The iPhone 13 is fully exposed, and it is waiting for the party to usher in victory!

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iPhone 13

At the beginning of this article today, Ming Mei Wuxian would like to ask a more soulful question from the fans who have been following me to this day, that is: Is the new iPhone 12 fragrant? This is probably a topic of different opinions. For those users who have more user experience than beliefs, although the iPhone 12 is Apple’s first-generation 5G mobile phone, it has a lot of unsatisfactory aspects. The iPhone 12 is currently the most complained. Modeling fried rice, bad signal, green screen, no 120hz refresh rate and other issues.

iPhone 13

But for those users who have extreme belief in Apple, not only the iPhone 12 is fragrant, but every generation of iPhone is incredibly fragrant. Although the current iPhone12 is affected by the new crown pneumonia “big devil”, the production capacity is insufficient, and it is often necessary to purchase and pre-order, but it still can’t stop the fans of those models like iPhone12.

However, the next news may make those users who spend more than 10,000 to buy the top of the iPhone 12 feel unhappy. The iPhone 13 may be released in advance, and it is really fragrant! In nine months, the iPhone 13 is coming!

Why is it 9 months instead of a year? That’s because this year’s iPhone 12 release time was delayed for more than a month due to the sudden epidemic, and next year Apple is obviously ready to not choose to release the iPhone 13 in October, but choose to restore the “ancient system” in September next year. Put iPhone13 into the market.

After the news that this iPhone 13 is not exposed has spread like wildfire on the Internet, many netizens have begun to pay attention to this phone. After patiently sorting out, Mingmei Infinity found that the iPhone 13 is very different from the previous Apple phones, no matter in appearance. In terms of design or internal configuration, iPhone13 has undergone a substantial upgrade. This upgrade is no longer the previous toothpaste squeezing, but a quality improvement. Let’s take a look at this newly confirmed iPhone13. What does it bring to apple fans powder?

First of all, according to Apple product analysts, Apple will launch the iPhone 13 series on time in 2021.

Affected by the epidemic this year, most Apple employees work at home, which has affected the production chain. However, a recent investment report pointed out that the mass production schedule of the iPhone 13 series is the same as the old iPhone before the iPhone 12 series, so you can look forward to it. The entire iPhone 13 series can be launched in September.

However, it is not yet known how many models of the iPhone 13 series are available. However, it has been reported recently that the iPhone 12 mini has only 4% -5% of the sales volume in the series. It can be seen that the iPhone 12 mini is not very popular with users. In the end, the iPhone 13 series may only be iPhone 13. iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

According to the exposed information, the iPhone 13 series may be equipped with a high refresh rate screen. It is important to know that this year’s full series of 60Hz screen refresh rates are indeed not friendly, leading many users to believe that Apple phones have not kept up with the market trend.

There are also reports that next year’s Apple mobile phones may be equipped with low-power LTPO technology OLED displays, which are more power-efficient than traditional OLED screens, which lays the foundation for the 120Hz refresh rate.

iPhone 13

Of course, if next year’s iPhones continue to use OLED screens, it means that it may be difficult to see mobile phones equipped with LCD screens in the future.

In addition to the screen, the iphone13 has also made great progress in these aspects. The first is the hardware. According to the previous iphone design, next year iphone13 will most likely be upgraded to the A15 bionic chip. This chip should still use the 5nm chip technology, but compared to the A14 chip In terms of performance, the iphone13 must be significantly enhanced, otherwise it will only get one step behind.

Then there is the exposure of photography. You must know that this year’s iPhone12 series has added a LiDAR laser scanner, which has greatly enhanced the imaging capabilities of the mobile phone itself.

However, according to the exposure information, the iPhone13 series may increase to four cameras, and it may even be possible to upgrade the telephoto lens to support 5x optical zoom.

What needs to be understood is that the current domestic mobile phones are very exaggerated in terms of camera parameters, such as 100 million pixels, 10x optical zoom, and Apple phones may also have to work hard in this regard.

It is also worth mentioning today that after the release of the first full-screen iPhone X, Apple officially launched Face ID to replace Touch ID. Although the second-generation iPhone SE released this year continues to be equipped with Touch ID, it is generally considered to be A clear inventory product. And now, Touch ID is expected to reappear on the iPhone 13 that will be released in 2021!

According to foreign media reports, Apple recently released a questionnaire for iPhone 12 users, mainly asking about Face ID and boxed accessories. This news is believed by outsiders that Apple hinted at possible changes to the iPhone 13.

A user shared a survey sent to him by Apple. Apple asked him about his views on Face ID. If he is not satisfied with his choice, he will further ask for specific reasons: including “security and privacy issues”, “I don’t like using Face with my phone. “ID”, “Slow unlocking”, “Unavailable in many environments”, “Prefer Touch ID”, “Not reliable enough”, “Other”, and “Not sure”.

In fact, as early as July of this year, before the iPhone 12 was released, Apple conducted a questionnaire survey on the charging head to users, and it turned out that the charging head was really removed from the iPhone 12. So, it’s hard not to think that Touch ID will reappear on the iPhone 13 next year.

In addition, as everyone knows, the iPhone 12 has been postponed for one month due to some well-known reasons. By next year, the iPhone will definitely launch a new iPhone 13. If there are no surprises, the iPhone 13 will be released in September and October next year. If Apple wants to increase the production capacity of the iPhone 12 in the first half of next year, then when the iPhone 13 is officially released in the second half of the year, the focus of consumers will naturally shift to the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13

In other words, Apple has finally increased the production capacity of iPhone12, but next year the new iPhone13 will occupy most of Apple’s production capacity, and there is not much time left for iPhone12. When the iPhone 13 is released in the second half of next year, Apple will allocate a portion of its production capacity to the iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 shipments will fall again. The price of the iPhone 12 series will rebound. It seems that Apple’s choice to increase production capacity next year is indeed A more embarrassing thing.

In addition, I have said so much, I hope that when the iPhone 13 is released, Cook can really stand out and give us some new surprises.

In the three generations of products from iPhone X to iPhone 12, we have fed us enough overnight meals.

If Apple continues to play with the old set of old wine and new clothes, it is estimated that it will be the loser. After all, not all consumers are fools~

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: Mingmei Wuxian personally always has a view that the first generation of new products is always imperfect, and I look forward to Apple’s second-generation 5G mobile phone iPhone13 series.

In addition to using Qualcomm’s second-generation 5G communication baseband X60, iPhone 13 will also reduce the area of ​​bangs, and will use a 120 high refresh rate screen that has not been implemented this year.

So it can be said that it seems that Apple is still thirteen fragrances. Users who are not in a hurry can wait. By the way, LTPO technology is not monopolized by Samsung. Apple may use domestic BOE screens in next-generation products. A few netizens think they can wait another year after reading it. Do you expect it?


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