iPhone SE3 ushered in heavy exposure, or Apple’s “killer feature” that cannot be ignored next year!

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iPhone SE3

In the past two years, with the sinking of the mobile phone market, the mid-range mobile phone market has become more and more lively. In addition to the “not to be” one plus, even Apple, which has been waiting and watching in the high-end mobile phone market, has joined in . Especially under the stimulation of iPhone XR and iPhone SE, Apple has gradually found a “low-price” product strategy, and continues to explore the value of products on the iPhone SE, preparing to launch an iPhone SE product next year. I have to say that Apple can’t escape the “law of true fragrance”!

iPhone SE Plus

First of all, the new iPhoneSE can definitely be called the topic product in the first half of this year. This small-screen model released on April 15 is quite popular among consumers. In the second quarter of this year, shipments reached 12 to 14 million units, second only to iPhone 11. After the release of iPhoneSE, there have been many foreign media reports that Apple may still make moves on iPhoneSE. The rumored larger “iPhoneSEPlus” also makes many users look forward to it.

However, for Apple, the SE series does not have to be updated so quickly, and the upgrade once every two years is completely possible.

Before the launch of the new iPhone 13 series, previous revelations had shown that Apple might bring a large-screen version of the iPhone SE, but now the latest news indicates that the arrival of this model is not in the first half of next year.

This is not the latest news from analysts that Apple currently has no plans to update iPhone SE devices. Although there have been multiple reports of iPhone SE Plus in the past, and rumors mention that it will be equipped with a 5.5-inch or 6.1-inch display, positioning it in the mid-range, the supplier did not mention this device in the relevant conversation.

However, well-known analyst Ming-Chi Guo mentioned in April this year that the larger iPhone SE Plus will be postponed to the second half of 2021. As for the actual situation, we still need to wait for more confirmations.

iPhone SE Plus

It is also worth mentioning today that it is reported that iPhone SE3 (or iPhone SE Plus) supports 5G network, the screen size is upgraded to 6.06 inches, the image is upgraded to dual camera, and the Touch ID is retained. The location of the fingerprint sensor is still uncertain. .

If Touch ID is still designed for the front, coupled with a 6.06-inch screen, one-handed operation may become a luxury, because the circular Home button greatly affects the screen-to-body ratio of the phone, which will result in a larger body measurement size.

However, if the screen size is as high as 6 inches or more, the possibility of re-engraving the shape of the iPhone 8 Plus is unlikely. It is very possible to adopt a full-screen design similar to the iPhone XR.

In this way, the fingerprint recognition module may be integrated with the power button, just like the new iPad Air.

In addition, as for the release time, the latest news shows that many analysts believe that Apple is unlikely to update the iPhone SE product line in 2021, so perhaps this large-screen version of the iPhone SE will come later. In fact, in April this year, well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the larger iPhone SE Plus was postponed to the second half of 2021. And iPhone SE Plus will be equipped with the flagship A14 processor. In fact, it can be found that the iPhone SE product is to allow users to enjoy the ultimate experience on the processor, but in terms of appearance and function, it is still an old design. Obviously, Apple is for cost control.

In addition, although many users welcome the addition of a larger screen, others want to buy an iPhone, and users with a smaller screen must choose the more expensive iPhone 12 mini. This year’s iPhone SE (2020) hasn’t been released long, and news about the third generation of iPhone SE has arrived.

iPhone SE Plus

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: combined with the above revelations, the iPhone SE3 will be an upgraded version of the iPhone 11, with 5G and side fingerprints added, and the performance will be better. If the iPhone SE3 is really like this, Mingmei will be a little disappointed, because it is no longer “SE”.


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