iPhone 12 has been criticized a lot, but it is the best-selling mobile phone in the world!

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iPhone 12

I believe that all fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite to this day should know that iPhone12 is the latest generation of Apple’s mobile phone products and the first iPhone to support 5G networks. Although Apple’s 5G came late compared to major Android manufacturers, the release of iPhone 12 has attracted the attention of the entire industry. After all, Apple’s strength lies there, and the annual conference is a grand scene.

iPhone 12

However, unlike previous years, this year’s iPhone 12 seems to have something wrong. Although the popularity is very high, the evaluation of it is mainly based on complaints. In other words, the reason why the iPhone 12 is so “famous” is because too many users complain about it, causing many consumers to want to buy but dare not buy it.

So in terms of actual performance, what kind of phone is the iPhone 12? Why is it criticized by so many users? It is true that the problems pointed out by some users, such as green screen and fast power loss, do exist on the full range of iPhone 12 models, and Apple officials later admitted that the situation was true.

Even so, after the release of iPhone 12, there is no full screen, no high refresh rate, and no large battery. Everyone brushes “13 Fragrance” in the comment area. But you said no, and the iPhone 12 sales took the first place again, eh? What about 13 fragrances?

This is not according to Counterpoint’s data. Although the iPhone 12 was delayed and only sold for two weeks in October, it still became the top 5G smartphone in the world in October, and the second place was the more high-end iPhone 12. Pro.

iPhone 12

In a recent analysis of the entire smartphone market for investors, Cowen analysts expressed that the strong demand for iPhones will continue into the first quarter of 2021.

Cowen analysts made further predictions, saying that by March 2021, the demand for iPhone 12 series phones will increase to 51 million, which is at least 4 million more than the 47 million in the same period last year.

Regarding this data, the media giants also made relevant comparisons, indicating that among the iPhone12 series of mobile phones, the iPhone12 mini version is expected to be stable and will not increase.

In contrast, iPhone12, iPhone12 Pro and iPhone12 Pro max will have different degrees of growth. Apple has officially increased the output of iPhone12 to 8,200 units. Last year, this figure was only 7,400 units, setting a record high.

If this trend remains bullish throughout the holiday season, Apple’s shipments will exceed 240 million units in 2021. The analyst also said that Apple’s highest shipment volume may reach about 250 million units. Ives said that this is a shocking number that will easily break the 2015 sales record of 231 million units, which is also Apple’s peak period.

iPhone 12

What’s the reason? It can be said that the biggest changes to the iPhone 12 are the screen, appearance and 5G. For the first time, Apple abandoned the LCD screen and huge black borders. On the iPhone 12, it adopted an OLED screen that was almost the same as that of the Pro. It also supports the XDR display effect, the frame has become narrower, and the appearance and visual effects are like Pro.

The overall appearance of the iPhone12 series this year also makes everyone seem to have returned to the “right angle” style of the iPhone4 era. The A14 chip and Qualcomm X55 baseband are exactly the same as the Pro. It can be said that this year’s iPhone12 is the most cost-effective hardware configuration of Pro Models, then the sales volume is a matter of course.

In contrast, it is difficult for Android phone manufacturers to make products with similar positioning. On the one hand, they do not have Apple’s stable and powerful iOS ecosystem, and cannot guarantee that the regular version and the flagship version will have almost the same experience; on the other hand, users treat the Android camp more harshly than Apple, and once they shrink too much on a certain configuration , Then users will not hesitate to switch to other brands, which is why Android manufacturers have increasingly pursued “bucket machines” in recent years.

In addition, everyone thinks that for the same cost of more than 5,000 yuan, would you prefer to buy an iPhone 12 or an Android high-end flagship?

In addition, Ming Mei infinity wrote at the end:

It has to be said that this phenomenon is quite ironic. Consumers keep “blacking” the iPhone 12, but in the end it still ranks first in sales. Therefore, when evaluating a product, you must start from your own actual experience, and you can’t follow the trend because others say so. This is meaningless behavior.

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