The appearance and configuration of the iPhone 13 are all upgraded, which is worth looking forward to!

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iPhone 13

I believe that there are fans who have been following Mingmei Infinite to this day. They are all familiar with the iPhone 12. Since October this year, four models of the iPhone 12 series have been released one after another. Of course, many people are concerned about the four models. Models have different degrees of likes. Among them, the iPhone 12 and Pro max are the most eye-catching. After all, one is the most cost-effective and the other is the top flagship. But with the growth of time, the iPhone 12 has received a lot of attention, but many consumers do not plan to start, because these friends know that it is better to start the more mature version of iPhone products, so the news about the next generation of iPhone, It becomes what they seek.

iPhone 13

No我, there is more and more information about iPhone 13 recently. According to current news, next year’s iPhone 13 will be released in September and will not be postponed.

First of all, there is the latest news that the new iPhone 13 series will support Wifi 6E, expand to the 6GHz frequency band, and provide Wi-Fi 6 features and capabilities. These include higher performance, lower latency, and faster data rates. It is estimated that after using the 6G frequency band, its network speed can reach 2000Mbps.

This news really surprised us, because the traditional Wifi 6 technology theoretical network speed is 1200Mbps. Even with the Wifi 6+ technology launched by Huawei, its running score can reach up to 2400Mbps, but only routers and mobile phones must support Wifi 6+. Therefore, the Wifi 6E that the iPhone 13 series will support is still very exciting.

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that since the iPhone X 3 years ago, the arrival of Liu Haiping has changed the era of traditional mobile phones with big bezels, but a few years have passed, and the iPhone has also experienced several generations. Many users complain about the front of the iPhone for a long time without updating the appearance and design!

Recently, foreign media revealed that Apple is currently developing several iPhone 13 prototypes at the same time, one of which has smaller bangs.

According to currently known information, Apple is conducting research and development tests on the new next-generation iPhone. The most obvious change is that the bangs of the mobile phone have become smaller. At the same time, it is reported that Apple intends to fully adopt the front ToF lens for the new iPhone, and this also means that the mobile phone’s bangs may be further reduced, after all, the space that the ToF lens needs to occupy is not very large.

Regarding this news, the industry currently believes that Apple’s next-generation iPhone is undoubtedly the upcoming iPhone SE3 and iPhone 13. Among them, SE3 focuses on low prices, and the bang design will most likely not be adopted, so there is only one result left. In other words, on next year’s iPhone 13, Apple may adopt a smaller bang design, which is still very much to look forward to.

In addition, there are the following points regarding the latest exposure of Apple’s iPhone 13:

Periscope lens. The report mentions that Samsung will supply drivers and lenses to LG, and LG will be responsible for the use and assembly of folding camera modules and supply them to Apple. According to the English version of ET News, Apple is looking for suppliers that can provide “foldable cameras”.

The lens used this time may be a lens with a periscope structure. They refract light like a periscope, and the lens and sensor are placed horizontally instead of vertically. It is conceivable that the focus factor will be further improved.

Then there are foreign media reports on charging that iPhone 13 is likely to cut off wired charging. At least one of them has a non-porous design and cancels the lightning interface in order to make the iPhone a truly wireless smartphone. This also means charging the iPhone in the future. Will rely on mag safe magnetic wireless charging. In fact, the launch of magsafe magnetic wireless charging for iPhone 12 this year is to allow everyone to adapt in advance. But there are still some problems with magsafe wireless charging. On the one hand, the 15-watt charging rate is not fast enough. And there will be heat when charging and playing. I don’t know if Apple can solve these problems next year.

iPhone 13

In addition, of course, Mingmei Infinite still has to pour cold water on the expectant apple fans powder, because the 120hz refresh rate is already a ubiquitous function for Android phones, but according to the “urinary properties of Apple’s toothpaste “Looking at it, next year’s iPhone 13 will probably only appear on the Pro Max series, and other models will most likely maintain a 60hz refresh rate.

In addition, the iPhone 13 may not be able to solve the 5G signal that almost has a diabetes collapse this year. Previously, when Apple used Intel baseband, it always attributed the signal problem to the baseband. However, even if the iPhone 12 released this year is replaced with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon baseband signal, it is still very broken, even in some environments. The last generation product iPhone11! Obviously, Apple has great shortcomings in optimizing the baseband.

Although Apple has applied for a patent for integrating the antenna into the screen, in the case of its own baseband optimization problems, this method of strengthening the antenna is obviously only a temporary solution, not to mention the patent may not be used in the next generation. IPhone13-after all, the biggest role of patent applications is to make friends and businessmen unable to take up the pit, not to commercialize it in mass production.

Finally, in general, I think everyone is looking forward to the iPhone without bangs, rather than the iPhone with small bangs. I hope that Apple can bring surprises next year. For example, in the smartphone market in 2021, more models with under-screen camera technology are likely to appear. Therefore, for Apple, a smartphone manufacturer, if more advanced under-screen camera technology can be applied to the iPhone 13 series, it will naturally attract users’ attention in appearance and avoid the aesthetic fatigue caused by long-term use of Liu Haiping.

So if you haven’t changed iPhone 12, are you looking forward to iPhone 13? What else do you hope iPhone 13 can improve? Welcome everyone to leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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