Hundreds of millions of apple fans welcomed the iPhone 12 price break, and so on, the party finally won!

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iPhone 12

I bought the apple powder of the iPhone 12, especially the friends who bought at a higher price. The mood may be a little depressed, because less than a week after the launch, the iPhone 12 has fallen below the “issue price”…

iPhone 12

Earlier on October 23, the first day the iPhone 12 was officially shipped, there were long queues at the door of Apple stores everywhere. In order to get the new phone as soon as possible, some consumers could only choose ” While the scalper’s price increase for the iPhone 12 is mostly around 200-300 yuan, the increase of the iPhone 12 Pro even reaches 1500-2000 yuan.

But what I didn’t expect is that less than a week after the official launch, the price of iPhone 12 has begun to turn down, even “breaking”…

This is not according to domestic media reports. In the quotation provided by some authorized dealers of Huaqiangbei, the iPhone 12 is currently below the issue price across the board. Starting from October 23, the day when the iPhone 12 was officially launched globally, it took less than a week for the iPhone 12 to go from price increase to break. The current price of iPhone 12 provided by Huaqiangbei dealers is shown in the following illustration:

According to this quotation, the original price of the 64GB version of the red iPhone 12 at 6,299 yuan has dropped to 5,800 yuan. Compared with the market price, the price has dropped by 500 yuan, which is not a big drop. From the official website and quotation, red is the most unpopular color this year. Blue is not favored by apple fans because the actual color matching after the official release does not match the renderings. The best seller is white/green.

However, the iPhone 12 Pro is much better than the iPhone 12, because the stock is still scarce, so if you want to get the goods, you still have to increase the price.

Also, if you place an order on Apple’s official website, you can get it in mid-November, and according to online feedback, it seems that you might get it in advance, so if you are not too anxious, you are not recommended to buy at a higher price.

Although Apple has recently issued a notice to strictly restrict the supply of iPhone 12 to e-commerce channels such as, Taobao, Tmall, and Pinduoduo. Anyone that violates the rules will be fined 400,000 yuan per unit, but it is still inevitable to cut prices. Therefore, many dealers dare not shop online, which leads to ample offline supply. Some scalpers are anxious to get rid of them, so they sell at a reduced price.

iPhone 12 price

In addition, the current iPhone 12 sales are likely to be a sales method. The dealers had insufficient inventory at the beginning of the sale, so they were all adding prices to each other, but now that the goods are all in place, it is certain that the issue price is lower than that, and Double 11 will be approaching soon. , IPhone12 is definitely one of the targets of the party who is preparing to change mobile phones, so it is simple to summarize: it is still due to Apple’s early production capacity limitation. As the production capacity keeps up, it is normal.

In addition, after the release of this year’s iphone12 series, it has aroused a lot of heated discussion. The biggest controversy is undoubtedly that all iPhone12 series have cancelled the standard charging head. Although Apple is well-known for environmental protection, many consumers simply do not buy it. They think that Apple is just charging its own cost price to users. Mingmei has also analyzed earlier that it canceled the charging head for environmental protection. , If consumers can stop buying charging heads, it is indeed environmentally friendly, but Apple’s previous charging heads simply can’t be used, and consumers don’t have to pay for their own charging heads.

According to the network access information and disassembly of the iPhone 12 series, it can be known that the battery capacity of these four models this year has shrunk compared to the iPhone 11 series:

●iPhone 12 mini: 2227mAh

●iPhone 12: 2815mAh

●iPhone 12 Pro: 2815mAh

●iPhone 12 Pro Max: 3681mAh

Compared to Android 4, 5000mAh or more batteries, this capacity is really not enough.

In addition, what is interesting is that after several rounds of discussions, there is now a new statement about the charging capability of the new generation iPhone 12 series. Allegedly, the news came from a document of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

It is mentioned in the document: In addition to being able to charge through a desktop WPT charger (puck), the 2020 version of the iPhone also supports a 360kHz WPT charging function to charge accessories (including) possible external Apple accessories in the future.

In other words, the new iPhone 12 series can not only support Qi protocol wireless charging, but also support 360kHz to charge its accessories, and this is what everyone often calls reverse wireless charging.

In the end, what Mingmei wants to say is that the biggest highlight of the iPhone 12 series is joining the 5G network for the first time, using the Qualcomm X55 baseband. This change may improve the “signal difference” that Apple has been complaining about for many years.

According to offline retail store merchants, the price of iPhone 12 will drop further after a week, that is, after the official website is available for regular spot delivery.

Online personnel said that if Apple cancels the online preferential restriction policy, in the future, Pinduoduo, Suning, and other platforms will be able to give lower preferential prices, which will not be much smaller than iPhone11.

So, if you want to buy a new iPhone12 product, you might as well wait.

After all, buy early and enjoy early, buy late with discount, and so on, the party will eventually win.


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