Folding iPhone is coming? Apple has a big move recently!

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Since the advent of the full screen, smartphones have continued to appear in new screen forms, from the full screen and folding screen of the lift camera, to the surround screen of Xiaomi MIX alpha and the recent scroll screen of OPPO X 2021. Mobile phone manufacturers bring consumers There were waves of surprises. Of course, this is limited to Android phones. You must know that Apple’s iPhone is still full of Liu Haiping.


However, according to the latest reports from foreign media, Apple is actively exploring new screen forms. Samsung and other screen suppliers have been required to start testing the corresponding parts. These parts will be integrated by Foxconn to finally make a new folding screen iPhone test machine. At the same time, key components such as the screen and bearings of the folding screen iPhone are also in the process of testing.

It is not reported that Apple has asked its long-term suppliers Foxconn and Nippon Nippon (also known as New Nikko) to send samples of foldable screens. In addition to the screen, the company also requires suppliers to test hinges, which will be tested for commercial use more than 1 million times during its life cycle. Among them, the foldable screen may be provided by Samsung, and Nippon Nippon will manufacture the hinge for the first foldable iPhone, and Foxconn will be responsible for the assembly.

In addition, the current test of Apple’s foldable iPhone also involves screen technology, whether OLED screen or micro-LED screen is used, which will determine the subsequent assembly method of the whole machine.

Regarding Apple’s foldable iPhone, some sources said in June this year that the design will be similar to the iPhone 11 series launched last year. There will be two independent screens, but they look continuous and seamless.


Although foreign media reported that Apple has begun testing foldable iPhone samples according to industry chain news, foreign media also stated in the report that the foldable iPhone will not be launched in the short term, and may be launched in 2022. In September, the price starts at US$1,499 and exceeds RMB 10,000. It will be equipped with 8GB of memory and 1TB of storage at the top.

And before that, Apple also applied for a new patent called self-healing screen, the purpose is to solve the biggest technical difficulty of folding screen phones today-the screen crease problem. It is reported that when dents appear on the screen, the material of the self-healing layer can be quickly filled to solve the problem of apple creases.

In addition, there have recently been reports that Apple will discontinue production of the iPad Mini when it launches the foldable iPhone. These reports are consistent with previous rumors, which claim that Apple’s first foldable device will be similar to the iPad, not the iPhone. It is also expected to run on iPadOS instead of iOS.

However, there are still months or even years before the release of the first foldable iPhone. Currently, Samsung, Huawei and Motorola have an advantage over other companies in foldable smartphones. Samsung has launched a number of foldable smartphones, the latest one is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

In addition, it is also worth mentioning today that since mobile phones entered the OLED era, green screen incidents have been common. Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, and mainstream smartphone manufacturers have basically gone through this process. Huawei originally used the return and exchange method, while Samsung and OnePlus used system upgrades to solve the problem. At present, the reason for the green screen of the iPhone 12 has not been investigated, and Apple has not given an official response. In this regard, Mingmei believes that iPhone 12 users should test the green screen of the mobile phone in low-brightness conditions as soon as possible, and try to return and exchange the product within 14 days if there is a problem.

Lastly, Mingmei Unlimited would also like to mention that, according to Yonhap News Agency, Apple’s iPhone 12 series has sold 600,000 units within one month of its launch in South Korea, which caused the Korean mobile communications market to continue to heat up at the end of the year. This momentum even threatens the position of Galaxy series Samsung mobile phones that have no rivals in the Korean domestic market.

According to statistics from the Korean mobile industry on the 30th, the iPhone 12 that went on the market on the 30th last month has only now been sold by three mobile communication companies about 500,000 units in one month.

Also, consider that 15-20% of iPhone sales are directly sold online, not through mobile telecommunications companies. Sales through online channels may have reached 100,000 units.

Therefore, industry analysts claim that the total sales of iPhone 12 series, including those sold through two channels, are expected to exceed 600,000 units.


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