The iPhone 12 cost price is exposed, and apple fan can’t sit still after reading it!

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iPhone 12

Apple’s iPhone 12 series mobile phones have been on the market for a while, from the 5499 yuan mini to the 9,299 yuan Pro Max have been on sale, but there are also many problems, from 5G signal, heat, battery life to green screen, ghosting And so on, netizens see the negative aspects of iPhone 12 almost every day.

iPhone 12

For a flagship phone such as the iPhone 12 that sells for tens of thousands of dollars, if other brands have these problems, the market’s response will obviously be much stronger. Manufacturers will be strongly questioned by consumers and may even trigger consumer rights protection. These are all malfunctioning on the iPhone 12.

Although the complaints are still there, from the actual situation, there are many netizens who buy the iPhone 12 series mobile phones, and they can’t even grab the goods when they are first launched. Digital KOLs are all proud of posting Apple orders.

While the IPhone 12 series has been spit out, while the supply is in short supply, what is going on?

In addition, the iPhone 12 series are all currently on the market. After the initial popularity of the market, what is the current supply situation of the iPhone 12? Mingmei Wuxian found after some inquiries on Apple’s official website and direct-sale stores that the supply of iPhone 12 and 12mini is sufficient, pro and pro max are still hard to find, and the delivery time is as long as 3 to 4 weeks.

In addition, today, by the way, every year new iPhones will be exposed to such and other problems at the beginning of the market. This year’s iPhone 12 series is no exception, but most of the problems can be solved through software updates.

Apple released the iOS 14.2.1 system update for the iPhone 12 series last week, specifically to solve some problems encountered by users after the iPhone 12 series went on sale.

For example, the iPhone 12 mini’s lock screen touch failure and dual SIM card devices may lose cellular network connection issues.

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In addition, many iPhone 12 users have encountered the green screen problem. According to the news from the outside world, Apple will solve it through software updates in the future. Therefore, the recently exploded green screen door seems to have no obvious impact on the sales of the iPhone 12 series. Perhaps many consumers have firm confidence in Apple’s candid attitude and solutions given by the market. Demand remains strong. Authoritative organization wedbush observes the iPhone 12 market demand in the United States and China and predicts that the initial sales of the iPhone 12 series will reach nearly 90 million units. Wedbush further analyzed that the popularity of iphone12 has surpassed several generations of iPhones released in previous years, and may even surpass the 220 million iPhone 6 that has been sold well, becoming the sales champion over the years.

The analyst predicts that among the 950 million iPhone users, about 350 million users are facing the need for replacement. Therefore, he is quite optimistic that Apple will welcome a holiday with good sales performance (the European and American shopping season starting on Thanksgiving Day). ), and this huge demand will make the super replacement wave continue to occur.

Analysts even believe that iPhone 12 orders are twice that of iPhone 11 in the same period last year.

It seems that the battery life shortcoming is not a reason for users to reject the iPhone 12. After all, it supports 5G, a new right-angle frame, a powerful 5nm A14 processor, and an ultra-thin body. The iPhone still has the capital to show off, especially for the iPhone. For the 6/6s/7 group of users, the attractiveness of changing phones is too strong.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning today that it’s no secret that Apple’s iPhone has a higher profit margin. It is said that the profit margin of the previous generations of iPhone is close to 100%, which is a double profit. So how much does the iPhone 12 cost? Now a survey company has calculated the cost of the iPhone 12 mobile phone, let’s take a look.

The investigative company Fomalhaut disassembled the iPhone 12 and calculated the material cost of the iPhone 12 to be US$373 (approximately RMB 2,458).

The estimated price of the OLED panel used in the iPhone 12 is about US$70 each, the chip is US$40, SK Hynix DRAM is US$12.8, Samsung Electronics’ flash memory is US$19, and Sony’s CMOS is US$7.4-7.9.

For comparison, the iPhone 12 will be priced at 6229 yuan for the 64GB version, 6799 yuan for the 128GB version, and 7599 yuan for the 256GB version.

Of course, this is only the cost price of materials, not including Apple’s R&D, operation and other costs. Coupled with R&D costs, the overall cost of iPhone12 is much higher than these.

Also, different mobile phone parts suppliers may be slightly different. It is understood that iFixit’s previous dismantling of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro showed that in addition to the A14 processor designed by Apple and manufactured by TSMC, Micron supplies LPDDR4 SDRAM; Samsung supplies NAND flash memory chips; Qualcomm provides 5G and LTE communications transceiver.

