The iPhone 12 was beaten and the workers kept complaining, how is your one?

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The iPhone 12 this time gives people a feeling of being back to basics. At first glance, many people think that the design of the iPhone 12 is a bit like the thick metal edges of the iPhone 4s. For users who are used to heavy Android phones, the 162g iPhone 12 feels very comfortable in the hand.

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However, the new iPhone has become a wonderful reserved item after the release of Apple’s new products over the years, and the iPhone 12 is no exception. From the objective facts of “battery shrinking” to “trash can blue”, to the subjective argument that 5G has harmed the iPhone 12, there are one more reason for people to give up the iPhone 12.

Of course, I don’t know when it started, everyone seemed to be more tolerant of Apple, and began to have a lot of expectations for the iPhone with 5G Internet access. Whether it is the first batch of iPhone12 stocks sold out in just a few minutes, or the situation of Apple’s direct-run stores, it shows that the iPhone12 series models are in short supply in the market. But even so, judging from the feedback from the first batch of users, there are many “bugs” in this phone?

Do you remember that someone photographed the iPhone 12 experience machine falling paint on October 26th? Now the paint drop event has appeared before the screen scratches.

iPhone 12

The information shows that there have been obvious scratches on the screens of some iPhone 12 and iPhone 12Pro display machines photographed at the stores of T-Mobile, the third largest operator in North America. After this incident, there were two kinds of discussions in the industry. One thought that since it was a display machine, countless people came to experience it every day, and some people of low quality put it casually. This was caused by bumps and other reasons; the other thought The screen of the iPhone 12 is too unmanufactured. Is there no film on this display device? Regardless of the situation, everyone is beginning to worry about the iPhone 12 series screen.

We know that the iPhone 12 is equipped with a super-ceramic panel this year, but it describes the hardness and improves the drop resistance. However, on Apple’s official website, there is also a description of the resistance to scratches and scratches, that is, the dual ion exchange process has been strengthened to resist daily wear.

Since the display machine and the real machine use the same materials and will not be protected by a film, for ordinary users, Apple’s publicity is just a one-sided word. The iPhone 12 screen is still fragile, so care should be taken to avoid frequent contact with keys, sand and other items.

Previously, the well-known Up master MKBHD also mentioned in the evaluation that the iPhone 12 had scratches in just a few days. According to the Mohs test of MobileReviewsEh, the Mohs hardness of the iPhone 12 screen is still 6, which is no different from ordinary glass. different.

Not only that, Weibo netizens said that they bought two iPhone 12s online, and one of them was directly broken. (The volume-key was triggered inexplicably). I asked Apple’s customer service for after-sales service. After 5 minutes, I squeezed out a sentence and finally let me. Find an official test for quality problems.

In addition, starting from the iPhone 12 series, charging heads and EarPods wired headsets will no longer be included for environmental protection.

iPhone 12

It can be said that Apple’s environmental practices on the Internet are mixed. Some netizens believe that Apple is using environmental protection as an excuse to control the cost of the iPhone 12 series; some netizens expressed their approval of Apple’s approach, thus experiencing the corporate social responsibility. As for whether Apple’s approach is right or wrong, we do not give an evaluation here, because there are many angles of consideration, and you will get different conclusions, so let’s judge for yourself.

In addition, everyone who has known iPhone 12 before knows that for the thin and light design, the battery capacity of iPhone 12 is reversed, but fortunately, the power consumption of A14 is reduced, so that the battery life of iPhone 12 in 4G mode The ability is comparable to that of 11, but after turning on 5G, the battery life performance will be greatly reduced, and the daily use experience is not good.

In this regard, Apple’s vice president Kaiann Drance said that they are enhancing battery life through a series of ecological optimizations and software. And also emphasized that users can manage 5G functions through “smart data mode”, which will effectively reduce battery consumption. To put it simply, only switch to 5G when the throughput is high, and usually limit to 4G LTE to ensure mobile phone battery life.

Mingmei Infinity also recommends that you don’t use 5G as much as possible when you don’t need it, and use the “smart data mode” to improve the battery life of your iPhone.

In addition, we know that iPhone 12 supports 20W fast charging, and its official 20W charging head is priced at 149 yuan, which is extremely profitable. This also gives third-party accessory manufacturers a huge opportunity, such as Anker, such as Green Alliance. Another example is the purple rice of Xiaomi’s ecological chain. The prices of their products are cheaper than the official ones. In some particularities, they are even better than the official fast charging heads (for example, smaller in size). They are more vulnerable to users than the official Apple. Favor.

So, is it true that the iPhone 12 Pro paint problem reported by netizens? The high probability is, does that mean that we will also drop the paint during use? This is not necessarily true. You know, the first thing most people buy after buying a mobile phone is to buy a mobile phone protective case or tempered film. With the blessing of these outer protections, we found that there are still many people whose iPhone 8 plus three years ago is still very new. Unless you have been “streaking” after buying the phone, the probability of a large area of ​​paint falling off is not very high.

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: In fact, every year after the launch of the new iPhone, it will become a hot topic in the outside world. The higher the heat, the greater the so-called disputes from the outside world. Starting from actual use needs, you don’t have to blindly follow the trend and don’t be led to the rhythm.

Mingmei Wuxian’s suggestion here is that users can place orders on Apple’s official website now, and the estimated delivery time is 2-3 weeks. If there are discounts on Double Eleven, then the official website orders will be rejected. If there are not many discounts on Double Eleven, So after 2 weeks, I will soon get the iPhone 12 I ordered.


19 Replies to “The iPhone 12 was beaten and the workers kept complaining, how is your one?”

  1. My IPhone 12 was in my purse and didn’t get to any humidity or water surface though the screen went completely off with light light and spots .
    It’s not showing any thing at all .
    I can just hear ringing and notification .
    I bought it just a week ago .
    My previous iPhone X was really a heavy duty one .I have just wanted to upgrade it as I had it for 3 years since it was newly released .
    The frustrating news that the I store said that they can do nothing and No replacement for the device …..
    I’ve to wait for an appointment in the main I phone branch to get it fixed ( selling me a ruined machine , and keeping me without a device until fixing my damaged one is a frustrating experience.
    For the first time in years I hate this brand .

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  4. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

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