There is a serious problem with iOS 14.2, and billions of apple fans are going to quarrel again!

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iOS 14.2

At present, iPhone 12 is really problematic. From the previous green screen, touch screen failure, freezing, etc., although Apple has made some improvements through the system upgrade, new problems have appeared in Apple’s iOS system.

iOS 14.2

For a long time, everyone’s impression of the iOS system has basically remained smooth, easy to use, and safe. It seems that they have not paid much attention to other aspects. For example, some problems that have not been effectively solved so far have become unfavorable in the eyes of many apple fans. So important.

Over the years, the issue of power consumption in the iOS system has been raised, and users have been expecting Apple to solve this problem year after year. What is strange is that there are some serious bugs related to system security. Apple can always do the fastest However, Apple cannot effectively solve the problem of power consumption that does not affect device safety, but affects the user experience.

By iOS14, users are looking forward to sweeping away the bad impressions on iOS13, not to mention a perfect solution in terms of power consumption, at least don’t let everyone down too much, but everyone seems to be disappointed again.

This is not based on user feedback. The iOS 14.2 system has serious power consumption problems, such as fast power consumption and slow charging. The models affected this time are also relatively old, such as iPhone XS, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, and so on. In addition to the iPhone, the iPad Pro 2018 upgraded to iPadOS 14.2 seems to have been affected by this.

According to users, their mobile phone consumes 50% of the power in half an hour, and sometimes even 5% of the power is consumed in a few minutes. In addition, some users said that restarting the phone after encountering this problem can temporarily solve the problem. Therefore, Mingmei is here to remind everyone that it is better not to upgrade to iOS 14.2 for some old models.

Of course, in addition to the old devices that are affected this time, some iPhone 12 users also said that their iPhone 12 disappeared out of thin air after closing all background apps, refreshing background apps, and Bluetooth. And during this period, he did not use his mobile phone.

iOS 14

This problem seems to be related to the software, because the battery life of multiple users is still OK before upgrading the system, and this problem becomes more obvious after updating the system.

What is the specific cause, but also an accurate response from Apple’s official website.

In this regard, Mingmei Wuxian asked a few messages from fans of Mingmei Wuxian’s official account:

Cute baby’s second sketch: Once it was like a crash, the buttons on the screen did not respond, and no program was clicked. It was just fine after a forced restart. Does this count?

Super brother’s super energy: After the iPhone7 is upgraded, after listening to the WeChat voice, the phone is black and it is not bright.

Little Sweet Potato: My 6s upgrade to 14.2 consumes too much power.

Old Na’s small three: Since the update of this version, WeChat will encounter, unable to type, game cards, regret upgrading, feel that the phone is going to be scrap

The only yoki: be confident and remove the word “or”. The problem of large power consumption was discovered on the first day of promotion.

Golden Rabbit: My 7p has been upgraded ruthlessly, the power consumption has not changed, the signal seems to be better, the interface is beautiful, that is, the screen is automatically turned off when the call is returned on the lock screen.

Rongzhi’s vest: the most obvious difference, two xsmax, one 13.2 system, one 14.2 system, under the same weather in Guangzhou, 14.2 eating chicken will definitely get hot while 13.2 will not.

Later, some users contacted Apple. Although Apple is aware of the matter, Apple has not responded. It is estimated that the problem will be resolved through system updates.

In addition, by the way today, the official version of iOS 14.2 has more changes and upgrades compared to iOS 14.1, including 8 sets of new wallpapers, more than 100 new Emoji expressions, and the AirPods Pro settings have added “battery” Optimization” option and so on. It is understood that the official version of iOS 14.2 adds a charging optimization function to AirPods Pro.

iPhone 12

At the end of last month, Apple pushed the system update of iOS 14.2.1. The main content of this update is bug fixes. According to the information on the upgrade page, iOS 14.2.1 solves the following iPhone issues: some MMS messages may not be received, the Made for iPhone hearing aid may have sound quality issues when listening to iPhone audio, and the lock screen on the iPhone 12 mini may not be available. In response, some dual-SIM devices may lose cellular network connection.

It is reported that this problem is solved in iOS 14.2.1, but the effect is not obvious. Currently, there is no new post stating that the battery problem has been fixed in iOS 14.2.1.

In addition, it is reported that the third developer and public beta version of iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3 have been released, so Apple may resolve this issue in this update.

In addition, it is said that the third major update of iOS 14 will bring support for the Apple ProRAW format and improvements to the family, health and weather.

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: Therefore, it is recommended that friends who use old devices do not update iOS 14.2 for the time being, until Apple officially solves this problem, we can update with confidence!


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