The latest rendering of iPhone 13: beautiful and amazing!

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iPhone 13

From the current point of view, although many people’s attention is still focused on the iPhone 12, which has just been released, news about the iPhone 13 has begun to spread on the Internet. In this regard, some netizens used “Wang Shouyi Thirteen Fragrance” to play stalks, saying that the iPhone must be more “fragrance” in the 13th generation.

iPhone 13

There is no news that the iPhone 13 series will definitely have more shipments than its predecessors, because if its release date is not unexpected, it should be in the autumn of next year. By then, the 5G infrastructure will definitely be more complete. Under circumstances, it seems logical to increase shipments.

In addition, the new generation of iPhone is likely to launch four different models. Although the size is expected to be the same as the iPhone 12, the camera technology should be improved compared to the previous ultra-wide-angle camera; at the same time, the iPhone 12 There is a high probability that the wave of machine replacements triggered this year will continue to next year, and it is possible to refresh the sales record in recent years.

So, what is the latest exposure information about Apple’s new generation of flagship new machine, the iPhone 13? Don’t panic, today, Mingmei Wuxian is here to share the latest things about Apple’s iPhone 13 for many fans who continue to follow Mingmei Wuxian to the present.

First of all, since the beginning of the iPhone11 series, Apple has adopted the design combination of big bangs and Yuba frames. This design reduces the appearance of the phone a lot. As for the iPhone 12, this design has not changed, but the frame adopts a classic brick design to relieve aesthetic fatigue. However, such changes are not innovations, but just continuation of classics. However, the concept design of this iPhone13 recently released by foreign media is very interesting. It has no bangs and Yuba frames. The whole design is smooth and three-dimensional, and looks more fashionable. Compared with the iPhone12, it looks very backward.

Judging from this rendering, Liu Haiping’s design is no longer visible on the screen, and the replacement scheme is to punch holes on the screen and in the middle of the screen. Although Liu Haiping was abandoned, the screen punch design adopted by the iPhone 13 seems to still retain the front camera and face recognition unlocking module.

The screen hardware parameters of the iPhone 13 will use a resolution of up to 2K and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Previously, foreign media broke the news that the iPhone 13 will be equipped with automatic recognition refresh technology to perform automatic recognition of the refresh rate on different display contents.

iPhone 13

Although Liu Haiping has been abandoned, the screen punching design adopted by the iPhone 13 seems to still retain the front camera and face recognition unlocking module, but Liu Haiping has given up and switched to a pill screen design.

In fact, the design of this pill screen is not ugly in terms of appearance, because Huawei is the design concept of the pill screen, and consumers have already accepted it, so it is still reasonable for this design to appear on the iPhone13.

In addition, the iPhone 13 still uses a flat frame design, but the design of the camera part on the back of the fuselage has undergone major changes. iPhone13 completely cancels the lens module part of the rear camera. The lens module no longer protrudes from the body, but remains on the same level as the body part.

The rear camera of the iPhone 13 has been upgraded to three, because the original iPhone 12 was equipped with dual cameras on the back of the fuselage. As an upgraded version of the iPhone 13, in addition to the original dual cameras, it also added a LIDAR laser scanning lens. The improvement of iPhone 13’s camera capability is still of great help.

For other versions of iPhone 13, the number of rear cameras will inevitably increase at the same time, but as the basic iPhone 13, three rear cameras are sufficient. The processor will be equipped with A15 bionic processor, and for this processor, it should be a 2nm process processor, both performance and power consumption will be greatly improved.

As for the two-way wireless charging that the outside world is concerned about, and the improvement of charging speed, this time will be upgraded on the iPhone13.

More interestingly, some netizens recently broke the news on the Internet that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 will adopt a battery soft board technology inside the phone, and use a special structural design to increase the internal space of the phone for storage. Prepare for capacity battery. In other words, the battery capacity of the iPhone 13 will be greatly increased, and the battery life problem that has been criticized for Apple’s mobile phones will also be completely resolved.

Of course, we can’t be sure whether the news is true. Anyway, if Apple really solves the battery life problem in the future, it will have a major impact on the mobile phone market. Furthermore, all major flagships on the market now have high brushes, but for battery life reasons, under normal circumstances, consumers rarely use them. Once Apple solves the battery life problem, high brushes on mobile phones are just a word. Things. When it comes to hardware with hardware, it is really difficult for domestic mobile phones to lead Apple.

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that the report said that in the iPhone 13 series coming next year, Apple will use panels supplied by Samsung and LG Display.

At the same time, in the new generation of iPhone 13 series, Apple will bring at least two models with 120Hz ProMotion display, which is due to the shift to low-power LTPO OLED technology.

iPhone 13

It is reported that LTPO provides a more energy-efficient backplane that can open and close individual pixels on the display and extend battery life. The two models that use LTPO are likely to be Pro models, which are rumored models that use ProMotion technology.

At the same time, the four 2021 iPhone models are also expected to use on-cell touch screens, which allows multi-touch functions to be embedded on thin film transistors (TFT) rather than as independent components above the display.

In addition, Mingmei Unlimited revealed another news. According to research company TrendForce, Apple plans to use TSMC’s next-generation 5n+ process for A15 chips in the 2021 iPhone. In other words, the iPhone 13 series will be equipped with A15 chip, and the performance will be improved again. If the aforementioned mobile phone battery life problem is completely resolved, then the iPhone 13 will undoubtedly become the most popular mobile phone at that time. By the time, will you buy an iPhone 13 or an iPhone 13 Pro?

It can be said that not long after the iPhone 12 series was released, the iPhone 13 series has been exposed. Compared with the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 13 series has a very obvious upgrade, but it is not known that other manufacturers will not give Apple the opportunity to lead the way.

Okay, in the end, Mingmei will come and say for you, the beginning is a picture, and the content depends on editing…After all, it is just a rendering picture, just look at it and don’t take it too seriously~

Summarizing the following information so far, it is not difficult to draw a conclusion, that is, the iPhone 13 launched next year will have a great technological innovation compared with the previous iPhone series phones, which is undoubtedly a problem for consumers who have not made a shot this year. Good news, and friends who are currently thinking about buying iPhone 12 can also wait and see for a while before making a decision.

In the end, what Mingmei wants to say is: From the appearance design, the iPhone13 concept map is indeed very advanced, and its appearance is higher than that of the iPhone12. If it is released, it is definitely more worth buying than the iPhone 12. And this iPhone13 concept map uses two frame designs, in addition to the arc, there is a three-dimensional frame. Dear friends, which design do you prefer? Of course, IPhone13, which Mingmei is more interested in, may cancel Liu Haiping. However, the possibility is still not very high. What kind of surprises will IPhone13 bring us? Let’s wait and see!

PS: After reading these latest exposures about Apple’s iPhone13, Mingmei can only sigh. In other words, Apple has not revealed any news about iPhone13 at present. If fans see the above iPhone13 news again, take a look That’s it, remember not to take it seriously, if Apple really reveals the internal news of the iPhone 13, Mingmei will tell you the first time.

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