iOS 14.3 beta 3 is here, and the official version will be released soon!

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iOS 14

Users who like Apple mobile phones are familiar with and accustomed to iOS, and may not be uncomfortable even after returning from Android. Even old models such as iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 can be upgraded to the latest iOS 14. After a period of time, this is good-looking and convenient. The previous official version has rich, stable and smooth functions, but recently the iPhone 12 green screen door and battery door have problems. Some people say it is related to the iOS mobile phone system. It feels that Apple has been optimizing this point recently.

iOS 14

This is not in accordance with Apple’s practice of updating the test version once every two weeks. In the early hours of this morning, Apple officially pushed the latest iOS 14.3/iPadOS 14.3 public beta Beta 3 update, the version number is 18C5061a, announcing the official start of a new round of iOS/iPadOS system testing. .

Friends who want to experience the new system in advance can reply to iOS 14 on Mingmei Infinite WeChat to get the test version description file.

First of all, from the content of the previous update, it seems that the iOS 14.3 system mainly adds a new Apple ProRAW photo format to the iPhone 12 Pro series. In addition, foreign media reported that a new headset icon for AirPods Studio was found in the iOS 14.3 beta.

Specifically, the so-called RAW format refers to a picture that stores all the image information recorded by the camera, which is the basis for post-lossless retouching. Early RAW format was only supported by professional cameras. After the release of iPhone 12 Pro, Apple officially launched ProRAW format pictures. Different from the previous RAW format, the ProRAW format is not the original RAW of the image sensor, but includes the optimization of the image by the Apple mobile phone algorithm, such as HDR (high dynamic range), noise reduction, etc., through multi-frame stacking RAW.

iOS 14

Simply put, ProRAW format is designed for users who like to shoot in RAW format but want to take advantage of Apple camera settings (such as noise reduction and multi-frame exposure adjustment). The pictures taken in this way are generally very large (the original size of the photo is 25MB), but the latitude is also higher in post-retouching.

According to the latest reports from foreign media, Apple is about to launch a new headwear product, which is the long-rumored AirPods Studio, and the reason for launching this product is also very simple, enriching its own AirPods series product line.

Foreign media mentioned in the report that AirPods Studio may be released in the form of a press release at the end of this month. The sports version is priced at $350 and the high-end luxury version is priced at $599 (equivalent to RMB 4,000). The price is the same as the current Beats Studio.

In fact, in the beta version of iOS 14, the image of this new headset has appeared many times, which almost confirms its real existence.

As for Apple’s other new product, AirTags, Apple has delayed its launch, and it will not be released until March next year.

In addition to the above features, there are other new features including pregnancy data in the “Health” application, third-party application recommendations provided by certain countries/regions during setup, and support for using the camera application to scan the “App Clip” QR code.

Provide users with third-party application recommendations in iOS initial settings. The last feature basically recommends non-Apple apps to users before they start using the device.

For Apple, it is rare for Apple to recommend third-party applications to its own users, and Cook also said before that they should be relatively open in a relatively closed environment to keep up with user needs.


Hands-on experience

Compared with iOS14.3beta2, the system stability has been improved, and there is little difference between heat and power consumption. After all, iOS14 has been in place for so long and is relatively stable, so the power consumption and heat caused by bugs will not be so obvious. .

In addition, iOS 14.3beta 3 does not seem to bring obvious new changes. I read some comments from netizens. iOS 14.3beta 3 did not fix the green screen issue of iPhone 12, and the bug that some iPhones may not receive iMessage is still there.

Upgrade suggestion, this iOS14.3beta 3 beta version Mingmei Unlimited personally thinks that it is best not to upgrade first, after all, the official version of iOS 14.3 is expected to be released in the middle of this month. In addition, according to Apple’s routine, the end of the version number with a letter is basically the quasi-official version. Is that the official version?

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that in addition to the iOS 14.3 system, someone recently discovered a hidden egg on the iOS 14.2 system.

Apple released the iOS 14.2 system in early November. As the second major version update of iOS 14, iOS 14.2 brings many new features.

Including new Emoji emoticons, eight new wallpapers, new music recognition controls in the control center, and fixed a series of problems including “keyboard in the lock screen may miss input”.

In addition, foreign media recently discovered a new feature on iOS 14.2 that Apple did not mention. The FaceTime video call of iPhone 8 and newer models has added support for 1080p resolution.

This new feature was discovered by MacMagazine. They found that Apple had updated the technical specifications page of iPhone XR and other models shortly after the release of iOS 14.2.

In the end, what Mingmei wants to say is: Regarding the iOS14.3beta 3 beta version that Apple just pushed today, if it is already in the beta version before, you can continue to upgrade it on the mobile phone OTA, and those fans who want to be more stable You can wait for Apple to push the official version of iOS 14.3!


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