Apple updates the system without stopping, and iOS 14.4 is coming quietly!

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iOS 14

I believe that all the fans who have been following Mingmei Infinite to this day should all know that Apple released the official version update of iOS 14.3 this Tuesday, bringing support for the fitness service Apple Fitness+ and the new headset AirPods Max. At the same time, ProRAW photo format support has been added to the iPhone 12 Pro series, which brings more details to the photos and facilitates later editing. Just two days after iOS 14.3 was pushed, Apple released the first beta update of iOS 14.4 non-stop.

iOS 14

This is not just early this morning, Apple pushed the iOS 14.4 Beta1 update for the developer preview users. Users who have installed the iOS 14 beta version description file can directly open Settings-General-Software Update, and directly upgrade to the latest iOS 14.4 beta version via OTA.

The size of this update package is about 4.45G, and the updated version number is (18D5030e). As the fourth major update of the iOS 14 system, what new feature updates will this iOS 14.4 system bring?

Judging from the fans of Mingmei Unlimited official account and Mingmei Unlimited’s update experience, iOS 14.4 Beta1 did not add any obvious new features. The previous iPhone 12 green screen problem still has not been fixed after the upgrade. This is Updated a lonely?

However, some netizens reported that after upgrading iOS 14.4, some iPhone models, such as iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and other long-term encountered lock screen password missing problems have been perfectly solved.

That is, when the user enters the lock screen, he clearly has pressed the button, but the screen does not respond. You need to delete the password or turn on the screen and re-enter it.

In addition, although this version is a major version update, it does not have any major features worth mentioning. The main ones are routine repairs of underlying BUGs and system optimization.

If the upgrade suggestion, the beta version is very prone to unpredictable BUG problems, and there are no new features worth experiencing.

Therefore, Mingmei Wuxian does not recommend ordinary users to upgrade to experience this basic beta version.

So it can be said that after updating the iOS 14.4 Beta version, no obvious function changes have been found so far, and the main focus is on improving system stability.

It is expected that some issues that have not been fixed on the iOS 14.3 system, Apple will continue to optimize and improve on the iOS 14.4 system.

Now according to relevant exposure information, the official version of iOS 14.4 will be updated in January 2021.

It is also worth mentioning today that Apple has finally updated the relevant data of the iOS system today. Among the iPhones launched in the past four years, 81% have “iOS 14” installed.

This is the first time that Apple has announced the installation rate of the iOS 14 system. Although there have been third-party statistics before, the official data is obviously more accurate. Apple’s statistics focus on “equipment in the past four years”. According to the life cycle of electronic products, this setting will be relatively more valuable.

Therefore, according to Apple’s data, 81% of the iPhones launched in the past four years have already installed “iOS 14”, 17% continue to run iOS 13, and the other 2% run earlier versions of iOS.

If you don’t include the “devices within four years” limit, 72% of all iPhones that are still working are running iOS 14, 18% are iOS 13, 10% are earlier products, and this category includes the possibility of not being able to install the latest System equipment.

As for the iPad, 75% of all iPads launched in the last four years use iPadOS 14, 22% of users run iPadOS 13, and 3% of users run an early version of iOS. Regardless of the four-year period, 61% of all iPads use iPadOS 14, 21% run iPadOS 13, and 18% run an earlier version.

Since the release of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 in September, Apple has officially provided data only once. Previously, according to estimates by third-party agency Mixpanel, the installation rate of iOS 14 in October was 50%. This Tuesday, Apple pushed the official update of iOS 14.3, adding support for the new headset AirPodsMax and fitness service AppleFitness+; iPhone12Pro and iPhone12ProMax also added AppleProRAW format photo shooting and editing functions in the photo application to provide more play to post-processing Space; add a private information section on the AppStore page, optimize the light App experience, support weather and maps and other applications to obtain air quality data, and iPhone12 with dual SIM cards supports independent 5G. In addition, the update also solves the problems of not being able to receive some Caixin, “information” notifications, App files may not be opened, and the device cannot be wirelessly charged.

Besides, by the way today, why are so many people upgrading to the latest system?

There are nothing more than three reasons:

One is to experience the new functions brought by the new system;

The second is some hardware and software requirements. If you don’t upgrade to the latest system, you won’t be able to use some software at all;

The third is the mandatory system update, especially for some small partners who buy stock iPhones, they are forced to upgrade to the latest system on the activation interface, otherwise they cannot be activated.

Why would anyone not upgrade?

iOS 14

Someone buys a card sticker machine and needs to be reset after the upgrade, so even if it is itchy, you will resist the upgrade;

Very satisfied with the old version, such as battery life, performance and so on. And the new version does not have any appeal to him;

As Apple shuts down the system verification, it is impossible to return to the original system version after the upgrade. I am worried that the iPhone will get stuck after the upgrade, and it is not as easy to use as the old version. So simply don’t upgrade, use it until you change your phone.

In addition, what I have to complain about today is that this version update still does not solve the green screen and standby power consumption issues on the iPhone12 series.

Finally, what Mingmei wants to say is: Have you found any new features after upgrading to iOS 14.4?

Mingmei Unlimited personally recommends that if you use it as the main machine, don’t upgrade to the latest beta version for now. If you have a few iPhone players around me like me, you can feel free.

In this regard, if you have anything else you want to say about the first beta version of iOS 14.4 that Apple quietly released today, please leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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