After watching these iPhone 13 exposures, “Thirteen Fragrance” may become a reality!

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iPhone 13

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Mingmei Infinite apple Fan Xintiandi.

When the iPhone 12 was released, there was a voice on the Internet saying: Don’t buy the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 is more fragrant. Because Wang Shouyi said: Thirteen incense!

Ming Mei Xingmei thought it was a kind of ridicule, but the netizens did not expect that the iPhone 12 is really not as good as the iPhone 13!

As for why, let’s look down.

iPhone 13

Every time a new iPhone is released, it will attract various fancy complaints. Fortunately, they are all minor issues that will not affect your determination to buy. But never once has it evolved into a large-scale rollover like iPhone12. In addition to the green screen, yellow screen and powder screen that frequently appeared recently, there are also the “endurance door”, “signal door”, and “frequency reduction door” left over from the previous iPhone…

All the problems are not lacking in iPhone12. It can be called the master of iPhone slots of all generations.

I believe that some fans who have been following Mingmei Wuxian to this day should all know that there is a saying in the mobile phone circle that “Wait for the party will never suffer”, this is not a problem.

This is not a lot of news about the iPhone 13 has been exposed by foreign media recently, and it is still uncertain how true it is. But various signs indicate that Apple engineers are concentrating on making major changes to the next-generation iPhone. Therefore, the original joke of “Thirteen Fragrance” may become a reality.

First of all, there is good news. The latest report released by Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingchi shows that from 2021, fingerprints under optical screens will once again become the mainstream of the mobile phone industry, and fingerprints under ultra-thin screens will be abandoned, mainly due to The user cost is too high and the user experience is not good. In addition, next year’s iPhone 13 series is expected to adopt fingerprint recognition technology under the optical screen.

iPhone 13

The iPhone uses off-screen fingerprint recognition technology, which is not surprising, because there was news before that Apple plans to reintroduce Touch ID through the under-screen mechanism, and “MESA” is the internal code name of Touch ID. Although Apple currently chooses to use Face ID on its flagship iPhone, there are constant patents and patent applications showing that Apple is still developing under-screen Touch ID.

Earlier, some broke the news that Apple is continuing to develop embedded fingerprint technology for the display and may release an iPhone with an under-screen Touch ID version in the future. Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote in a report in 2019 that Apple will release at least one under-screen fingerprint recognition version of the iPhone in 2021, which may mean that the iPhone 13 implements some type of Touch ID.

In fact, Apple has also applied for related patents. In addition, there are supply chain reports showing that Apple’s key suppliers are preparing to ship off-screen fingerprint recognition technology.

In addition, according to foreign media reports, Apple will adopt a new antenna solution for the iPhone 13 series. At present, Apple will increase its investment in the design and development of its own antenna. This year, Apple will launch the iPhone 12 series using millimeter wave (mmWave) technology in the US market. The mobile phone is equipped with an integrated antenna module (Antenna-in-Package, AiP) designed by Apple to support millimeter wave (mmWave). Apple will launch the iPhone 13 series in 2021 and will increase its investment in self-research. In Apple’s future independent plans, Apple is expected to include the RF front-end module (RF-FEM).

In addition, the iPhone has not had many shortcomings. In addition to the signal, battery life is the biggest shortcoming. Mingmei Infinity has always been wondering why iPhone phones refuse to increase the battery capacity. In the era when millet thousand yuan phones all use 6000 mAh batteries, the battery capacity of iPhone 12 series is still around 3000 mAh, iPhone12 Pro Max 3687 mAh, iPhone12 Pro 2815 mAh, iPhone12 2775 mAh, iPhone12 Mini only 2227 mAh.

As we all know, the internal parts of smartphones are compact and there is not much free space. The iPhone has enough materials and many parts, which may restrict the expansion of battery capacity. However, the iPhone 13 series will use battery soft board technology for the first time. This technology means that the internal battery of the mobile phone no longer uses a rigid printed circuit board, instead a flexible circuit board. This kind of flexible circuit board can make the battery into various shapes through its own softening characteristic to increase the battery capacity.

iPhone 13

Also, it is worth mentioning that, according to foreign media 9TechEleven, the iPhone may no longer use the Type-C interface, but will cancel Lightning and directly switch to wireless charging.

