The iPhone 12 mini overturned a lot, and billions of apple fans are about to quarrel again!

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iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 series really doesn’t make Apple worry! It seems that there are no major problems, but there are always small problems that are not painful or itchy. For example: paint is easy to fall off, overseas users cannot receive text messages, battery life is poor, and so on. Now it’s the iPhone 12 mini’s turn…

iPhone 12 mini

This is not the case in the foreign MacRumors forum this morning. Many netizens reported that the iPhone 12 mini is not sliding properly under the lock screen, and the number of buildings is quite spectacular.

After searching, domestic users also have many cases of reporting the problem, and some digital celebrities who are familiar with Apple products even recommend returning and replacing them as soon as possible.

It is reported that a simple review found that the problem occurs as long as the problem appears as an attempt to use “swipe up” under the lock screen, slide to turn on the camera, slide to turn on the flashlight, and break the touch when entering the password. However, after unlocking, the touch operation is normal.

Some users said that the problem is more obvious when wearing a mobile phone case, and you need to remove the case or touch the frame. It is suspected that it is electrostatic interference, but it is only speculation.

Some Up owners said that they learned from the inside that it was a software problem, which may need to be completely resolved after the new Beta of iOS 14.3 or subsequent official version updates in the future.

In addition, by the way today, at 1:00 am Beijing time on October 14th, Apple released the iPhone 12 series of new mobile phones, including iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. These four models all support 5G networks and are equipped with OLED full screens and A14 bionic chips.

The iPhone 12 mini is currently priced at 5499 yuan in China and has five colors.

Some users of the new iPhone 12 series mobile phones have complained that the new phones cannot receive text messages or corresponding information notifications. They did not see the SMS messages sent by their friends, and they were missing messages in the group chat.

iPhone 12 mini

There are also reports that the signal of this series of mobile phones is poor, or even no signal in some cases. There are also user feedbacks that the series of phones have problems with paint drop and Yin-Yang screen.

Some netizens compared the signals of iPhone11 and iPhone12 and found that the signal strength of iPhone12 has improved. Then there is the greenish situation at the edge of the screen, which may be related to the iPhone12’s screen mixing. It is reported that the iPhone12 also uses the OLED screens provided by Samsung and LG. The screens provided by the two manufacturers may be different. As for the iPhone12 you bought The home screen can only look at luck.

As of now, Apple has not yet issued a response to the issues raised by the aforementioned users.

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that in a new support document, Apple admitted that users may experience sound quality issues with certain Made for iPhone hearing aids/devices. Apple said it is aware of the problem and will provide a fix in a future software update.

Apple stated that certain hearing aids/devices connected to iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max may experience unexpected noise, including large static sounds, intermittent or intermittent audio or garbled characters. Users have reported these issues in various online forums including Apple Support Community and Reddit.

iPhone 12

Apple has not specified which software version will include a fix for this issue. Earlier this week, the first Beta of iOS 14.3 has been pushed to developers and public testers.

This is not the first time hearing aid users have encountered difficulties when using a new iPhone model. In October 2019, Apple released an update to iOS 13.1.3, which specifically fixed the issue of Bluetooth connection reliability for hearing aids.

Although the iPhone 12 has multiple slots that are unpleasant, there are still more highlights that make people happy. For example, A14 chip, ceramic panel, lighter and thinner body, support for 5G network, etc. Everyone should know that there is no perfect mobile phone in this world, because there is such a little regret, so we look forward to 13 fragrances.

In addition, according to the latest Digitimes report, Apple plans to continue to launch mid-range iPhones in the first quarter of next year to meet more consumer demand. The report points out that this is in response to the Chinese and Indian consumer markets, and Xiaomi OPPO Contend with Chinese mobile phone manufacturers such as vivo.

In the first half of this year, although Apple’s iPhone SE2 uses the original home button design, it does not have a full screen, does not support 5G networks, and only supports a single card. However, it is such a product that seems ordinary from the outside world. Very good results. A Counterpoint Research report shows that Apple’s iPhone shipments in the second quarter of this year increased by 2% year-on-year, and the main source of this data is the iPhone SE2 priced at 3,000 yuan. Based on the results of the second-generation iPhone SE2, Apple also has reasons to continue to launch the iPhone SE series to build mid-end 5G smartphones.

Finally, what Mingmei wants to say is: about Apple’s iPhone 12 mini, is your love for small screen phones enough to support you to ignore the shortcomings of poor battery life? If you often use your mobile phone to watch videos and read articles, can such a small screen give you a satisfactory reading/viewing experience? After all, before buying an iPhone 12 mini, the most you need to do is to convince yourself.

In addition, some digital big V’s evaluations don’t have to worry too much. In their opinion, the best destination for the iPhone 12 mini is actually a spare phone. But for the average consumer, who would spend 6000 yuan on a spare phone? ? Rich kids can buy Ferraris as toys. Can ordinary people do it?

Therefore, Ming Mei Xingwu still wants to say: follow your heart!

In the end, Mingmei Infinite personally recommends that no matter which generation of iPhone products are not suitable for the first batch, it is best if you are not anxious to wait a month or so before starting. Of course the rich and willful are not included. Now that all four iPhone 12 models are on sale, and there are all offline experience devices, the best way is to go offline to experience it and see if you can accept it or see which one is best for you. Then go to the e-commerce platform to compare prices and preferential strengths. This should be perfect to start.


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