Is your iPhone 12 green screen? apple fans propagates Apple: Don’t talk about martial arts!

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iPhone 12

In the middle of last month, Cook finally brought the 5G version of the iPhone 12 that everyone had been waiting for, namely iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Cook hailed the iPhone 12 as the new era of the iPhone, and Apple’s epoch-making product, because the iPhone has officially entered the 5G era.

iPhone 12

As Apple’s first 5G mobile phone, it is also equipped with Apple’s strongest A14 chip based on the 5nm process. The expectations and evaluations of it are very high. According to Cook’s expectations, the iPhone 12 series should become a very popular phone after the iPhone 11.

But I don’t know why, the iPhone 12 series has been on the shelves with “color” since its release. Like what I said before, the blue version of the iPhone 12 looks very plastic, like a trash can on the side of the road. But after the real machine was released, it turned out that this blue model did not have the cheapness of plastic, on the contrary, it was quite beautiful. Unexpectedly, how long hasn’t passed since, the issue of the green screen of the iPhone 12 series began to go viral on the Internet.

This is not from the photos posted by netizens on the Internet, as small as the iPhone 12 mini, as large as the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the screen may be “successful.” The screen was green and flickering, like “poisoned”. Earlier, Apple officially stated that this was due to a software adaptation problem, and users only need to update the software to fix it.

Judging from the current Apple’s response, the problem does not seem to be at the hardware level. If this is the case, then users who have the problem can be a little more relieved. After all, the problem that can be solved through system updates is not too big. The problem, but it is unavoidable that people feel that this year’s iPhone 12 series is indeed more troublesome.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning today that Mingmei Wuyi will briefly introduce why this year’s iPhone 12 will have a large-scale green screen problem. In fact, the green screen is a very common phenomenon in OLED screens, mainly due to the OLED screen. When each individual display pixel is powered on, the voltage released is different, so the brightness will also be different, which eventually leads to uneven color display of the entire screen. At the same time, because the green luminescent materials in the three primary colors (red, green and blue) have the highest luminous efficiency, it is easy to have a green screen in some low-brightness situations.

iPhone 12

At present, some people believe that the culprit for the green screen phenomenon of the iPhone 12 is Samsung’s E3 luminescent material (there are also some LG screens, but the supply is small). This material is currently used by most high-end flagship phones. A screen material, compared to the previous E2, E3 is better in terms of contrast, blue light and power consumption, and can greatly alleviate user’s eye fatigue. But it also has certain shortcomings, that is, poor stability, green screen, burn-in and other situations are prone to occur after a long time of use.

In addition, it is understood that a similar green screen phenomenon has also appeared on some iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max models. Apple has fixed the problem in iOS 13.6.1. Not surprisingly, this time Apple should also be able to solve it through a software update.

Those who are able to withdraw should return as soon as possible, and see how to solve it later.

In addition, I have to say that after the launch of the 12 series, various problems frequently appeared. The lock screen on the 12 mini did not respond, the signal was as bad as ever, and it did not support multi-port power adapters. I hope Apple will still Long snack.

iPhone 12

Anyway, Ming Mei Wu personally feels that the iPhone 12 series has screen problems, and Apple officials have to find a way to solve them. As for the reason, it is not a problem that our consumers must be concerned about. So does the iPhone 12 series you use now have the same green screen problem mentioned above?


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