IPhone 12 rollover incident: Have you encountered it?

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iPhone 12

With time quickly entering the middle and late November 2020, it is now that all new iPhones this year have been on sale. This is not available and hands-on, the iPhone 12 series left us with less and less suspense.

iPhone 12

The sales of the new phone is a suspense, and the specific data is too late to be included in Apple’s fourth quarter financial report, but it is certain that it is better than last year’s iPhone 11.

Cook said in an interview that the preliminary figures for iPhone 12 sales are “really pretty good.”

There are more people starting, and problems of all sizes will follow.

Recently, a number of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro users reported to the Mingmei Unlimited official account, saying that when their mobile phones are in dual-SIM mode, there are often problems that both SIM cards show no service. The problem is even greater in 5G mode. Moreover, it directly affects normal telephone calls, WeChat chats and other functions. For this reason, consumers have tried various methods such as restarting their phones, switching to single-card mode, restoring network settings, and updating the system to iOS 14.2 to solve the signal problem, but the results are not satisfactory. For this reason, Mingmei unlimited called Apple’s official customer service number. The customer service staff stated that there may be differences in the cause of the mobile phone no signal. It is recommended that consumers contact Apple’s official customer service staff in time. If the mobile phone is still within the 14-day period after the purchase, consumers can apply for a return or exchange. Is the signal problem of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro a case or a collective “rollover”?

It’s also worth mentioning today that on Baidu Tieba and Weibo, many users reported that their iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro had screens turning green. Especially on Tieba, many users were discussing iPhone. 12 Green screen problem.

iPhone 12

Judging from the photos taken by everyone, the green screen phenomenon mainly appears on a low-brightness black background, and green appears around the screen or in a large area.

The green screen does not appear on all iPhone 12 models, and some users’ screens seem to be normal under a black background.

Some users reported that after discovering the green screen problem, they contacted Apple for replacement, but the iPhone 12 that was replaced still had a green screen problem.

It is also understood that some netizens took the seriously green iPhone 12 to the store to return the product, but Apple refused to return the product with no problems in the quality inspection.

As more and more people appear in this situation, Apple seems to have noticed the problem.

A few days ago, some netizens posted screenshots of chats with Apple customer service. Apple customer service responded that: The current preliminary judgment is caused by system and software problems, not hardware failures, and will be repaired in the new system after the investigation is clear.

It is reported that this is not the first time that the iPhone has an abnormal screen color problem. After Apple launched the official version of iOS 13.4 in March this year, some iPhone 11 series users said that when the phone is in a low-bright state, the unlocked screen will briefly turn green. Case.

Subsequently, Apple confirmed that the problem was caused by a thermal management failure, and the BUG was fixed by software in iOS 13.6.1.

So how to test whether your iPhone 12 has a green screen problem?

According to the method summarized by netizens, in a dark dark environment, choose a pure black background image for the iPhone 12. Many users will choose the WeChat shake interface, and you can also turn on the dark mode.

Then adjust the white point reduction of the auxiliary function to the lowest value, and adjust the screen brightness to 40% to 50%. If the edge of the screen or a large area can be clearly seen by the naked eye, it means that your iPhone 12 screen is also green phenomenon.

In addition, on November 15th, many users reported that the iPhone 12 mini had the problem of unresponsive touch when the screen was locked.

iPhone 12

To put it simply, when trying to slide up to unlock or quickly enter the camera program on the lock screen, the screen does not recognize pressing or sliding operations every time. The weird thing is that once the unlocking is completed, the touch problem disappears.

It looks like a firmware problem, but careful users found that once the power is connected or the protective cover is removed and the middle frame is touched, it disappears automatically, suspecting static electricity.

In addition, recently, the foreign testing agency PA provided data on the battery life test of the iPhone 12 mini. The 3D game battery life test was only 2 hours and 22 minutes, and the car eventually overturned. For comparison, the previous 3D game time of the iPhone 12 was 3 hours and 1 minute, the iPhone SE 2 was 4 hours and 59 minutes, and the iPhone 11 was 7 hours and 37 minutes, and most Android flagships were generally more than 7 hours.

