The iPhone 12 is really fragrant and snapped up: is there you in it?

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iPhone 12

Released every year to snatch, release scolding sale snatch, snatch not forget the true fragrance. This is the current status of the iPhone 12 series, as well as the status of many apple fans. Recently, Apple pre-sold the super-large iPhone 12 Pro Max. Just like many people’s experiences, Mingmei Wuxian only pointed out a “out of stock” at the moment when it opened the rush.

iPhone 12

Not just at 9pm on November 6th, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini officially started pre-sales, and the delivery time is November 13. However, as soon as the pre-sales started, Apple’s official website collapsed.

With the first batch of new iPhones sold out, the topic of the collapse of Apple’s official website rushed into hot searches on Weibo. In fact, as early as October 16 when the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were pre-sold, Apple’s official website also crashed.

In response to the collapse of Apple’s official website, some netizens complained about the wealth of people, and even the top version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which sold for nearly 12,000, was also lost. Apple’s domestic charm is really great.

Why does this happen? The answer could not be simpler. On the one hand, the iPhone 12 Pro Max was originally released late, and on the other hand, the production capacity of the iPhone 12 Pro Max itself is limited. Otherwise, it will not start the pre-sale until 20 days after the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are released. Three are of course the enthusiasm of consumers is too high. Information showed that the iPhone 12 Pro Max was officially pre-sold on the evening of November 6. At that time, the major platforms were flashing in seconds, and Apple’s official website was destroyed by domestic consumers. This information became one of the most discussed topics that night, did you see it? This is the charm of iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Of course, Apple is more clever, and it seems that other platforms are currently limited to reservations since the launch. However, orders can be placed at any time on Apple’s official website and Apple’s official flagship store on Tmall. As for when the goods arrive, it depends on the production capacity of the iPhone 12 Pro. Therefore, the current consumer psychology is not at all. It seems that you bought the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but no one knows how long it is before you. From the current situation, it will take at least 3-4 weeks. Time around months. Of course, if you are in a hurry, Mingmei Wuxuan’s personal suggestion is to wait for the official release to go online and try your luck.

It is worth mentioning that some scalpers have already started to move ahead of the current supply of iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max, among which the latter’s current price increase is 2,000 yuan starting. Of course, the specific situation depends on November. When it went on sale on the 13th, some scalpers said that the supply of pre-Apple futures is very limited, and the price increase will only be more than that.

iPhone 12

In addition, today I also mentioned by the way that after the new iPhone was released, Mingmei Infinite also did a survey of everyone’s intention to replace the phone. One is for old users (users below iPhone 7 upgrade to 12), many people will think that the processor is changed from A10 to A14, the fingerprint is changed to the full screen. The span of these two experiences is huge. So there are still quite a few groups buying new iPhones. In addition, some of the users of the recent two generations of iPhone XS and above are still willing to wait for the reason: the iPhone 12 series does not have a high-swipe screen; battery life fast charging has not made much progress for the time being; 5G tariffs are high and currently not practical; So they think it might be 13 incense.

In addition, it just so happened that the well-known Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingchi came to analyze and predict again. He said that the shipment of the iPhone 13 series will exceed this year’s iPhone 12 series because of the more popular 5G infrastructure; mass production and The release time is back to normal; several important specifications have been upgraded. Simply put, when the iPhone 13 is released, the 5G network construction will be much better than this year. In addition, the iPhone 12 will be postponed to October or November this year due to the epidemic, and the iPhone 13 series will resume to be released and listed in September. It is the iPhone 13 series camera and many other hardware configurations will usher in a major upgrade.

In addition, Apple’s official website shows that on November 11, Apple will hold another press conference, but it did not disclose the upcoming products.


The market expects that Apple may launch its first self-developed computer chip at this conference. Although the specific content of the event was not specified, Apple CEO Tim Cook once said that Macs equipped with Apple’s new processors will be shipped by the end of 2020. Combined with the information currently exposed, the Mac will be the home market. The protagonist of the conference, it is expected that Apple will bring the MacBook series of Arm architecture, which are 13-inch MacBookPro, 13-inch MacBook Air and 16-inch MacBook Pro. The new Mac will be equipped with a new Apple Silicon chip.

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxuan wants to say is: whether it is the hot buying scene of the new iPhone 12 series that has been released last month, or the launch of the iPhone 12 super large cup and super small cup this month, it will make the world millions of apple fans. We are worthy of excitement to snap up a happy event, but Mingmei Infinite still wants to remind the majority of apple fans to start with Apple’s latest iPhone 12 series of new machines, and we must do what we can, and remember not to blindly follow the trend.


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