There is a major problem with the iPhone 11. Has your station been recruited?

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iPhone 11

Since the release of the iPhone 12, it has been searched twice, once the official website was smashed on the day of the pre-sale, and the other was the “green screen door”, which attracted much attention for its every move. In fact, the neglected iPhone 11 is suffering the same problem.

iPhone 11

As Apple’s main cost-effective model, iPhone 11 has been controversial since its release. Some people think that A13+iOS only sells more than 4,000! Some people also complain about large black edges on the LCD screen, poor signal, and slow charging speed.

But I have to admit that the sales of iPhone 11 have indeed exceeded many people’s expectations. No one thought it would sell so hot. So far, it should be Apple’s best-selling mobile phone in recent years.

Of course, selling well does not mean it must be no problem. For IPhone11 users, the screen break does not seem to be accidental. If you usually use Douyin to watch news, you may suddenly become unable to draw your hands. Some people think that this is a pot with too thick tempered film posted by the user. Others think that this is just an occasional problem in the iOS system update. But in fact, this is probably caused by the poor quality of the internal parts of the iPhone 11.

iPhone 11

But just yesterday morning, Apple’s official website announced a global repair service plan for iPhone11. Apple officially stated that some iPhone 11 produced between November 2019 and May 2020 may stop responding to touch due to problems with the display module. Users can go to Apple’s after-sales website for inquiries. If the condition is that Apple can replace the screen for free.

If your iPhone 11 has touch problems during use, you can check whether your phone meets Apple’s plan based on the serial number of your phone. Apple has launched a query tool. Open Apple’s official website and click “Technical Support” to jump to the service support page. At the bottom of the page, there will be Apple’s service plan for the device. Enter the iPhone 11 display replacement plan page, and there will be a query tool on this page.

The method of checking the serial number of the mobile phone is also very simple. Go to Settings-General-About this machine. Press and hold the serial number and a “Copy” button will pop up. Click to copy the serial number.

After the user confirms that his iPhone 11 meets the conditions, he can go to the local Apple authorized service provider to request repair, make an appointment with the local Apple Store retail store or contact the Apple after-sales service personnel, and send the problematic device to the Apple repair center for repair. It should be noted that this service can only be repaired at the place where the user’s equipment was purchased, and non-national bank users may encounter some trouble.

iPhone 11

Users who pay for repairs because of the disconnection problem don’t have to panic. If the official website checks to verify that the user’s iPhone 11 is affected by the problem and has already paid for the repair. Users can get the corresponding compensation refund by contacting Apple.

Specifically, if your iPhone 11 has any damage that will affect the completion of the repair (such as a broken screen), you need to solve the related problems before repairing, and you may need to pay for additional repairs. That is, if your device screen has been broken, even if it meets the plan conditions, you still need to pay to replace it.

Of course, if your own iPhone 11 has been paid for repairing the device in an Apple Apple Store or an official authorized service provider because of this problem, you can contact Apple for a refund.

But I don’t know if you have noticed it. The official statement is a small part, which can be said to be very rigorous, so there should not be too many users who want to experience this plan. I don’t know if there are any users who use iPhone 11, please feel free to give feedback on their experience. In view of the unglamorous practices of some people in China before, Mingmei Infinite still calls for good service policies not to be used maliciously, or else Apple will be blamed for different treatment.

In addition, Apple previously announced the AirPods Pro service plan. Apple confirmed that a small number of AirPods Pro may experience sound problems, cracking or static noise. Apple’s solution is to replace the problematic headset for free. The price of Apple products is generally higher than other similar products, but the higher prices also have higher quality after-sales service.

Of course, we can’t deny that Apple’s handling of the problem is relatively sincere this time, proactively issuing announcements to indicate the problem, and also giving users a free replacement screen, which is fairly qualified as an international manufacturer. But even so, this has a very bad impact on Apple, because for Apple, the frequent failure of iPhone will undoubtedly reduce the user’s loyalty to the Apple brand. If Apple does not grasp quality control issues in the future, perhaps It will plant a “time bomb” for future development.

Mingmei Wuxian believes that although this announcement came a bit late, at least Apple found that it was a hardware problem after a series of investigations, and it was willing to take the initiative to provide repairs. This is worthy of praise. If you buy other iPhone models that have such problems, you can also give positive feedback. After all, you have spent thousands of dollars to buy a mobile phone. If you don’t worry about it, it is really a loss.

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that a number of foreign technology websites recently reported that a senior information security researcher from Google has discovered a major vulnerability in Apple mobile phones and other devices: you can get everything without touching your mobile phone. information. The key to this vulnerability is a network protocol called AWDL by Apple. Google researchers successfully controlled an Apple mobile phone in the next room in 6 months. The invasion process only takes about 2 minutes, you can access all the data on the phone. Currently, Apple has fixed this vulnerability in the new system in May this year. However, Google researchers said that even though Apple repaired it, it did not inform users of this vulnerability, and users were completely unaware of the entire process.

The researcher said that it took him half a year to find a way by himself. A deliberate hacker team did not need such a long time and could complete the relevant operations in a very short time. At present, Apple has stated that it has fixed this vulnerability in the new system. Researchers argue that Apple did not notify users before the repair, and did not notify users after the repair. Such serious vulnerabilities should be known to users.

I found a very interesting point. The researchers who study Apple system vulnerabilities come from Google. Of course, Google is most famous for the Android operating system, so… In any case, it is the obligation of mobile phone manufacturers to ensure the safety and privacy of users, and we hope that such things will not happen again in the future.

In addition, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: This should be the second large-scale screen replacement program launched by Apple after the “iPhone X display replacement program”. Could it be that what happened to the screen supplier?

Apple has been buying screens from Samsung and LG. The mixed use of screens has caused problems in post-debugging and updating. However, due to production capacity and shipment issues, Apple had to mix screens, which resulted in uneven screen quality. The domestically produced BOE has already met Apple’s requirements for screens, but the yield rate is not high, and it is missed by Apple’s screen suppliers. Apple’s problems on the screen should continue for several years.

Finally, this year’s iPhone 12 series also experienced a disconnection phenomenon, and some models also experienced a green screen problem. Will Apple also launch a “screen replacement plan for iPhone 12” next year? Have you ever encountered screen problems with touch? If you have anything else you want to say about Apple’s iPhone 11, please leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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