The iOS 14.3RC version is here, and the official version is not far away!

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iOS 14

I believe there are fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite to this day. Mingmei Infinite has told you before that Apple will release a major version update of the iOS system on December 8th. As expected, iOS 14.3 is here today. An update that is very important for users, but a headache for developers (this point Mingmei will explain to you in the article), the version is RC (Release Candidate Candidate), which is the same as the previous GM (Golden Master final test version) is the same, but it is different.

iOS 14.3

One of the major features of this update is mainly for iPhone 12 Pro/Max, bringing a new photo format Apple ProRAW. Although Apple has a lot of explanations on this feature, it can be summarized in one sentence and can take higher quality photos. Unfortunately, this function is not available even for iPhone 12/mini, it is an exclusive function of Pro/Max.

So, about the iOS 14.3RC version that Apple has just updated and pushed today, Mingmei will share with the fans who follow me in detail.

First of all, let me focus on the fact that Apple released AirPods Max last night. This innovative wireless headset brings the wonderful experience of AirPods to an over-ear design with high-fidelity sound. AirPods Max combines custom acoustic design, H1 chip and advanced software to support computational audio, and brings a breakthrough listening experience through adaptive equalization, active noise reduction, transparent mode and spatial audio. AirPods Max has five beautiful colors in space gray, silver, sky blue, green and pink.

This is not after the release of the first headset AirPods Max last night. In the early hours of this morning, Apple pushed the iOS 14.3RC candidate version (similar to the previous GM version) update for the developer preview users. Users who have installed the iOS 14 beta version description file can directly open the settings-general-software update online OTA upgrade to the latest iOS 14.3 system. For the official version users, if you want to upgrade to this version, you can first install the “iOS14 beta version description file”. After the installation is complete and the device restarts, you can also upgrade online via OTA.

However, the official version of iOS 14.3 is about to be released. For users who don’t want to toss, it is recommended to wait until the official version is released before upgrading.

In addition, the size of this update package is about 4.44G, and the updated version number is (18C65). According to Apple’s official update prompts, this iOS 14.3 update is mainly to add support for Apple Fitness + and AirPods Max. This new service will be launched on December 14, but the first country does not include China, for the time being and domestic users Missed.

iOS 14

In addition, iOS 14.3 RC version also adds support for AirPods Max. It also brings Apple ProRAW photo format capability support for iPhone 12 Pro. However, a single photo in this format is tens of MB, and users of small-capacity iPhones should be careful.

In addition, this update also upgraded the App Store privacy information protection, and also brought other features and bug fixes to the iPhone.

In fact, in addition to the above functions, this update also brings many new changes, such as TV applications, health, weather, Safari, Apple Watch atrial fibrillation function, etc., but Apple Watch atrial fibrillation function is currently not available in mainland China use.

Let’s start with Mingmei Infinity:

The new Apple TV+ tab allows you to easily discover and watch Apple original shows and movies.

The enhanced search function allows you to browse by category (such as genre) and view recent searches and suggestions as you type.

The top search results displayed with the most relevant matching results for movies, TV shows, actors, channels, and sports.

iOS 14.3 also makes it easier to set custom application icons, thanks to the ability to run shortcuts from the Home screen, without having to start the shortcut application first. This update also brings a software update that supports setting Ecosia as the default search engine and supports the installation of third-party HomeKit accessories directly in the Home application.

And iOS 14.3 will allow users to directly use the camera or scan Apple’s App Clip QR code through the control center to start App Clip. The weather app provides air quality data provided by BreezoMeter for the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, and Mexico, while air quality in specific areas of China is provided by QWeather.

Regarding the upgrade of a new version, everyone is more concerned about the smoothness after the upgrade and the battery life. According to the apple fans who have been upgraded to iOS14.3RC, the phone has become smoother after the upgrade, and the frame rate of the animation has been improved. , But the battery life has deteriorated, and it feels not as durable as the previous version, except for these, no obvious difference is felt.

Users of old iPhone models should pay more attention to battery life, because users of old iPhone models said that after upgrading to the iOS14.2 system, the follow-up voyage capability becomes worse and the charging becomes slower.

As for the issue of not updating, it is confirmed that people are more entangled. Mingmei Unlimited personally recommends that if your iPhone consumes normal power and is very concerned about privacy issues, you can try to upgrade. If the power consumption is abnormal, and you are worried that it will not improve after the upgrade, Just wait and see.


Finally, it’s worth mentioning that, according to Apple’s official news, AirPods Max will be officially released on December 15th. The minimum system support version of the new headset is iOS 14.3. This indicates that the official version of iOS 14.3 will be released on December 15th with AirPods Max. Simultaneous launch.

I should also mention today that, considering that the push time of the two official versions of the last two is selected on Friday, if this pattern continues, the official version of iOS 14.3 is expected to be pushed on December 11 (of course For reference only).

So everyone can just look forward to the arrival of the official version, it doesn’t matter whether the beta version is upgraded or not.

In this regard, do you plan to start with AirPods Max? Please report in the comment section. If you have anything else to say about the iOS 14.3RC version that Apple has just pushed today, please leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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