Apple ushered in a bright moment, iPhone 12 contributed!

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iPhone 12

Hope for the stars and moon, and finally look forward to iPhone12! I still remember that when the iPhone 12 was just released, the official clearly stated that its 5G features are strong, battery life, and beautiful appearance, coupled with brand influence, and finally directly caused a wave of panic buying.

iPhone 12

On October 28, 5 days have passed since the start of the sale. In the Mingmei Unlimited Official Account fan group, I found that many fast-handed friends have received the new phone and shared some experience. In other words, there is no charger and earphones, it is already very speechless! Who ever thought that the machine itself has a lot of “conditions”, which caused a group of workers to complain.

However, the bodies of the majority of apple fans are very real. This is not a few days ago. According to news from the industry chain, Apple has urgently added 2 million additional orders based on the iPhone 12’s existing output. It is currently unknown whether the new orders only refer to the iPhone 12 or include mini, Pro, and Max. Including, but additional orders means that Apple believes that the existing order volume is no longer the user demand.

Before the new phone was released, the supply chain broke out that the iPhone 12 series orders were about 85 million units. If you add in the recent new orders and possible follow-up additional orders, Apple will send to the supply chain before the end of this year. The order volume will be close to 90 million units, and according to the forecast of authoritative organizations, the overall iPhone sales will return to the peak in 2021, reaching a staggering 230 million units. This is the result of only a small number of models. This may not be possible for Android friends.

If this trend develops, this year’s Christmas iPhone 12 may usher in the first peak in the global market, let us wait and see. The iPhone 12 quietly increased its order by 2 million units, which may be prepared for Double 11.

It is also worth mentioning today that according to the latest estimates made by the analysis company Above Avalon, the number of active iPhone users has exceeded 1 billion in September 2020 when the first generation of iPhone was less than 5,000 days old.

iPhone 12

But for Apple, although iPhone sales growth is slowing, 1 billion traffic can also bring more room for revenue growth. For example, in recent years, Apple has adopted hardware-level Apple Watch, AirPods and software-level Apple Music, Apple TV + and other value-added services related to the iPhone stimulate revenue.

And as the iPhone 12 starts to go low-price and machine-sea tactics, it must be able to effectively occupy the 5G market and stabilize Apple’s basic traffic.

Also, don’t forget that Apple can still absorb about 20 to 30 million new iPhone users every year. These users are the main candidates to penetrate into its ecosystem by purchasing other equipment and services of the company.

In September 2018, Apple CEO Tim Cook provided a rare sales data when releasing the iPhone XS: “Our iOS device shipments are about to reach 2 billion.”

The data that Cook said at the time was the total sales of iOS devices, including not only iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but also the number of times iPhone users upgrade to the new iPhone each time.

In addition, after the press conference, the Internet was full of various controversial voices about Apple’s new flagship, such as the cancellation of earphones and chargers, price increases in disguise, etc. However, from the pre-sale to the listing, market consumers’ desire to buy Strongly, even scalpers increase their prices offline, which is very rare in recent years.
In addition, the biggest change of iPhone12 this year is to increase support for 5G network. This may be an important reason why many people plan to change phones. After all, in the long run, iPhone12 is more worth buying than old models. In addition to supporting 5G, the signal performance of the new iPhone 12 series is indeed greatly improved compared to the previous generation. In addition to the baseband upgrade, Apple’s antenna system for the iPhone 12 series is also fully optimized at the design level this time to maximize signal performance. . Compared with the iPhone 11 series, the poor signal performance of the iPhone 11 series under special circumstances does make many users miserable. The 5G support and the optimization of the antenna system this time have freed everyone from the anxiety about the iPhone’s poor signal for many years. In addition, the iPhone 12 also uses a new appearance design. Many face value party users are also very satisfied with the new appearance. The combination of various factors has led to the iPhone 12’s best-selling this year.

iPhone 12

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: From the iPhone 12 series to the release stage, there seems to be no shortage of complaints. But the facts have proved that many people scolded and scolded, but in the end still the law of true fragrance. It is undeniable that Apple’s brand appeal, but some shortcomings of the iPhone 12 series are facts, and hot sales cannot change the facts.


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