iOS 14.2 new version update: exclusive privileges for iPhone 12 users!

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iOS 14

The release of the new iPhone 12 series has triggered a lot of discussion. Some people think that the appearance design of this series of new phones is Apple’s retrogression, but no matter what people think, it will not affect the overall sales of the iPhone 12 series. However, similar to the new phones every year in the past, shortly after the new phone was released, many domestic and foreign users said on social networks that the screen of the new phone was green, which is what everyone calls the “green screen door”. Judging from the picture, it is similar to the problem encountered by the new iPhone11 series. Apple has officially confirmed that some models have such problems and said that they will be fixed by software updates.

iOS 14

This is not right now. Apple re-released iOS 14.2 for the iPhone 12 series. The version number of this release has not changed, but the Build is changed from 18B92 to 18B111.

Apple did not give a specific explanation on this update. The most weird thing is that Apple did not directly push the update to users in the form of OTA. Users need to connect to the computer through a USB cable, and then download the update package in the Finder or iTunes and flash into the phone.

It is not yet clear why Apple released the update in this form. This approach will prevent ordinary users from being notified of the update in time. At the same time, some users have expressed concerns about the reliability of the update. After all, today’s iOS has been jokingly called ” bugOS”.

Due to a lot of uncertainty, general users can also wait for other users to test before deciding whether to update. In addition, there is also speculation that iOS 14.2 Build 18B111 may be pushed to users’ mobile phones in the form of iOS 14.2.1.

In addition, today, by the way, iOS 14.2 solves the optimization of AirPods battery charging to slow down the battery aging rate by reducing the time for AirPods to fully charge. The “amplifier” can detect nearby people and use iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The equipped lidar sensor reports its distance, etc.

In addition to daily bug fixes and performance improvements, iOS 14.2 adds a lot of new wallpapers. These wallpapers provide real photo version and artistic drawing version, as well as light and dark versions. This wallpaper is not the same as the previous one. Too the same, refreshing.

iOS 14

In addition, from the perspective of upgraded users, this system update seems to be just a minor revision update, no difference from the previous version, and can only be received by the iPhone 12 series, if it is already the official version of iOS 14.2, it is also Unable to receive this updated version.

No new features have been found for the time being, and the green screen problem was reported before, and it seems to be fixed. I shake the page on WeChat and set the brightness to 50%. Tested in a dark environment, it seems that the green is no longer visible. I don’t know if it’s a problem. Example, self-test.

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that Apple pushed the second beta version of iOS 14.3 to beta users yesterday, still focusing on detailed updates and bug fixes.

If you upgrade from the previous Beta1 version, the update package is about 350MB, and the version number after the update becomes: 18C5054c.

For the official version users, if you need to upgrade to iOS 14.3 Beta 2, you can first install the “iOS 14 beta profile” (Mingmei Unlimited WeChat reply “14” can automatically obtain the description file), after completion, restart the device, and then you can also perform OTA Update online.

In terms of updates, iOS 14.3 Beta 2 is a minor version update. Compared with the previous beta version, there are little changes, mainly to continue to fix system bugs and improve stability.

In the last iOS 14.3 beta 1 version, Apple added a new ProRAW photo format support for iPhone 12 Pro/Max devices. Users can enable the new ProRAW photo format through the camera-format option of the “Settings” application. In Beta 2, ProRAW format photos can retain more photo information in the settings pane, and each ProRAW image occupies about 25MB of storage.

However, according to the feedback from Mingmei Infinity’s official account, Guofan said that the iOS 14.3 beta2 version mainly fixes the bugs of photo albums and some apps that are suspended. For example, a picture in the album is blurry and cannot be opened; some apps can be opened, but they just cannot be accessed.

iOS 14

Finally, what Mingmei wants to say is: If we continue to maintain the frequency of the iOS system update once a week, many users still expect Apple to bring new benefits and functions. It feels that Cook’s experience when iOS 14 is released is almost the same. Of course, the premise is to solve the various problems of the mobile phone first. Of course, there are still many users who like Apple mobile phones, whether it is the old apple fans or the Android party. In the last month or so, many people changed their phones. Will everyone consider the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 12 series? Which version is your iOS? Mingmei WeChat’s personal recommendation is that for iPhone 12 series phones, it is recommended to upgrade this version. After all, it is an urgent release to fix multiple problems.

Probably the above is the content of today. In other words, have the problems you encountered have been fixed? Please comment to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion.


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