Why does the iPhone 12 with a material cost of 2500 dare to sell you six or seven thousand? For example, the material cost of a Windows 10 CD is a few dollars, but the R&D and maintenance expenses that Microsoft has poured into it have long been unknown. The iPhone 12 is also the same.

Whether it is Apple or other mobile phone manufacturers, the analysis of estimated hardware costs given by a third party is all scornful, because it is meaningless.

A new machine needs design, manufacturing, OEM, transportation, packaging, promotion and other links before it goes on the market, and these are also costly. If you break away from these, you can directly look at the BOOM cost, it will be more or less challenging. .

Combined with the global selling price of the iPhone 12 series, it is obvious that Apple is very good at doing business. However, it is very unreasonable to benchmark the final product price with BOOM price because the process design and production OEM have already had transportation costs and new machines. These contents such as publicity consume a lot of money, so the so-called BOOM price is just to give a more detailed content about the product. Don’t say that Apple is not decent because of the so-called low BOOM price.

iPhone 12

Finally, Mingmei Wuxuan would like to mention: According to industry reports, TSMC will start producing 3 nm chips in the second half of 2022, and is expected to produce 55,000 chips per month, and it will reach 105,000 chips by 2023. Judging by the time point, perhaps the first mobile phone processor is the Apple A16.

As for the launch of 3nm, TSMC Chairman Liu Deyin once revealed that when it launches, the number of employees in Tainan Science Park will reach 20,000, which is about 5,000 more than the current one.

Returning to the process level, 3 nm will achieve a 15% performance improvement, 30% power consumption reduction, and 70% density increase. ASML (ASM) previously pointed out that EUV will exceed 20 layers in the 3 nm era, namely Fin (TSMC is still a FinFET fin-effect transistor in the 3 nm era) and gate (TSMC is still a FinFET fin-effect transistor in the 3 nm era).

Last but not least, fans who have always stated that Mei Wuxian should know that the old rules, Ming Mei Wuyou still have to share with the apple fans who follow me about Apple’s iPhone 12 purchase advice: Apple this year’s iPhone 12 series All of them are on sale, and the four models have quite unique attributes. For the time being, I don’t consider the “US version”, “Hong Kong version” and other overseas versions. Only in the case of the Bank of China version, if you want a system to run stably and smoothly, use a worry-free mobile phone and occasionally take photos and post a circle of friends , Instagram, there are no special needs, iPhone 12 has been fully able to meet.

If you want to “eat chicken” without being so hot, it is easier to hold, and the ability to take pictures and videos is slightly stronger, and the iPhone 12 Pro is also good.

However, the difference between iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is only 800 yuan. If you don’t mind the increase in size and weight, iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best choice. Regardless of shooting ability or battery life, iPhone 12 Pro Max Can meet your needs to the maximum extent.

The larger battery capacity and 6GB RAM of the iPhone 12 Pro Max can continue to provide better battery life and fluency for many years, and it is naturally the best choice for “nail users”.

As for the iPhone 12 mini, because Apple put a lot of parts into such a small box, it also had to shrink one by one in many aspects such as the battery, and because the operator does not support eSIM, the National Bank version also lacks dual card dual standby. . However, the iPhone 12 mini feels very good, and its petite figure is also very cute. It can be used as a backup machine or bought for children.

Of course, with regard to the first batch of iPhone 12, the initial shipments of the product are relatively tight and the production capacity is insufficient. It is not ruled out that there is a certain probability that the yield rate will be low. After spending so much money, if you are really worried about it, Ming Mei Wu Wu recommends that if you have a green screen or other problems, if you can return or exchange the product, it is recommended to return it.

It can be said that every generation of iPhone has big and small problems, the most famous of which is the “death grip” of the iPhone 4 and the “frequency reduction gate” of the iPhone 6s. Regarding these two issues, Apple officials have not yet given a good answer and solution. Perhaps Apple’s domestic market share decline is inseparable from these two events. Of course, the most important thing is the current domestic mobile phones. The speed of progress is too fast, far surpassing the iPhone in many aspects.

If Apple still doesn’t do anything this time, Ming Mei Wuxian believes that it will further damage the relationship between apple and apple fanspowder. In fact, it is not just Apple. For any mobile phone manufacturer, it should attach great importance to the relationship between itself and users. If problems with the most basic products cannot be solved, it will inevitably cause some users to lose trust in this brand. The trust is gone, what else is there to talk about sales growth?

In this regard, if you want to start the iPhone 12 series in the near future, if you are worried about the above problems, you can wait for a while before starting. The above is all the content of this issue. Do you have anything else you want to know about the iPhone 12 series? Welcome to leave a message for Mingmei Unlimited Participation in the comment area below to discuss it together!


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