The official version of iOS 14.2 is updated. Have you upgraded?

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Apple iPhone12 mini and iPhone12 Promax have been pre-sold, and Apple has also pushed the official version of iOS 14.2 to the iPhone. I don’t know if you have upgraded to the official version of iOS 14.2.

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The size of the iOS14.2 official version upgrade package pushed to the iPhone this time is 1.1GB, and the version number of the upgrade update is 18B92, which is different from the version number of the GM version (18B91) released last week. Therefore, users who have already upgraded to the GM version only need to delete the iOS 14 beta description file, restart the iPhone, and then open the settings-general-software update can also be upgraded to the official version of iOS 14.2 online.

According to Apple’s official update tips, iOS 14.2 added more than 100 emojis, added eight new wallpapers, and brought other new improvements and bug fixes for the new iPhone. It also improves fluency, but this is a very metaphysical problem. So far, this seems to be a version worth staying.

First of all, after the official version of iOS14.2 is upgraded, the control center has added a music recognition function, setting-control center-music recognition, similar to listening to songs.

After iOS 14.2 is updated, family members can use the broadcast function through HomePod (mini), just say Hey Siri broadcast… to activate it, send voice messages to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and CarPlay devices, and the device can also Reply.

In addition, some fans who only use iOS 14.1 have encountered some numbers that cannot be input when the phone is unlocked. Sometimes it takes several times to enter to succeed. Many users mistakenly think that there is something dirty on the phone screen or there is a problem with the screen. In fact, this The root cause of the problem was a bug in iOS 14.1. After we upgraded the system, this problem was solved smoothly.

And the biggest highlight of iOS14 is the widget, and this recently added feature has frequent problems. The first problem occurred when the iOS14 beta was released. Fans found that the time of the clock widget was inaccurate. At that time, this incident caused problems. A small sensation. After the clock widget has problems, the weather widget and the photo widget have problems. The weather widget will be displayed in degrees Celsius when the Fahrenheit is set; while the photo widget cannot display the photo content. It makes users very distressed, and after the upgrade, such problems are solved smoothly.

ios  14

In addition, iOS 14.2 also added more than 100 emojis, including animals, food, emoticons, household items, musical instruments, neutral emojis, etc.; newly added AirPods optimized charging control switches, headset safety and headset notifications, by reducing AirPods fully charge the time to slow down the battery aging rate; the “amplifier” can detect nearby people and use the lidar sensors equipped with iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max to report their distance.

In addition to these updates, iOS 14.2 also fixes the problems that the apps in the Dock of the home screen may be disordered, and the camera viewfinder may appear black when starting. Users can update by setting the options in the application, or connect the phone to the computer and update through the Finder of the Mac device or the iTunes of the PC.

Of course, although this update fixes many problems, it also brings some embarrassing bugs. After all, the traditional skills of iOS are: fix a bunch of bugs, and generate a bunch of bugs:

Some applications crash: This is a probability problem and the reason is unknown. The current flashback applications include but are not limited to: WeChat, Zhihu, the old version of Taobao, and various bank apps, etc.;

Exposure notification may not be closed: in Settings-Exposure Notification, turn off the availability reminder, or an enabled reminder will pop up, you can only turn off the positioning to solve the problem;

The third-party input method input freezes, but Baidu Tieba emoji package page freezes problem fixed;

Probability of secondary card unavailable: Someone reported that the secondary card of iPhone 12 cannot be used before posting, and the problem is still being located.

So the old rules, Mingmei Wuxian came to give the fans who are following me about the update of the official version of iOS 14.2:

The content of this official version update is relatively large, and some update bugs that appeared in the previous iOS 14.1 have been repaired. Overall, it is worth upgrading. In terms of battery life, iOS14.2 should not be much different from the previous version of iOS14.1. Of course, the old iPhone7, iPhone6s and other models may still have some influence.

Then the stability of iOS 14.2 is acceptable, but it is not perfect. For example, the keyboard stuck problem encountered by many users still exists. It is recommended for users who are using iOS 14~14.1 to update. The system may experience abnormal heat or power consumption just after the update, which is normal and will return to normal after a period of use. Users who are still using the iOS 12~13 system, if they are not cold about the new features of iOS 14 and the current system is no problem, they can continue to use it and wait for the subsequent updates of iOS 14 to see if the battery life can be further improved. In general, iOS 14.2 is an update of a larger version. Not only does it have new features with strong perception, but also can experience smoother and smoother animations when using it. If you are a user who is using iOS 14 and 14.1, Mingmei Unlimited suggests that you can update it. The 14.2 version still has a lot of playable content, but there may be abnormal heat or power consumption after the update, usually after a period of use It will return to normal.

If you are still using iOS 12 and 13, then you can wait and see for a while, after all, the new version has just launched. In addition, some users reported that the new version has severe frame dropping and freezing when playing games.

If you are using a very old model but still want to experience iOS 14.2, then it’s time to replace it with a new one!

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Then, users who currently use the official version of iOS 14.1 can directly push through OTA, go to “Settings” → “General” → “Software Update” to update iOS 14.1/iPadOS 14.2. Users who participated in the iOS system public test before and upgraded the system to iOS 14.2 GM can continue to use it, and the experience of the two is almost the same. In addition, for older devices that cannot be upgraded to iOS 14 (such as iPhone 6), Apple today released the iOS 12.4.9 system, which provides important security updates and fixes some functional errors. The iOS 12.4.9 system is mainly for old models that cannot be upgraded to the latest system, including iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, and sixth-generation iPod touch.

Of course, the new system has no new features, mainly security updates. These old machines can still get Apple software update support, which is already rare.

In addition, in general, the official version of iOS 14.2 is equivalent to the cumulative update version after multiple previous beta versions, and more bug fixes and performance improvements have been added. It is currently the least buggy and most stable iOS 14 formal edition. In a sense, iOS 14.2 may be the real more complete official version, worthy of users to upgrade. It is expected that the upcoming iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max will be pre-installed with this iOS 14.2 system version.

Finally, if you have upgraded to iOS 14.2, you can leave a message to feedback your experience or bugs you encountered~

In this regard, are you satisfied with the iOS 14 system? There are definitely many people who regret the upgrade. There are often apple fans asking how to downgrade iOS 13 on the Mingmei Unlimited official account. Naturally, this is no way, because the system verification of iOS 13 has been completely closed. All that can be done is to expect Apple to follow up. Continue to optimize iOS 14 during the update.


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