iOS 14.3 Beta 1 is released, when will the official version come?

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As the annual Double Eleven craze gradually dissipates, our majority of apple fans will finally usher in those updates about Apple. This is not a week after the official version of iOS 14.2 was released. Apple brought the first developer preview update of iOS 14.3 early this morning.

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First of all, there are more health features on iOS 14.3, which seem to be related to pregnant women. In terms of games, iOS 14.3 adds support for the new PlayStation DualSense wireless controller provided with PlayStation 5, as well as Amazon’s Luna controller.

According to foreign media, there is a code in iOS 14.3 instructing Apple to show third-party application options to users who are updating software.

By the way, these application suggestions are only available in certain countries or regions required by local laws. It is not clear which countries and regions can use this feature.

In terms of audio, the new icon found in the internal files of the iOS 14.3 system is similar to the AirPods Studio image exposed in September. Learned from the source that when the user takes off the headset, AirPods Studio can automatically pause the music. It is expected that Apple’s new headphones will also be equipped with sensors capable of detecting left and right ears to automatically set audio channels.

In terms of other features, iOS 14.3 adds ProRAW photo format support for iPhone 12 Pro/Max. ProRAW format is designed for users who like to shoot in RAW format but want to take advantage of Apple camera settings (such as noise reduction and multi-frame exposure adjustment) , Users can enable the ProRAW function in the “Camera” section of the “Settings” application. After enabling, there will be a RAW switch in the upper right corner of the camera application, you can click to turn it off or on.

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Apple announced the ProRAW function in October of this year. This format combines the RAW shooting function of the iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max and Apple’s depth calculation photography function.

It is also worth mentioning today that there was an episode in the first beta version of iOS 14.3, which may be due to a server failure. The short release of iOS 14.3 Beta 1 was withdrawn and then re-released.

The iOS 14.3 Beta 1 system version number is 18C5044f. Fans who have installed the beta version description file can experience the new system first, but the beta version is risky, so you need to be cautious when you try it.

Fans who want to experience the new system can reply to iOS 14 on Mingmei Infinite WeChat to get the test version description file.

iOS 14.3 Beta 1 Mingmei unlimited experience

Because it is a test version, the file is too large, and the gap between heat and stuttering is not obvious (experimental model: 11pm), and the power consumption is to be tested. It feels that there is not much difference between the official version of iOS14.2 and iOS14.2 after two hours of use.

In addition, on November 13, after Apple withdrew the iOS14.3Beta version, it officially closed the verification channel for iOS14.1 version.

Apple’s move also means that users who want to downgrade the system version back to iOS 14.2 can no longer perform downgrade operations.

Prior to this, Apple has launched iOS 14.0.1, which fixes an error that may cause third-party applications to be set as the default, and the problem will appear after the iPhone is restarted.

iOS14.1 was launched in October this year, and iOS14.2 was officially launched in early November. Compared with iOS14.1, iOS14.2 has added emojis and a variety of wallpapers. More importantly, it also missed the number when the password is unlocked. The bug was fixed.

Moreover, many users have reported that the iOS 14.1 version system consumes too much power, causing the phone’s standby time to shrink sharply, and the problem of body heating has become more serious. Therefore, combined with these shortcomings, iOS14.2 is still worth upgrading.

In addition, iOS14.2 also fixes bugs such as screen smearing and abnormal wireless charging when sliding on the new iPhone12.

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Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: Since Checkra1n already supports jailbreaking support for up to A10/A10X devices based on iOS 14.x, the impact of restrictions on downgrading is not very large.

Of course, restoring an iPhone or iPad to an earlier version of iOS is very useful for iOS/iPadOS users who upgrade to the latest version of the system but have an impact on their experience. However, with the downgrade of iOS 14.1 blocked, if you encounter any serious problems on iOS 14.2, you must wait until the system update, instead of downgrading to iOS 14.1.

Currently the only downgrade operation is to downgrade to iOS 14.2 from iOS 14.3 beta 1 released today.

At the end of the day, Mingmei Wuyi also said by the way. There are also many fans who left messages on Mingmei Wuxin WeChat public account asking about when the official version of Apple’s iOS 14.3 will be released. Mingmei Wuxi’s reply is: probably It’s coming next month. This month, Apple is still focusing on testing the iOS 14.3 Beta version. You can continue to pay attention to the latest updates brought by Mingmei Infinite!


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