The PA may have found the problem after different game tests. The iPhone 12 with A14 chip consumes a lot of power when playing “Minecraft”, but it has a good battery life when playing “Call of Duty” mobile game. Under the highest image setting One hour dropped from 71% to 52%, which is estimated to last for 5 hours. From this point of view, the optimization of the game may be a big problem.

In other words, the battery life of the iPhone 12 is much smaller than that of the iPhone 11. When the 5G mode is turned on, the power consumption is even more amazing. The actual usage scenarios in daily life are much more than just browsing the web and browsing short videos. , Playing games, voice calls…everything is a big consumer of electricity. Can the iPhone 12 series with shrinking batteries be able to handle it? I am afraid there will be a big question mark.

For the shortcomings of battery life, Apple actually knows that fast charging is one of the official solutions. Since this generation of iPhone does not come with a charging head, users should mostly buy a quick charging plug. Unfortunately, fast charging technology intelligently solves the problem of charging efficiency. In terms of battery life, no matter how high-power fast charging technology is, it can only be beyond reach.

In addition to the exposure of iPhone 12’s “green screen door” and poor battery life, there is now news that iPhone 12 charging also has bugs. Some digital bloggers reported that when the multi-port adapter is charging the iPhone 12 Pro Max, if you plug in or unplug other devices, the iPhone will disconnect and stop charging.

And the blogger also said that as long as the power and parameters are redistributed, the iPhone 12 series will be disconnected, and the Lightning end needs to be unplugged. The common 1A2C on the market is almost not immune.

There is no good solution to this charging bug that has been exposed. The best way is to use a separate charging head. But now the charger accessory manufacturers are aware of this problem, and the new product has been changed.

This year, Apple will no longer include chargers and wired headsets in the iPhone 12 series of mobile phones. Due to the higher prices of Apple’s official accessories, many fans have to buy third-party mobile phone accessories.

Finally, in Mingmei’s opinion, the iPhone 12mini is positioned more like a backup machine and is not suitable for being the main machine. Of course, if the user is pure-hearted, does not rely too much on the mobile phone, and happens to be a fan, you can still choose iPhone12mini.

As for whether the iPhone 12 will drop in price in the future, this question is a bit difficult.

In fact, the current iPhone 12 has “broken” or “reduced”, but it is only reflected in the channel, which is of little significance to many retail users.

As for whether there will be general price cuts in the future, it is still difficult to draw a conclusion, because there is news that Apple has stricter price controls on the iPhone 12, but at least two points are certain for now.

First of all, there is little possibility of a general price reduction in 2020, and the reduction will be after next year.

Secondly, the price reduction of iPhone 12 will not be as exaggerated as iPhone 11.

It’s just that at the time of New Year’s Day or Chinese New Year in 2021, it is estimated that any model of iPhone 12 can be bought openly, and there is a high probability that some e-commerce platforms will offer some discounts in some special ways.

In the end, what Mingmei Wuxian also wants to say is: in the face of fierce competition in the mobile phone industry, Apple is also a little worried about its dominant position in the industry. It is not difficult to see through the actions in recent years that Apple is also doing various things. Various attempts have been made to cater to the user market, while establishing its own unique ecological barriers, using internal and external integration to broaden the coverage of iPhone users.

And this year’s four iPhones don’t have to be too entangled in the choice. If you like a small screen, you must choose the mini. The difference between the 12 and 12 Pro is also obvious. The camera and memory capacity, but the 12 is really much lighter; professional users or It is recommended for users with high battery life requirements to go directly to the 12 Pro Max super cup.

However, Apple chose to postpone the shipment of the most special iPhone 12 mini and the highest equipped iPhone 12 Pro Max. The first to ship will be two 6.1-inch phones. I don’t know if it’s the late delivery caused by the production process or Apple’s sales strategy.

Of course, the world is huge, and everyone has different preferences. Some people like the heavy; some like the light; some like the big; some like the small; some like the long-lasting, and some like the brisk.

Which one do you like?
Is it a small iPhone 12 mini?

In this regard, among all the 4 new iPhone 12 phones, is there any one you plan to buy? Is it difficult to choose? Share your plan with us all.


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