I believe that many users still hope that the iPhone can use the USB-C interface and discard the Lighting interface. Didn’t expect Apple to skip this step and go directly to the hole? Mingmei Wuxian believes that it is impossible for Apple to give up the Lighting interface, at least until the profit of this patent is drained, I don’t think it will.

Apple will replace it with another set of solutions. After MagSafe is launched, Apple will also launch MFM certification. It is enough to prove that Apple will build another wireless ecosystem and plan to replace Lightning wired connectors.

So now that Apple can make the decision to cancel the charging port, it means that other situations and solutions are mature, and the problems caused by canceling the charging port can be solved perfectly. However, the cancellation of the charging port also means that the wired headset has become history for mobile phones.

The marginalization of wired headsets has long been a trend. The 3.5mm headphone jack that was originally necessary for mobile phones was gradually cancelled. In order to better waterproof and save internal space, of course the biggest reason is to promote Bluetooth headsets. In the process of canceling the 3.5mm headphone jack, many manufacturers randomly included 3.5mm to type-c adapter cables, and even introduced type-c interface headphones, but these have become history.

To accelerate the development of Bluetooth headsets, we need to thank Apple. The Bluetooth headsets before AirPods are mostly neck-mounted Bluetooth headsets, also known as sports headsets, which are not beautiful to wear, and many users do not catch a cold. Until Apple introduced AirPods, a truly wireless design, with a headset charging compartment to ensure battery life, from practicality to appearance, the TWS Bluetooth headset market has been hot.

So canceling the iPhone with the charging port means that users have to spend more money to buy AirPods or other Bluetooth headsets, which is also a disguised form for users to spend more. But I also think that TWS Bluetooth headsets can greatly enhance the user experience.

It is a trend to cancel the charging port of mobile phones, and all this will be opened by Apple.

In addition, the iPhone 13 is expected to start at 128GB for the entire series and add 1TB options. 64GB is no longer enough, and the trend of 4K shooting has also emerged. Apple must change. There will be some changes in the iPhone series cameras in 2021, and iPhone13 will join the periscope telephoto. In fact, every new iPhone released every year has improved in terms of cameras, but even this new iPhone is always far from satisfactory on DxO. According to foreign media, the iPhone 13 will still have four models. The 13mini and 13 inherit the camera modules of the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. The ultra wide-angle cameras of the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will be greatly enhanced. It is expected to be equipped with an F/1.8 aperture, 6P glass and ultra-wide-angle lens that supports autofocus, AR function and 8K 45-frame video recording.

Of course, all iPhone 13 series will be equipped with the new iOS 15 mobile operating system. However, all iPhone 6 products will not be able to update to use iOS 15. Under the premise that the mobile phone runs fully and smoothly, the A9 chip can no longer meet the hardware requirements of iOS 15, so iPhone 6 will be eliminated by the times. This is also the official reminder to 6s nail users that you should change your mobile phone!

Based on the previous exposure news, compared with the iPhone in recent years, the iPhone 13 series will undergo great changes. It will no longer adopt the notch screen, but will adopt a hole-digging screen design, equipped with 2K-level resolution LG’s LTPO OLED panel, supporting 120Hz In terms of screen refresh rate and processor, the iPhone 13 series is expected to be equipped with the A15 bionic processor and support a new generation of fast charging technology. However, this is just some revelations from foreign media. More introductions are yet to be followed up.

Of course, the iPhone12 series has just been launched, and it is indeed too early to discuss next year’s iPhone13, and the authenticity of the current rumors has yet to be confirmed. However, this also fully shows that users are eagerly looking forward to Apple’s new generation of iPhone, and expect it to bring us surprises.

So, what do you expect from the iPhone 13 next year?

Today, by the way, it was recently revealed that Apple will launch iPad 9 next year, and according to the news, related renderings have also been exposed. The appearance is basically the same as this year’s iPad 8, and other aspects are routinely upgraded with the A13 processor.

Finally, do you think Apple will make any improvements on the iPhone 13? Who are you standing for, Jinling’s “Thirteen Chases” and Wang Shouyi’s “Thirteen Incenses”?


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