Is the iPhone 12 series the best official price cut?

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iPhone 12

Today is the annual “Double Twelve”, and in a blink of an eye this year 2020 will be far away from us. I believe that many people like Mingmei Infinity, and hope to restart in 2020.

iPhone 12

Going far, back to the theme that Ming Mei Wu Wu will talk to many fans today. We can always hear the phrase “buy early and enjoy early” around us. Every year after Apple releases a new phone, we always hear different “criticisms” from the outside world. However, after the criticism, I bought the iPhone backhand, which has already become a mobile phone. A normal state of users, and this year’s iPhone 12 is still the case, and next year’s sales caps are basically scheduled.

Immediately after the release of iPhone12, it attracted the attention of countless fans. The frame returned to the classic design of iPhone4S, which made this phone look more “combat”, although many “cloud users” reported that iPhone12 was used because of the frame. There will be a feeling of “hands-on”, Mingmei infinity still recommends that you try again with a mobile phone case.

Judging from the sales data of the third-party e-commerce platform in November, iPhone 11 is still the champion of sales this month, but after all, it has reached the 5G era. iPhone 11 can only exert its last heat, and next year will be the world of 5G. iPhone12 not only has the attributes of 5G, but also takes the second place after iPhone11. If iPhone11 exits the stage of history next year, iPhone12 will be the best heir. This will lay the foundation for iPhone12 sales next year, so iPhone12 will officially cut its price. After that, is it worth buying? Let Mingmei share the latest things about Apple’s iPhone 12 to the fans who have been following me.

First of all, as we all know, since the iPhone 12 went on sale, Apple has adopted a series of strict price control measures, and product sources can only be sent to officially approved channels. However, under Apple’s protective measures, many people are waiting for the official price cut in the face of the expensive iPhone12, which has also put a lot of pressure on iPhone12 sales. However, after persisting for nearly two months, Apple still made a compromise to the market and launched a price reduction promotion.

iPhone 12

Today, Mingmei noticed that Apple officially will participate in this year’s Double 12 event, and the iPhone 12 also ushered in an official price cut for the first time. According to a domestic e-commerce platform, a cat showed that iPhone12 participated in activities of over 4,000 yuan minus 200 yuan, and at the same time can enjoy 12 installment interest-free activities, which means that the price of iPhone12 on this platform is only 6,099 yuan, while iPhone12 The mini price is only 5299 yuan.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning today that most people can choose iPhone 12, which is the right size and the price is not particularly expensive. The key is that it is not much weaker than 12pro in all aspects, mainly the difference in imaging system, but the difference is really small. If you can use professional photography and are commonly used, there is a difference. For ordinary people, 12 takes pictures. It’s good enough, you don’t need to care about Dolby video, 4x optical zoom, proraw, and so on. I take photos of iPhone 12 daily. The focus is accurate, and the details of double-clicking are still very clear. The color reproduction is accurate. It also reflects Apple’s camera adjustment. Aspect skill. Night shots can really be called a surprise. Even in the dark, it can still take clear photos, which makes up for the weaknesses of previous products.

Of course, Mingmei has never considered the iPhone 12 to be a perfect phone. We can indeed find out many of its problems, such as the green screen problem, the battery life is not that strong, and even the excellent shooting performance we think , We can also find many small problems. And if you really want to compare with some Android flagship phones, we can also say that its refresh rate is not high enough, and the charging efficiency is not fast enough. But for a long-term smartphone user, the iPhone 12 can indeed be said to be good in terms of feel and operation. The best at present, and this is a fatal temptation for a user.

As for whether the iPhone 12 is worth buying or not, it may be a matter of opinion. Apple’s mobile phones have never been said to be cheap. However, at least during the more than one month of use of Mingmei Infinite, Mingmei Infinite does not miss any Android phones that have been used in the past, because the iPhone 12 is so comfortable to use. Therefore, from a certain point of view, Ming Mei Wuxiu believes that whether to buy an iPhone is entirely out of budget considerations!

Finally, I summarize the purchase recommendations. Ordinary consumers just need to buy 12 or 12 Pro, not just need to buy it, digital enthusiasts go directly to Pro, and other enthusiasts such as small screen fans who do not look at the evaluation will firm their choice.

iPhone 12

Finally, as 2020 is about to come to an end, and December is also a month of many festivals, I believe that major brand manufacturers will carry out a series of preferential promotions for their products, including Apple’s iPhone 12 series. So, what else I want to say when reading this article about the latest content of Apple’s iPhone 12 shared by Mingmei Wuxian, may as well leave a message in the comment area for Mingmei Wuxian to participate in the discussion! Fans are still paying attention to Mingmei infinitely not to get lost!


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