Does iPhone 13 really smell good? The heavy exposure configuration is awesome!

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iPhone 13

The iPhone 12, which has always been expected, was enthusiastic before it was released, but it continued to roll over after it was released. For example, a series of problems such as “green screen”, “yellow screen”, and “poor signal”, many netizens began to ridicule. , But is 13 really fragrant?

iPhone 13

According to the latest news, the iPhone 13 will be further upgraded, whether it is the design or the hardware configuration, it is very eye-catching.

First of all, the iPhone 12 has been on sale for a while. Generally speaking, various news about the iPhone 13 should be circulated. There have been a lot of rumors about Apple’s next-generation mobile phones during the recent period. Some seem to be quite reliable, while others are unbelievable. As for whether it is true or not, it is up to you to judge by yourself before Apple makes any statement.

The first thing to say is that for Apple, they are solving the biggest shortcoming on the iPhone, which is the problem of poor signal.

This is not according to foreign media reports that Apple is increasing its investment in the design and development of its own antenna, because this is now more important in the 5G era. Blindly using third-party solutions will inevitably lead to overturns.

In fact, in this year’s iPhone 12, Apple has already taken action. For example, in the US market version, it is equipped with Apple’s self-designed package antenna (Antenna-in-Package, AiP) to support millimeter wave (mmWave). .

The report mentioned that Apple will expand this usage ratio in the iPhone 13 series, while the RF front-end module (RF-FEM) is also included in Apple’s future independent plan.

Mingmei has also learned that in the middle of this month, Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Guo released an Apple research report that it is expected that the iPhone 13 will be the first iPhone model to adopt battery soft board technology, which will help save internal space and reduce costs.

In addition, it was previously reported that the domestic screen manufacturer BOE had twice applied for the screen test of Apple’s iPhone series, but due to the problem of the yield rate, it did not meet the requirements, and it was missed to become this year’s iPhone 12 series supplier, so BOE also I bet all my hopes on next year’s iPhone 13 series.

But unfortunately, according to the knowledge of the supply chain, BOE still has no chance to become Apple’s 2021 iPhone OLED screen supplier. This time the shortage is still a problem of yield rate, although Apple is already considering listing BOE as a refurbished iPhone. OLED screen suppliers, but this matter has not yet been heard, so everything is just rumors.

The only thing that can be confirmed is that BOE will miss the chance to join the iPhone OLED screen supplier this year and next year, and this big cake will still be swallowed by Samsung and LG.

By the way, BOE is the largest manufacturer of China’s flexible OLED industry. In 2017, it broke the international monopoly of flexible OLED and has the world’s second mass-produced sixth-generation flexible AMOLED production line. In 2019, Samsung’s global flexible OLED market share was 78%, and BOE’s market share increased to 8%.

The speed of BOE’s progress is obvious to all, and this report suggests that the reason why Apple rejected BOE is the yield rate. As we all know, Apple is a company with extremely strict requirements on the accessory supply chain. It must not only have excellent performance indicators, but also be cheap. Only in this way can it ensure a sufficient profit margin for the iPhone. The low yield rate directly represents the high cost.


In fact, the iPhone 12’s purchase of Samsung’s and LG’s screens has led to the emergence of the “green screen door” incident, which is caused by the LG screen. This incident is exactly the same as the previous Huawei Mate 20 Pro green screen incident. At the beginning, people thought that BOE’s “domestic screen” had a problem, but later it was discovered that it was the LG screen, but BOE’s domestic screen was no problem.

From this point of view, for Apple, if it wants to choose between cost and quality, Apple is obviously more inclined to the latter.

Of course, in the final analysis, people still “distrust” domestic screens. The inferiority complex accumulated over the years cannot be dispelled overnight. And because the yield rate cannot match Apple, it also shows that going international is not as simple as imagined.

Although BOE achieved the No. 1 shipment, but the yield rate did not meet the standard, indicating that the research and development of high-end screens still need to be polished. As long as BOE achieves stable shipments in the low-end and mid-end, and slowly shifts its R&D energy to the high-end product line, without arrogance or rashness, it will naturally occupy the market when the time is up. Apple’s high standards and strict requirements will sooner or later be won.

In addition, next year’s new iPhone series will continue this year’s four new machine strategy. The advantage of doing this is that it can expand the price range of the iPhone and allow more people to buy iPhone.

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that this year’s iPhone 12 series has a very interesting operation, that is, it is equipped with a new magnetic wireless charging. Generally speaking, after Apple launches a new feature, it will often follow up a series of operations. So after the launch of MagSafe, foreign news expert Jon Prosser revealed that Apple’s move was to prepare for the cancellation of the charging interface.

It is reported that at least one iPhone 13 next year will adopt a non-porous design. Guess it will be the top version of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. In this case, the iPhone 13 can only be charged wirelessly. The reason why Apple wants to do this is to guess that one is to change everyone’s charging habits, and wireless charging should become a trend in the future. In addition, after cutting off the charging interface, cutting off the data cable can also reduce costs. As for the wireless charger, it is natural to purchase it at one’s own expense.

As for the more disturbing problem for most people, even if it is a non-porous design, how to transmit and detect? It is speculated that Apple will plan to use wireless iCloud to solve backup and synchronization, and even subsequent products will increase the power to 20W and add additional contacts. , Used to solve wired transmission problems.

Judging from the news, the authenticity of the news cannot be confirmed. In the past, Jon Prosser news always had high accuracy. Even Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out that in 2021, the iPhone will cancel the Lightning connector to provide a complete wireless experience. The news from these sources coincided with each other. It is expected that it is quite possible that Apple will use one of the iPhones as an experimental model to test the market’s response first. After the technology matures, it will replace all of them. More iPhones will follow. 13 When the news comes out, the authenticity of the news can be determined.

As for the iPhone 13 price that most fans care about: The National Bank version is expected to be similar to the iPhone12 series. The starting price of the iPhone13 is 5499 yuan, the starting price of the iPhone13 is 6299 yuan, the starting price of the iPhone13Pro is 8499 yuan, and the starting price of the iPhone13ProMax is 9299 yuan.

According to the comprehensive exposure news, the iPhone 13 is upgraded very much by Apple, and there are not many innovations.

It is simply a regular iteration and upgrade of the hardware, such as 120Hz high refresh screen, stronger camera, etc.

Of course, it has also made up for the defects of the previous generation of iPhone 12. It uses soft-board battery technology to increase the battery capacity, uses LTPO technology, and is equipped with X60 baseband to further reduce power consumption and extend battery life.

But every year, to increase profits and maintain the stock price, the operation continues: cutting off the charging port, forcing users to pay extra to buy MagSafe.

Not much to say, lest anyone sprays beautiful black apples, just hope that Apple will be an individual, don’t get into the eyes of money, and continue to hurt the user experience for profit.

Mouse tail juice.

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: Apple mobile phones used to lead the trend of smart phone design, but Apple’s performance in recent years has been too conservative. On the contrary, Android manufacturers have been aggressively launching new features and new designs. In Q3 this year, Xiaomi has already Squeeze Apple out of the top three in sales. Now Apple really needs some radical designs to once again enhance its position in the mobile phone field.

We expect that iPhone 13 will have more hardware changes in addition to the main chip and functions. Especially the screen refresh rate and battery capacity, this is indeed where the iPhone needs to keep up with Android. But for Apple, if there is no qualitative change in experience, Apple will not easily change its own hardware design. Perhaps this requires Apple’s cooperation in software.


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