Month: November 2020

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Since the advent of the full screen, smartphones have continued to appear in new screen forms, from t

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Unknowingly, it has come to the end of 2020, and this year’s flagship models have basically been re

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After the launch of Apple’s first 5G version of the iPhone, the iPhone 12 series, it has been very

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The iPhone 12 has been officially on the market for more than a month. As Apple's first 5G mobile pho

Does iPhone 13 really smell good? The heavy exposure configuration is awesome!

The iPhone 12, which has always been expected, was enthusiastic before it was released, but it contin

The iPhone 12 cost price is exposed, and apple fan can’t sit still after reading it!

Apple’s iPhone 12 series mobile phones have been on the market for a while, from the 5499 yuan mini

The iPhone 12 series rolls over, Apple throws the pot, where should the billions of apple fans go?

The iPhone 12 has been on the cusp of public opinion since its release until the end of Double Eleven

iOS 15 early exposure: these old iPhones are finally abandoned!

Apple's iOS support for old devices has always been very friendly. Until the latest iOS 14, it still

The latest rendering of iPhone 13: beautiful and amazing!

From the current point of view, although many people's attention is still focused on the iPhone 12, w

Is your iPhone 12 green screen? apple fans propagates Apple: Don’t talk about martial arts!

In the middle of last month, Cook finally brought the 5G version of the iPhone 12 that everyone had b