IPhone 13 early exposure: surprises everywhere?

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iPhone 13

I believe many people are still immersed in the just-released iPhone 12, but there is already news about the iPhone 13 on the Internet, and some netizens are stubborn about “Thirteen Fragrance”. Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingchi said “agree”.

iPhone 13

It can be said that whether the iPhone 13 is fragrant or not will not be known until the fall of next year, but the news of the one-year new iPhone has already begun.

It’s not that Apple’s first brother Ming-Chi Kuo recently released the latest investor report, predicting the new iPhone next year (temporarily called iPhone 13).

In this investor report, Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out that the iPhone 13 series will launch four models again. The size of these four models is expected to be the same as the current iPhone 12, but the camera technology will be significantly improved.

Although every iPhone 12 model has the same ultra-wide-angle camera, the cameras of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be improved.

Guo Mingchi predicts that the aperture of these two higher-end iPhone 13 models will be upgraded from f/2.4 to f/1.8, and the ultra-wide-angle lens will be upgraded from fixed focus to auto focus.

In addition, he believes that due to the stronger 5G infrastructure in the second half of 2021, next year’s iPhone 13 shipments will increase compared to this year’s iPhone 12.

Although there are reports that the number of iPhone 12 series bookings exceeds that of iPhone 11, Guo Mingchi predicts that next year’s mobile phone bookings will be even higher. He predicts that the regular release of new models in September will help increase sales.

iPhone 13

By the way today, the iPhone 12 has been popular after it went on sale a few days ago. Analysts are optimistic about the sales performance of the iPhone 12 series. Many analysts predict that the iPhone 12 will bring a wave of phone replacements, and will set the best sales result since the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which were launched in 2014, are very popular with larger 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays, helping Apple sell a record 135.6 million iPhones in the two quarters after the launch of the new phone. This year’s iPhone 12 series mobile phones are Apple’s first major revision in recent years. The hardware and software effects are good. Coupled with the arrival of the 5G era, it is expected to attract Apple users since the iPhone 8 to upgrade.

In addition, prior to this, Guo Mingchi’s report also showed that Apple will launch an iPhone with an under-screen fingerprint version as early as 2021, and they have been testing under-screen fingerprint technology before.

Guo Mingchi pointed out that Apple hopes that Face ID (face recognition) and under-screen fingerprint technology are complementary, and the two are not competing for each other. Multiple biometric recognition is expected to enhance security, while under-screen fingerprints can provide more convenience in specific situations. Certification.

iPhone 13

In addition, Apple is also expected to introduce biometrics into the Apple Watch product line in the future. In terms of technology, the probability of fingerprints under the screen is also higher than that of Face ID.

In addition, display analyst Ross Young also said that Apple’s 2021 device will have the same size as the iPhone 12 series phones, support 120Hz ProMotion display and improved camera sensor, and support sub-6GHz 5G connection.

Earlier news said that the iPhone 13 may increase the storage space from up to 512GB to 1TB. It is rumored that the iPhone13 Pro Max is equipped with an anamorphic lens that supports stable recording of 8K video at up to 45 frames per second. It is also worth noting whether the 120Hz high refresh screen absent from the iPhone 12 can be added to the iPhone 13?

It is also worth mentioning today that Guo Mingchi made predictions on four iPhone 12 models this year after the release of iPhone 11 last year.

It is now proved that Guo Mingchi’s news is still very accurate and has certain reference value. Let’s put it this way, judging from the numerous reports of Guo Mingchi before, the news of the first brother of Apple broke the news is quite accurate.

Finally, there is news that next year, Samsung will no longer provide AKG wired headphones, instead a pair of wireless headphones, Apple seems to have this idea. Recently, some media reported that Apple plans to carry out promotional activities next year, and consumers who buy the new iPhone will receive a wireless headset. Although Apple did not specify the specific model, the new iPhone should refer to the iPhone 13.

Of course, in terms of core configuration, the chip of the iPhone 13 Pro is upgraded to the Apple A15 processor, which will further improve the performance of the CPU and GPU. The system is iOS 15. Although the specific parameter information is currently unknown, I believe that Apple will be in iOS 15 The new system has innovatively added more new functions, which can be predicted to be more functional experiences in 5G application scenarios, which is worth looking forward to.

According to the usual practice in previous years, the iPhone13 series will meet with us in the autumn of 2021, so you can still get a good user experience through the newly released iPhone12 series.

In the end, there is still a year to go before the release of the iPhone 13. Whether the 13 is fragrant or not, we have to wait for next year. Mingmei infinitely thinks this year’s 12 is very fragrant, what do you think?


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