iPhone 12 hit the reserve price, but troubles continue!

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iPhone 12

Almost two months have passed since the release of Apple’s new machine, but the popularity of this new machine is still very high. It seems that Apple’s appeal should not be underestimated. The reason why the iPhone 12 is so popular is largely due to its 5G attributes. This is Apple’s first 5G mobile phone, and it is just right to be released in the 5G era. Although Apple’s 5G mobile phone is a full year later than the domestic 5G mobile phone, most of the apple fans feel that a good meal is not afraid of being late. This is not enough to become a slot. Therefore, there are only a lot of people starting the iPhone 12, and even now the iPhone 12 is still There has been an out of stock situation.

iPhone 12

Not long ago, iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max were included in Pinduoduo’s tens of billions of subsidies, with the highest drop of 800 yuan.

As Double 12 approaches, Pinduoduo continues to increase the code. After the double 12 discount is added, the new maximum discount for iPhone 12 can reach 1,000 yuan (iPhone 12 mini 128GB model), and the starting price of iPhone 12 mini is further reduced from 4699 yuan to 4699 yuan , 128GB fell below the 5,000 yuan mark.

The iPhone 12 128GB is reduced by 200 yuan on the basis of the original subsidy, which is below the 6000 yuan mark for the first time, and the post-voucher price is only 5899 yuan.

In terms of services, all iPhone 12s participating in the “Ten Billion Subsidy” campaign enjoy the “genuine insurance” protection provided by PICC to ensure that the Bank of China is authentic and provides authentic invoices, SF Express shipping, seven-day unreasonable return, and fake one. Compensation for after-sales service.

Since the launch of Apple’s iPhone12 series, Pinduoduo’s tens of billions of subsidies have continued to bring the lowest price on the entire network, bringing the ultimate price-performance ratio to consumers. In addition to the four smartphones of the iPhone12 series, iPad8, iPadAir4 tablet computers, M1 chip MacBookAir, MacBookPro laptops and AppleWatch Series 6/SE smart watches have successively registered in the 10 billion subsidy Apple area, constantly breaking through the lowest price of the entire network and continuing to be the platform 731.3 million active users brought surprises.

iPhone 12

Buying Apple products has gradually integrated into the public consumption habits. Since October this year, Apple has held the most three new product launch conferences in history. After each press conference, a large number of netizens followed up to discuss the “multiple prices” of new products and asked Pinduoduo to “arrange 10 billion subsidies.” On the one hand, we can see that Pinduoduo users are very concerned about new digital products, and at the same time, we can feel that they hope to enjoy the shopping experience brought by the ultimate cost-effective platform on the platform.

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that the iPhone 12 series green screen door incident is gradually fermenting.

After receiving the new iPhone 12 series mobile phones, some users showed a greenish screen in dark mode (ie black). The models involved iPhone 12, iPhone 12mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The green screen door is not unfamiliar to everyone. On the Mate 20 Pro model, Huawei’s use of the LG screen led to the greenish situation around the screen. At first, it did not attract Huawei’s attention. However, as more testing agencies tested it, Indeed, a batch of LG screens had quality problems. In response, Huawei responded that it will replace these affected users for free until they are not green.

As for the iPhone green screen incident, Apple also responded by saying that it has already grasped a small number of feedback on this situation and is investigating it. At the same time, Apple has advised technicians to avoid providing services to affected iPhones at least for now, and inform customers to keep their iPhones updated with the latest iOS version. This issue will be fixed through system updates in the future.

In addition, as we all know, battery life has always been a shortcoming of the iPhone. The iPhone is not durable enough. Although it has something to do with the upgrade of the iOS system, the most important thing is the battery capacity of the iPhone itself. This also caused a series of problems. For example, after every new iOS system upgrade, some users complained that the iOSXXX system consumes too much power.

According to foreign media reports, many users complained about the power consumption of iOS 14.2 in the Apple Developer Forum and Reddit. Judging from the users who have reported the problem, it seems that this problem occurs only on older models, including iPhone Xs/ 8P/7/6s, and even an iPad Pro user running iPadOS 14.2. Here comes the power consumption problem.

Some users said that their iPhone consumes more than 50% of the power in half an hour, and even 5% of the power is lost in a minute or two, which seems very unreasonable. However, some users said that the power consumption returned to normal after restarting the iPhone, which seemed to be a software problem.

Judging from the current feedback, iOS 14.2 systems are all responding quickly to power consumption. iOS 14.2.1 does not seem to have this problem, so if your iPhone happens to be on 14.2 system and you feel that power consumption is a bit fast, you can first Try upgrading the system.

Of course, not only the iOS 14.2 system has the power consumption problem, some iPhone 12 users also encountered the problem of excessive power consumption when using the new iPhone.

iOS 14
iOS 14

Apple has not yet responded to this matter, and there is no new post indicating that the battery problem has been fixed in iOS 14.2.1.

The third developer and public beta version of iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3 has been released, so Apple may resolve this issue in this update. It is said that the third major update of iOS 14 will bring support for the Apple ProRAW format and improvements to the family, health and weather.

Users of old devices can temporarily refrain from updating iOS 14.2 until this problem is resolved.

In addition, today I would also like to mention that some users have reported that there is an abnormality in the wireless charging of the iPhone 12, such as the phenomenon that it was used normally the day before but cannot be used the next day. Some users said that after restarting or restoring the iPhone 12 to the factory settings, the wireless charging function can be used normally, but the problem of unable to charge will occur again for a period of time.

Of course, there are some third-party wireless chargers certified by Qi that cannot charge the iPhone 12 normally. It is worth mentioning that although Apple’s customer service responded that this problem is being solved, it is expected that it will take some time to be fixed considering the previous situation.

Mingmei is infinitely written at the end

The most important thing for a mobile phone product is to meet the needs of users. iPhone 12 has merits, but it cannot conceal its flaws, so it is reasonable to be exposed to various problems. I hope that Apple can face up to user feedback and launch a solution as soon as possible, otherwise the iPhone 12 may become the most failed phone in Apple’s history!


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