IPhone 13 ushered in major changes. Have you regretted buying iPhone 12 apple powder?

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iPhone 13

After the launch of Apple’s first 5G version of the iPhone, the iPhone 12 series, it has been very popular among users. However, after the launch of the iPhone 12 series, there were some minor problems, such as the touch problem of the iPhone 12mini and the green screen problem. No wonder someone said not to buy 12 first. Because 13 incense (thirteen incense).

iPhone 13

It can be said that after the launch of the iPhone 12 series, problems have continued, and the green screen has not been resolved so far. Some users complain about the signal is still not good, and the Pro series has not been able to spot it. Some apple fans decided to “sewn and repair for another year” and postpone the replacement time to 2021, waiting for the “13 Fragrant” iPhone 13 series to be launched.

First of all, in next year’s iPhone 13, Samsung and LG Display will still only provide two OLED screens for Apple’s new iPhone.

According to reports, Apple is considering incorporating BOE into the supply chain and adopting BOE’s OLED screens in refurbished iPhones and screen repairs. It’s worth noting that in the iPhone 12 series released this year, all the OLED displays required for the new phone are made by Samsung and LG Display Company provides it, and the rumored BOE will withdraw at the last minute.

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that the biggest shortcoming of the iPhone is nothing more than the problem of poor signal. Apple is also actively solving this big “difficulty.”

According to foreign media exposure, Apple is increasing its investment in the design and development of its own antennas. In the era of 5G, signals have become an important factor. Blindly using third-party solutions, rollovers are inevitable.

iPhone 13

Apple will expand this use ratio in the iPhone 13 series, and the RF front-end module (RF-FEM) will also be included in Apple’s future independent plan. Some people in the industry said that as the commercialization of 5G becomes stronger, it will drive more and more terminals to support this network, and the integration of RF-FEM is also getting higher. When mobile phones require more and more RF-FEM devices, RF-FEM must increase the integration level to control the actual size of the entire radio frequency system within a suitable range.

Although foreign media previously reported that some American users could not use 5G in the iPhone 12 dual card mode. However, foreign media pointed out that Apple plans to maintain self-developed iPhone 13AiP next year, and the radio frequency (RF) module is also included in Apple’s future independent plan.

According to supply chain sources, after Apple continues its self-research on AiP, the next step may be to develop its own RF front-end module (RF-FEM).

At present, some manufacturers are already developing solutions that integrate low-noise amplifiers and switch modules, and Apple is also working in this direction, and mainly self-developed. If the news is true, then the signal performance of the iPhone 13 series will be greatly improved. It seems that the “Thirteen Fragrance” that was broken by everyone when the iPhone 12 series went on sale earlier was correct. “Four Elements” is also true.

In addition, according to the latest Apple research report released by well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 13 series will be the first iPhone model Apple adopts battery soft board technology, which will help save internal space and reduce costs.

Now Apple has tasted a lot of sweetness in self-research. The M1 processor with ARM architecture released by Apple a few days ago has not only powerful performance, but also reportedly reduced costs. After Apple acquired Intel’s mobile baseband business last year, it is believed that Apple will successfully develop mobile phone basebands in the near future.

iPhone 13

In addition, today, by the way, although the Face ID experience that was launched as early as the iPhone x era is better, considering that more and more people are accustomed to wearing masks since the epidemic, the iPhone has returned to Touch ID in recent years. News is endless. Of course, there are also many people complaining about why Apple has been reluctant to follow up with the under-screen fingerprint technology, which may now become a reality on the iPhone 13 next year.

According to a report from Tianfeng International Guo Mingchi, from 2021, fingerprints under optical screens will once again become the mainstream of the smartphone industry, while fingerprints under ultra-thin screens will be abandoned. The main reason is that the latter’s cost is too high and the user experience not good too. In addition to many Android manufacturers who will switch to fingerprints under the optical screen, Apple is also expected to use it in the iPhone next year.

In fact, as early as 2019, Guo Mingchi predicted that a certain iPhone in 2021 will have an iPhone with an under-screen fingerprint reader. This may mean implementing some type of Touch ID on the iPhone 13. Of course, how to balance the different versions depends on Apple’s final choice. Because after all, Apple has implemented Face ID for so many years, it is impossible to abandon it easily.

The factors that led Guo Mingchi to make such a pre-judgment can be said to be all aspects. In addition to the forward understanding and analysis based on understanding, it also combines some Apple’s patent applications and the iterative update of the supporting product technology of the supply chain. It can only be said that the probability of adopting under-screen fingerprints for Apple iPhone 13 next year is very high, but in the end it has to be decided by Apple.

For Apple, if they use off-screen fingerprints on the iPhone, they don’t have to be particularly surprised, because they have been busy with this for a long time.

There has been news before that Apple still plans to bring Touch ID back to the iPhone through the mechanism under the display, and “MESA” is the internal code name of Touch ID. Although Apple currently chooses Face ID on its flagship iPhone, there are constant patents and patent applications showing that Apple is still developing an embedded Touch ID display.

According to the whistleblower, Apple is continuing to develop embedded fingerprint technology for the display, and may release an iPhone with an under-screen Touch ID sensor in the future.

In addition, Guo Mingchi also broke the news that at least one iPhone in 2021 will adopt a non-porous design and support MagSafe magnetic charging + wireless charging. Apple is still developing its own antenna to solve the problem of poor signal. Due to the conservative features and design in recent years, Apple is losing its position as a leader in the mobile phone industry. Now Apple really needs a bit of radical action to fully demonstrate its strength to consumers.

Therefore, iPhone13 did not cut off the bangs, but may be deprived of the charging port. This is not good news for Apple fans or all consumers. After all, the cancellation of the charging interface means that consumers who buy iPhones will have to pay extra for the wireless charger.

Moreover, the iPhone without a charging port can only be equipped with wireless Bluetooth headsets, which is a lot of expense for iPhone users.

It is not difficult to see from Apple’s move that while the company is working hard to promote its derivative products, it is also getting more profits from consumers. Just like the iPhone 12 series, Apple cancelled the charging head and wired earphones in the name of “protecting the environment”, but I don’t know what reason Apple will come up with to cancel the charging interface.

Of course, although some consumers are full of expectations for the non-porous design of the iPhone 13, it is understood that the MagSafe charging performance of the iPhone 12 series is not stable. This is undoubtedly a major problem that Apple must solve in the process of promoting wireless charging.

If this is the case, next year’s iPhone 13 series packaging box will only have one mobile phone, which saves Apple the cost of a charging cable. Of course, there are still accessories, which is the card removal pin. If the card removal pin can also be called For accessories…

Do you still think 13 fragrance?

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxiu wants to say is: Generally speaking, Apple will release new iPhone mobile phones in September. It is still too early to release the iPhone 13 series of mobile phones. There will be more and more news about iPhone13. Mingmei Wuxie also Will share with everyone.

In terms of the release time of the new phone, the iPhone 13 is expected to be officially released in September next year, but the specific release time of the phone has not yet been confirmed. In terms of the price of the new phone, the iPhone 13 will continue to be positioned in the high-end flagship market. The price of the new phone is also relatively expensive. According to the news that Mingmei has received, the starting price of the new iPhone 13 will be 6,799 yuan. , The final price of the new machine will not be known until the new machine is released. There is only so much news about iPhone 13 at present. If you want to get more scientific and technological information, please pay attention to Mingmei Infinite, we will be here waiting for your arrival.


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