Hot discussion of Apple iPhone 12: Tucao and sales coexist!

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iPhone 12

Recently, Apple has really made a lot of eyeballs. Not only has it held three conferences in three months, the iPhone 12 series has also been released in two batches. Basically, the hot spots in the technology circle in the past two months have been new iPhone sales and various reviews. .

iPhone 12

Hot discussion of Apple iPhone 12: Tucao and sales coexist!

The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max have been officially launched on November 13th, and users who successfully pre-ordered the first batch of machines have all got their favorite iPhones.

So far, all four iPhone 12 models have been listed. From the current market feedback, this year’s iPhone 12 is expected to be the most popular model in recent years.

Counterpoint Research, an unfamiliar analysis company, recently stated that despite the postponement of the iPhone 12 release, iPhone sales remained strong in the third quarter of 2020. The continued success of the iPhone 11 series and iPhone SE 2020 has helped Apple maintain its market position. Apple currently leads 39% of the US available market share, followed by Samsung with 30%, and LG lags behind 13%.

According to Mingmei’s understanding, the iPhone 12 in Apple’s retail stores is basically open for supply, and the iPhone 12 Pro is still insufficiently stocked. Users need to pick up the goods at the retail store after placing an order on the official website at 6 am that day.

Mingmei Wuxian found from Apple’s official online store that iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 are basically available for open supply. Generally, the goods can be received the next day after pre-ordering. The iPhone 12 Pro is still tight, and the reservation takes 5-7 working days. The 12 Pro Max series will only be shipped within 3-4 weeks.

According to some scalpers, the iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB will increase by 400 yuan, and the 512GB will increase by 500 yuan. There are more goods this year, and the price has not risen much.

In addition, there are also quotations provided by some channel providers that the price of the iPhone 12 mini has fallen below the official website price, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max needs to increase by about 800-1000 yuan.

But as more and more people buy iPhone 12, the new machine has more problems.

According to foreign media reports, many foreign users have reported that their iPhone 12 series cannot accept short-term or corresponding information notifications, which makes them very speechless.

Judging from the feedback from the users, the problem is related to the iPhone 12 series, and the system is on iOS 14.1 and iOS 14.2. As for the problem of the model or the system, Apple has not given a final conclusion.

Foreign media said that in order to solve the above problems, this may require operators to use updated firmware to solve it, or Apple needs to fix this problem in an upcoming firmware update.

Hot discussion of Apple iPhone 12: Tucao and sales coexist!

iPhone12 is equipped with A14 processor. Since Apple’s self-developed A-series processors do not have an independent baseband solution, they use third-party basebands for plug-in to supplement the lack of network standards. iPhone12 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 signal baseband. It supports 5G dual-mode, but netizens complain about frequent signal problems. It can be seen that the lack and disadvantage of external basebands are very obvious.

After all, the external baseband is not an all-in-one package. When data is exchanged continuously between parallel circuits, it is easy to affect the signal or adversely affect the quality of signal reception, resulting in problems such as current interruption, power consumption and heat generation. That is, the external Snapdragon X55 baseband of the A14 processor is likely to cause problems such as signal instability and increased power consumption.

The iPhone12 has a poor signal, which may be the problem of the Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 baseband itself, that is, the situation where there is no network service due to the outage (it is more likely to occur in the dual card mode). In this case, restart and other operations can be required to recover. The design of Apple’s double-layer motherboard and antenna together caused the signal to be weak. Earlier, it was reported that Apple would design its own antenna. It seems that the problem of weak signal may not be eradicated in the short term.

iPhone 12

In fact, there have been a lot of problems with the iPhone 12 series before this, such as poor signal, yin and yang screen, being touched off, etc., and for these problems, Apple has not yet officially responded to them, which is also in line with theirs. style.

In addition, recently, some iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro users have complained that the screens of their new phones are yellowish. Even if the True Tone function is disabled, it is still quite yellowish.

In addition, today it is worth mentioning that on November 13th, DxO officially announced the iPhone 12 Pro camera evaluation. Everyone found that the iPhone 12 Pro’s camera is indeed strong this time. The reason why it ranked fourth is because of the iPhone. Compared with the first three models, the 12 Pro is inherently insufficient in telephoto. From another perspective, the iPhone 12 Pro’s static camera and dynamic video recording are already among the top.

On November 14th, DxO continued to announce that the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera evaluation is about to be presented…, Mingmei infinite personal guess should be seen next week. What’s interesting is that DxO didn’t circle Cook this time. With the comparison of the iPhone 12 Pro test, I believe that the results of the iPhone 12 Pro Max are better than the former, because they are not like the previous ones, only the screen size is different, there is a huge difference in the camera module. iPhone 12 Pro Max is also known as the strongest video phone at present. The overall performance of its photos is quite solid, and in many aspects are slightly better than last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max flagship. The video mode is a highlight of this new model, because its video uses HLG Dolby Vision technology, and its dynamic range is wider than that of many rival phones.

However, if you are very particular about the quality of long-range zoom, then the iPhone 12 Pro may not be the first choice. However, if considering other mobile imaging applications, I would like to recommend this phone.

iPhone 12

At the same time, the foreign media iFixit also released a disassembly diagram of the iPhone 12 mini. iFixit said that the small cup of mini is stuffed into the same configuration of the iPhone 12, the camera module is exactly the same, but due to limited space, some components have Changed.

For example, the antenna of the iPhone 12 mini is asymmetrical, the shape of the TapticEngine is more square, and the volume is reduced.

In terms of battery, iFixit confirmed that the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 mini is higher than that of the 2020 iPhone SE, from 6.96 Wh to 8.57 Wh, but it is still far below the 10.78 Wh of the normal iPhone 12 battery.

In terms of configuration specifications, the 12mini can be regarded as the smallest true flagship. After all, there are wireless charging, iP68, A14, dual speakers, horizontal linear motors, etc., but if the iPhone12mini is used as the main machine, the daily battery life should be pressured. Even when 5G is turned off, the 2227mAh battery is not very useful.

I feel that 12mini is more suitable for having a large-screen mobile phone, but I still want to experience the backup machine of the iOS ecosystem.

So is the iPhone 12 worth upgrading? According to Mingmei, if you are using a model before iPhone 11, it is worth upgrading. iPhone 12 is Apple’s first 5G model and the first iPhone equipped with a 5nm chip, which will bring a very significant improvement in experience. And if you have the iPhone 11 in your hand, I think it’s not too obvious to feel the experience improvement after upgrading the iPhone 12, because the iPhone 11 itself is already very good.

Hot discussion of Apple iPhone 12: Tucao and sales coexist!

In the end, Mingmei Wuxian wants to say: In short, if you want to feel and don’t dislike a single card, choose iPhone12mini, like long battery life, and don’t care about price, weight, and feel. It is recommended to choose iPhone12 Pro Max in one step. If you like dual sims, feel better, and want to be more affordable, you can go directly to the iPhone12. If you like taking photos, feel, and dual sims, you can go directly to the iPhone12 Pro. Finally, remember not to buy a black iPhone12 mini.


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