The iPhone 12 series rolls over, Apple throws the pot, where should the billions of apple fans go?

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The iPhone 12 has been on the cusp of public opinion since its release until the end of Double Eleven. On the one hand, it is basically complaining about the iPhone 12’s own problems; on the other hand, the iPhone 12 evaluation report and how high the sales volume of the iPhone 12 are.

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After a week of rest, there was a “green screen door” incident, which was unacceptable to the majority of iPhone 12 consumers.

This is not according to foreign media reports. Apple has admitted that in some cases, the iPhone 12 screen will appear flickering, green or gray light, and other unexpected color changes.

Apple stated that it is aware of user reports related to this issue and is investigating. According to reports, Apple will fix the issue of iPhone 12 screen turning green through software updates, and users do not need to replace hardware.

Is this explanation familiar to everyone? When Apple first entered the Chinese market, the after-sales service used was only replacement but not repaired. Nowadays, as the quality of mobile phones is getting more and more problems, they dare not make such promises. Every time they use software updates to ease Corresponding problems, but the problem has not been cured. With the rise of domestic mobile phones, many people have gradually abandoned Apple mobile phones. How many people are really snapping up? I think there must be some moisture in it.

As far as the limited information is available, Apple officials have three statements on this matter:

  1. The iPhone 12 that has a problem will not be officially returned;
  2. Whether there is any quality problem with the iPhone 12, consumers need to test it by themselves. The implication is: whether your phone is good or not, it is Apple’s decision;
  3. Apple officially plans to resolve the “Green Screen Door” incident by upgrading the system. Means that the official denies the possibility of iPhone12 hardware problems.

At present, the easiest way is to lower the brightness of the mobile phone screen in a low light environment, and open the WeChat “shake” interface at the same time, it will become clear whether there is a green screen problem in this interface.

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that according to the latest news, the main reason for the screen to turn green this time is because the iPhone 12 mixed up to five screens. Among them, Samsung and LG have a kind of screen specification which is relatively junk. Screen phenomenon”;

In fact, many netizens are not unfamiliar with LG’s green screens. Huawei’s Mate 20 series phones were “green” once because of LG’s OLED screens, which created a very bad experience for users, but Huawei also Domineering foreign officials announced that all green screen users can “renew” for free. After all, this is caused by hardware problems, but I didn’t expect Apple to overturn on both Samsung and LG screens.

In addition, some netizens have been complaining about the poor battery life of the iPhone 12 series before, but judging from the latest iOS 14 update pushed by Apple, the official is also solving this problem.

According to foreign media reports, many users said that after the iPhone 12 series has updated the official version of iOS 14.2.1, the battery life feels much better than before. Of course, this is not a world-shaking one, after all, the battery capacity is there. With.

Last week, Apple released the official version of iOS 14.2.1, which solved many problems, such as the unresponsive touch screen and new phone signal of the iPhone 12 mini, which caused a lot of noise before. The only exception was the battery life issue. I don’t know if it is. It’s not that they solved the previous 5G signal exchange.

In addition, the new update also solves the problem that the lock screen on the iPhone 12 mini does not respond. At the same time, some dual-SIM devices may lose their cellular network connection. Of course, you should not expect better battery life on the iPhone 12 mini. Its battery is smaller, but from another perspective, it is the fastest to charge.

In addition, today, by the way, most Android mobile phone users still have different views on the iPhone12. In the final analysis, the changes in the iPhone12 are too large for mobile users to accept. Moreover, there is a large-scale “rollover” in the iPhone12 series, which is not satisfactory in many places, which is one of the reasons why Android phone users dare not choose. In addition, the current 5G network has not yet been fully popularized, combined with the 5G network package, and the power consumption of the 5G switch have not been completely resolved, so Android phone users will not dare to try iPhone12 easily.

iPhone 12

Finally, according to foreign media reports, Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives said in a report to investors that recent surveys in Asia indicate that Chinese and American consumers are The demand for 12 is gradually increasing, and he now expects suppliers to ship 80 million iPhone 12s in the initial stage. Ives also raised its sales forecast for the iPhone 12 series. At the end of October, he estimated initial sales of 75 million units, and now has raised sales to slightly less than 90 million units.

Wedbush saw a “significant increase” in demand for the iPhone 12 Pro model, which indicates that the 6.1-inch version is currently a “hot-selling model.” However, consumer demand for iPhone 12 Pro Max is also very strong. Ives pointed out that this bodes well for Apple’s average selling price (ASP) entering 2021.

Based on the delivery time of Apple’s online store and Wedbush’s survey in Asia, Ives believes that the number of iPhone 12 bookings is almost twice that of iPhone 11.

In the Chinese market, strong demand keeps the iPhone 12 series entering the holiday season still performing well. The investment company previously called China a “key factor” in the 2020-2021 super cycle.

In the end, what Mingmei Wuxiu wants to say is: I have to say that there are indeed enough problems with the iPhone 12 series this time. But having said that, a new product will inevitably have various problems just after it is released, and I believe the official will fix it in time. If there is a problem with the iPhone 12 you bought, you can try to upgrade the system. If it still doesn’t work, or if you can’t stand the defect, you should exchange it or return it. After all, a mobile phone is a lot of money.

Of course, compared to the craziness of previous years, the iPhone is no longer the luxury of the year. With the resignation of Angela Ahrendts, it has become a mobile phone that has abandoned its luxury positioning. However, given that the iPhone has covered almost the full price range of mobile phone audiences, and has a relatively good user base in the “big brother circle”, the iPhone has also become the best choice for third-party luxury customization. Recently, the trendy brand Gucci officially launched a customized version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which has raised the beauty of mobile phone luxury customization to a new level.

Among them, the 256GB standard version is priced at 27,888 yuan, which is basically the same price as the “Porsche family” of the Huawei Mate series, while the diamond version is 38,888 yuan, which is relatively cost-effective among light luxury products. It is more recommended for upstarts. For those with business and high-end social needs, the iPhone 12 Pro Max Gucci customized version is undoubtedly a very cost-effective digital single product.

iPhone 12

In short, you don’t dislike a single card. If you don’t go out often, the battery life is very low. If you want a mobile phone that is easy to use and operate, then the iPhone 12 mini is a recommended choice. For weight and feel, you can choose iPhone12 Pro Max in one step. And if you want to buy an iPhone as your main machine at the most affordable price, you can use the iPhone12. The texture is slightly better. The 12 Pro with excellent camera performance still needs to be purchased at a price increase, so it should be regarded as the least recommended iPhone 12 product.


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