared with the 6.1-inch iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 is smaller, thinner, and lighter by 32 grams. The feeling of upgrading to iPhone 5 in 4s. Although the grip of the 12 right-angle aluminum frame is definitely not as good as the curved 11, the overall feel of the iPhone 12 is still better than the 11.

In addition, word-of-mouth about Apple’s latest iPhone 12 is indeed polarized. Of course, the experience of using is different for everyone, which is indisputable.

Finally, Mingmei Wuxuan also wants to say: if you are an old user of iPhone devices for more than three years, and you are still waiting to see whether the latest iPhone 12 series is worth starting, then Apple officially supports trade-in. Yes, the price of recycling may be a little lower than that of other third parties, but it saves trouble, just go to Apple’s official platform for one-stop service. Of course, if you are still waiting for Apple’s next mini version and the strongest max version of apple fans, you can wait!


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