It’s really inhumane, the iPhone 12, which sells for nearly 40,000 yuan, is here!

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iPhone 12

This may be the most “wonderful” iPhone 12 you can see. The price is nearly 40,000 yuan, but it does not have a rear camera. What would Apple think?

iPhone 12

Some time ago, Apple officially released four new iPhones, namely iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Among them, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has the highest positioning and the highest price. The top version is priced at 11,899 yuan, which is very expensive for a mobile phone.

However, for consumers who have enough money but are not satisfied with the recognition of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple has not provided them with the services they need. For example, some manufacturers can provide customers with laser engraving, custom leather shells, sterling silver or even gold shells, but apparently Apple does not intend to provide this service.

There are naturally others willing to do business that Apple does not do. Speaking of the Russian luxury brand customization company Caviar, netizens familiar with the digital circle will certainly not be unfamiliar. This company has always been known for launching privately-made, expensive digital products, such as the previously launched “Forbidden City” Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra inlaid with marble and rose gold, and the hardened titanium “cyberpunk” iPad Pro, is also a big name in luxury digital customized products.

Not recently, well-known Caviar luxury goods manufacturers have new ideas. They have launched a customized version of Apple’s latest iPhone 12 Pro mobile phone, and adopted a new design on this phone.

iPhone 12

Judging from the information released by the brand, the case of this luxury iPhone 12 Pro mobile phone is made of precious gold material and ultra-textured titanium. This is actually nothing. After all, there have been designs filled with diamonds on the back of the iPhone. The design of this new Caviar phone directly cancels the rear lens, which is a bit special.

There are two customized versions of the iPhone 12 Pro without a camera, covering iPhone 12 Pro Stealth and iPhone 12 Pro Stealth Gold, using hardened titanium as the body material, and the body surface is coated with black laser coating and PVD gold coating respectively. This model is designed to protect users from privacy risks caused by malicious behaviors such as applications and hackers.

In addition, this version of the iPhone 12 Pro cancels the rear three-camera combination and LiDAR, and turns off the front camera to enhance the user’s sense of security. Due to the special restrictions of this phone, it can be used in industries with extremely high requirements for safety, so that relevant practitioners can also use smart phones normally.

In addition, it is understood that the reason Caviar did this is because the phone is aimed at people who have extremely high requirements for privacy. Removing the camera can better protect user privacy. Caviar named the product Stealth (invisible). iPhone 12 Stealth has two versions for users to choose from. The Stealth black version starts at US$4,990 (approximately RMB 32,726), and the Stealth gold version starts at US$5520 (approximately RMB 36,202). These two versions are limited to 99 units respectively.

In addition, the question is now, will users who buy this kind of mobile phone care about the configuration and price?

iPhone 12

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: Maybe these luxury goods companies that specialize in buying and selling are just the real local tyrants who have a lot of “stupid people and a lot of money”. Of course, for ordinary consumers like us, We just have to take a look, and it’s okay to understand, it’s okay to have eye addiction. If there are tyrants who are inhumane among my fans, please remember to post and share Mingmei unlimited articles!


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